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How to Get Sora Beta Access

Sora is an AI model that creates realistic and imaginative videos from text instructions.

It generates scenes based on prompts, understanding, and simulating the physical world.

Capable of producing videos up to a minute long, Sora maintains visual quality and prompt adherence.

The model can interpret diverse prompts, from urban landscapes to fantasy scenarios.

Safety measures include red team testing, detection classifiers, and existing safety methods.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get Sora AI early beta access from the OpenAI team (video from text).

How to get Sora beta access

To get Sora beta access, you need to wait for it to be released to the public because it’s currently invite-only.

According to Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, Sora is in a red-teaming phase.

The phase tests security policies, plans, systems, assumptions, and more, using an adversarial approach.

He also mentioned that the model can be only accessed by a limited number of creators.

This includes visual artists, designers, and filmmakers to gain feedback.

In other words, Sora is invite-only and there’s currently no way for the public to sign up for early access.

This article will be updated as soon as the model is available for public access.

When will Sora be released to the public?

There is no exact date on which Sora will be released to the public because OpenAI did not announce it yet.

Here’s a statement from the OpenAI team, “At this time, we don’t have a timeline or additional details to share on Sora’s broader public availability”.

Sora was announced by OpenAI on Feb 15, 2024, and they are yet to announce a release date.

According to Sam Altman and OpenAI, the model is currently in a red-teaming phase.

They are working together with domain experts to mitigate misinformation, hateful content, and bias.

In addition, the team is testing Sora to ensure that it cannot be abused when it’s released to the public.

This article will be updated as soon as the model is available for public access.

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