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Forced to Drink Milk Meme and Original Photo

The forced to drink milk meme rose to popularity back in 2018.

The photo went viral on social networking sites like Reddit, 9GAG, and Instagram.

Its virality is due to the photo’s “erotic” nature—like a scene in an R-rated film.

If the photo had no context, it’s easy to assume that it was gotten from an adult film.

About a year after its original post on Instagram, the photo became an exploitable meme.

In this article, you’ll learn what the forced to drink milk meme is about and where the original photo is from.

Forced to drink milk meme

Forced to drink milk meme

The forced to drink milk meme is similar to the expression, “shove it in one’s face”.

It’s figurative language that means forcing someone to “consume” something.

For example, the media constantly puts out fake news, and readers have to consume them (whether they like it or not).

Hence, the labels—”The media”, “Fake news”, and “Society” respectively.

Another example is when Instagram implements features that nobody asks for.

“The Media” can be replaced with “Instagram”, “Fake news” with “Features that nobody asks for”, and “Society” with “Users”.

The photo contains a blonde forcing a kneeling brunette to drink a bottle of milk.

The category of the meme is “object-labeling” where you’ll have to label objects to create a funny interpretation of the photo.

It went viral because of its “erotic” nature—many people thought that it was taken from an adult film.

However, the photo was actually taken by a Russian photographer, Eugeny Hramenkov—it’s not from a video.

A popular object-labeling meme is the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme (also known as “Man Looking at Other Woman”).

The meme is about a man looking at another woman while walking next to his girlfriend.

Another popular meme is the “Respect Women” meme that was created in 2016.

Memes like these can be easily created using meme generators like Imgflip and Kapwing.

On February 14, 2023, Elon Musk shared the meme on Twitter with the captions “Elon’s tweets” and “Twitter”.

The tweet got over 8 million views in an hour and more than 140k likes.

Forced to drink milk original photo

The forced to drink milk original photo is posted by Eugeny Hramenkov on December 16, 2017, on Instagram.

The photo received over 6,000 likes and close to 300 comments.

It was taken from Bryansk, a city and the admin center of Bryansk Oblast, Russia.

Eugeny is an artist and a photographer based in Russia who now spends time on paints, brushes, and canvases.

His works are published in fashion and interior magazines.

Currently, more than sixty of his paintings are in private collections around the world.

He sells his art on Foundation, a web 3.0 application for bidding on digital art.

The same photo was posted by Soska (@soska_117) on Instagram—the girl holding the milk bottle.

Since its post on December 17, 2017, the photo received over 25,000 likes.

On 27 June 2018, a user by the name of chicks69 posted a photo of Soska on 9GAG.

The photo received over 1.9k likes and more than 120 comments.

It’s not known who exactly the brunette is in the photo because she was not tagged in it.

However, a Reddit user by the name of crazyg0od33 claimed that it was Maria Verholomova (@mari.verholom) on Instagram.

Upon further research, it’s likely to be the case because the photographer and the models are mutual followers on Instagram.

Additionally, in a post by @mari.verholom, @soska_117 was tagged in it—which confirms their connection.

Forced to drink milk template

Forced to drink milk

Label examples

  • Woman 1: The media
  • Milk bottle: Fake news
  • Woman 2: Society

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