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What is Welcome Home ARG?

Welcome Home ARG refers to a website that is based on a 90s children’s television show.

The group of people who created the website is called “The Welcome Home Restoration Project”.

They are committed to gathering, repairing, and storing any remaining artifacts of Welcome Home that have been found.

Their collaborative efforts aim to revive the memory of this lost media.

They strive to create a friendly and welcoming community similar to the charming and colorful neighbors in their beloved Home.

The website skyrocketed in popularity after YouTubers like LoeyLane, Inside A Mind, and Night Mind made videos about it.

In this guide, you’ll learn what is Welcome Home ARG, how to play it (the website), its secrets, and more.

How to play Welcome Home ARG

To play Welcome Home ARG, you need to go to the Clown Illustration website.

Once you’re there, explore the site by clicking on links and inspecting different pages.

Pages will contain secrets like hidden text, scrambled messages, invisible messages, and more.

An example of a secret is the clownillustration.com/ywxoev URL containing a GIF of an eerie-looking house.

What is Welcome Home ARG?

“Welcome Home ARG” is a horror website and project that focuses on unraveling the mystery surrounding a beloved 90s children’s television show.

It was created by an individual known as “Clown” and the project is a web series that appeared online a few months ago.

The website greets visitors with a warm welcome to the neighborhood from the main character, Wally.

He invites visitors to join him and the other puppets in the colorful world of the show.

The show was supposedly well-received during its run time, but it had a sudden end, leading to the studio pulling all merchandise and possibly destroying the footage.

The site claims to be a small group of anonymous individuals called The Welcome Home Restoration Project.

They discovered the show accidentally and started dedicating some of their time to archive everything they found about the show on this website.

However, the project appears to be more than just an attempt to restore and archive a canceled children’s TV show.

Strange things appeared on the site, like hidden text and out-of-place letters, leading to an error page claiming visitors are straying too far.

The project appears to be an example of the analog horror genre, where videos go viral.

It features footage that appears to be from an unknown time period, giving odd tutorials, demonstrations, or commercials that eventually turn into something sinister.

Secrets in Welcome Home ARG

The website, which is the main source for the ARG, explains more about the show’s creation and its eventual removal from the air in 1974.

If you explore the website further, there are several hidden secrets and eerie details that make this ARG even more unique and terrifying.

One of the most notable hidden features of the website is the FAQ page, where there are questions and answers that seem a little uncanny and eerie.

For instance, when asked why the website was created, the response includes highlighted text that reads, “When I unwrap the first letter, I felt it. I heard it open, open, open. I want it out. I’m going to get it out”.

Similarly, when asked about the research into the lost show, there is hidden white text at the end of the paragraph that reads, “But it hurts”.

These hidden responses create a sense of unease and suggest that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

Another unique aspect of the website is the inclusion of a character called Wally’s house, which has eyes that peek out of the window.

The website also includes a gaping black hole beneath the house, with a URL that reads “So Below.”

There is a sense of foreboding and mystery surrounding the black hole and its potential implications for the story.


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  3. Sankobyte (YouTube)

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