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Furtopia Discord Server

Welcome to Furtopia, the ultimate furry community filled with friendly and lively furries.

The staff is dedicated to listening to your suggestions and making changes to improve the server.

With a variety of channels to choose from, you can select the roles that interest you the most or even choose your fursona species.

Join the general chat rooms for laid-back conversations or hop into one of our many RP rooms.

If you’re looking for like-minded individuals to roleplay with, post an ad in the RP meetup.

Discuss specific topics, such as gaming, music, showing off pictures of your pets, and more.

This article contains the Furtopia Discord server, what the server is about, how to join it, and more.

What is the Furtopia Discord server?

Furtopia Discord server

Furtopia is a Discord server that caters to the furry community, providing a safe and friendly environment for members to connect and socialize.

The server offers a variety of channels that cater to different interests, including gaming, music, and pets.

In addition, Furtopia has several roleplaying rooms and encourages members to engage in the community.

Members can select their fursona species and join discussions on various topics.

One of the standout features of Furtopia is the staff’s willingness to listen to feedback and make changes accordingly.

Members are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas, and the staff openly discusses potential changes to the server.

Furtopia also offers a level gate to ensure that members are committed to the community before accessing sensitive channels.

Furtopia Discord server

To join the Furtopia Discord server, open the desktop version of Discord, and select “Explore Public Servers”.

Lastly, search for “Furtopia”, click on the Furtopia Discord server, and select “Join Furtopia”.

The server has more than 3,000 members and it’s English speaking.

It has multiple channels—#species, #sample-rp, #pet-pics, #sfw-art, #gaming, and many more.

There are many more channels if you pass the NSFW verification.

To unlock the full features of the server, you need to chat with people in the #public-chat channel until you reach level 3.

Furtopia server rules

  1. Do not argue in the server chat and take it to DMs. Sensitive topics are not allowed on the server. The staff has the right to shut down any conversation if it gets out of hand. Exceptions to sensitive topics rule exist in the Unknown channel.
  2. Trolling and spamming are not allowed. Trolls and spammers will be punished according to their actions. Staff will warn against spamming and request to stop. Accidents will be taken into account.
  3. Advertising is allowed only with permission from the server owner. Commission advertising for artists is always allowed.
  4. Fun nicknames and relationships are allowed only if agreed upon by both parties. The staff has the right to intervene if problems arise.
  5. Special roles are given to valuable members or event winners. Picking every role available is not allowed. Some roles may be @able sometimes but doing so is forbidden.
  6. Complaints and concerns are welcome. Staff encourages feedback as it helps the community. Speaking to a staff member about a problem will not result in a ban as long as it’s not threatening or harassing.
  7. NSFW content is allowed only in its designated categories.
  8. RP should stick to its designated channels and not clutter chats.

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