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Followchain: Tips, Tricks, and Good Practices.

To utilize Followchain effectively, you’ll need to follow our tips and tricks. They’re curated to increase the follow back rate of people that you’ve followed from our community.

What is Followchain?

If you’re not familiar with how Followchain works, it’s a dedicated follow for follow community for Instagram. Followchain simplifies Instagram growth and networking.


This article guides you on Followchain tips and tricks, along with some good practices you can use to maximize its potential.

By the end of the article, you should be a Followchain pro, take immediate action and skyrocket your followers using our follow for follow community.

Background: The follow for follow method

To begin with, you’ll need to know that Followchain reinforces a method known as the follow for follow method.

Basically, the follow for follow method is the act of following as many users as possible (preferably in your niche) for the intention of a follow back.

However, the follow for follow strategy alone isn’t as effective as it used to be. This is because users are becoming increasingly wary of spam/bots.

Most often, if you follow a bunch of users randomly, they’ll regard you as spam and not follow back because in most cases, you wouldn’t give them any engagement at all.

Instagram also temporarily blocks users who ‘abuses’ the following feature and its algorithm is super sensitive when it comes to it, so you’ll have to be prudent on this.

This is where Followchain comes into play.

Followchain bridges the gap between a ‘spam’ follower and a ‘real follower’.

How does Followchain work?

Followchain works in three simple steps.

  1. Share your Instagram username on the site.
  2. Follow users that interest you on Instagram.
  3. Direct message them that you’re from Followchain for a follow back.

That’s it!

How do I use it effectively?

To utilize Followchain effectively, you can follow the tips and tricks below.

There are lots of follow for follow communities on the web, each following the same set of rules.

However, the best ones have people that actually give constant engagement and not ghost you for the entirety of their follow duration. Our website, Followchain.org is one of them.

You can find a full list of those groups here.

After you’ve browsed the list and understood how it works, here are some tips and tricks you can use to skyrocket your Instagram growth using our community and the follow for follow method:

Tip #1: Direct-message first

Most users are either too lazy, reluctant or apathetic to initiate a DM (direct message) to others.

Now, in Followchain, (instead of waiting for others to find you) you’d usually want to make the first move.

Be the first to follow those users who’ve shared their Instagram handle. Then send them a DM that you came from Followchain for a follow back.

If you’re the one initiating, the number of users following you back would increase tremendously!

Tip #2: Engage, engage and engage.

When you’re part of our community, be sure to constantly engage on other’s posts (right after following), because I’m sure you’d want others to do the same.

A great way to accomplish this is that whenever you’re following someone from Followchain, like 3 or more of their most recent posts simultaneously. That way you wouldn’t come across as a ‘ghost’ follower like most people and they are more likely to follow you back.

Tip #3: Always reciprocate.

Follow back everyone in Followchain who follows you. Similarly, whenever you receive a like or comment on one of your posts – try to reciprocate and do the same to the other user. Reply to every comment and direct-message that comes in your way.

This shows that you actually care about the community.

Tip #4: Refine your post description

Whenever you’re sharing your Instagram username on Followchain, make sure to write a short description about yourself or the content that you post. This is a chance where you can express yourself or give users a heads up about your content that you post. Some users prefer to follow others that are in the same niche as theirs, so a description acts as a key differentiator.

Here’s a compiled list of a few phrases (with definitions) that you can add in your description which will increase your chances of getting followed:

Active account – This states that you’re active on Instagram and will engage on other’s posts frequently. This is the complete opposite of a ghost follower.

I’ll follow back – If you have this phrase on your description, you’re signifying that you will follow back users that follow you. Although following back is a norm in Followchain, some users still disregard it. Adding this phrase acts as a confirmation signal that you’re happy to follow back.

DM me – Adding this phrase tells others that you want them to direct-message you about the respective community (in this case, it’s Followchain) that they found you from before you can follow them. This bridges the gap between someone who followed you from a follow for follow community vs. a spam follower, which is very helpful for differentiation.

F4F/LFLF4F means follow for follow while L4L is like for like. Adding F4F/L4L in the description is a good way to show users that you’re actively participating in them.

Adding these phrases/terms to your description (whenever you’re sharing your Instagram username) will definitely increase your chances of getting followed by other users in Followchain. This is because it adds both personality and credibility to yourself. It’s also a great attention-grabber.

Tip #5: Un-private your account

If your account is a private one, you might want to un-private it if you want to join our community. This is because the direct-messaging feature is hidden in plain sight for users who haven’t followed you.

This makes it harder for someone to direct-message your account or like any of your posts to signify that they’re from Followchain.

Although the direct-message feature is still accessible from the triple dots dropdown list in private accounts, many users don’t know about this. So it’s best to un-private your account if you want more conversions.


To utilize the follow for follow method effectively in Followchain, you’ll have to follow the above tips accordingly.

You should never follow a bunch of users randomly because the odds of them following you back are extremely low, especially if you aren’t ‘breaking the ice’ with them.

A follow for follow community like Followchain acts as a middleman to bridge the gap between a ‘spam’ follower and a ‘real follower’ which is why they work.

Using an analogy – you’ll have to give your Instagram handle to someone before they can find and follow you.

Similarly, joining a follow for follow community allows you to do just that – but online rather than in-person.


An important factor to note is that you have to be patient when it comes to the follow for follow method. Growing your followers and engagement rates is not an easy task. It takes a lot of patience and grinding especially if you’re just starting out.

Be very careful when it comes to your rate of following and direct-messaging users. Use these features sparingly to mitigate being temporarily blocked by Instagram.

If you follow these tips accordingly and utilize it consistently for the next couple of months, your followers and engagement rates will skyrocket exponentially.

Author: Lim How Wei. Lim How Wei is the founder of Followchain, a community that simplifies growth and networking for Instagram users. Feel free to follow him on Instagram.

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