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What is the Frog Costume on TikTok?

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you might have seen videos of people in a frog costume.

These videos have been all over TikTok and the Chinese version of the app—Douyin.

Whenever someone salutes the frog costume, it will salute them back.

The costume typically holds a stick with inflatable frogs hanging on it.

In a popular video, a person saluted the frog and stole the inflatable frogs while the frog costume saluted back.

These frog costumes are frequently pranked by the public for views.

In this article, you’ll learn what is the frog costume on TikTok or Douyin and where it comes from (Singapore/China).

What is the frog costume on TikTok?


Forgive me for smiling kindly. I hope you’re all right.#funny #cartoonify #frogsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Frog anecdotes

The frog costume on TikTok was originally worn by street vendors in China.

These vendors were selling baby frog toys and inflatable frogs to the public.

The frog costume went viral after a video of a Shanghai city official asking a vendor to remove the frog costume was uploaded.

Apparently, the street vendor violated the city management regulations as he had no authorization to sell the toys.

The videos and images went viral on Sina Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter.

According to media reports, a man from East China’s Anhui Province wears a frog costume at night to sell baby frog toys and was found crying on the street.

In another report, a resident wearing the costume while riding an electric bicycle was fined 20 Yuan for not wearing a helmet.

Soon after, many people started wearing the costume and posting it on TikTok.

There are multiple videos that showcased the shenanigans between the frog costumes and the public.

In a popular video, a person saluted the frog and stole the inflatable frogs while the frog costume saluted back.

The origin of the frog salute


The frog accidentally kicked the child while saluting!#respect #fypシ #frog #happy #funny

♬ original sound – Frog anecdotes

The frog costume salute on TikTok is a person in a frog costume saluting to the public that originated from the Japanese manga series, Keroro (Sgt. Frog).

Before it became a meme, the costume was worn by street vendors in China selling frog toys.

The most popular video of the frog saluting has over 120 million views.

The video was posted by @ariaa416, known as “Frog anecdotes” on TikTok.

In the video, a person in a frog costume was walking together with another person in a frog costume.

A man saluted a person in a frog costume and the person saluted back.

While the person in the frog costume saluted back, it accidentally kicked the baby frog toys held by the other person in a frog costume.

The frog salute originated from Keroro (Sgt. Frog), a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Mine Yoshizaki.

The manga had a TV series where Keroro is known for performing a salute.

On TikTok, a person in a frog costume will perform the salute by stomping their foot on the ground first.

The origin of this action is also Keroro, as he stomps his foot on the ground before saluting.

This can be seen from the first five seconds of the Keroro opening theme song (uploaded by BN Pictures).

It can also be seen 20 seconds into the video where 5 frogs stomped their foot before performing a salute.

The opening theme song has over 1.7 million views on YouTube and more than 1k comments (mainly in Japanese).

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