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160+ Best, Nice, and Good Facebook Comments

Are you looking for good things to comment on your friend’s Facebook post?

A great way to show that you like someone’s post is to like it or leave a nice comment.

However, liking a post doesn’t really convey your thoughts.

By commenting something nice on someone’s post, you can make their day.

The comment could be as simple as “I love this photo!”.

However, coming up with a good comment can be challenging.

This article contains the best, nice, and good Facebook comments for boys, girls, friends, couples, and more.

You’ll also learn what is the best comment for Facebook and how to comment on a beautiful picture.

What is the best comment on Facebook?

The best comment on Facebook is positive and simple.

Here’s an example of a Facebook comment, “I love this!”.

You don’t really need to think that hard to come up with a comment.

If you don’t know what comment to leave, you can use the first thing that comes to your mind as long as it’s a positive one.

For example, if the first thing that comes to mind is “This is a nice outfit”, you can comment “Nice outfit!”.

In some cases, negative comments can be left as a joke if the person is your close friend.

How do you comment on a beautiful picture on Facebook?

To comment on a beautiful picture on Facebook, you can use adjectives or emojis.

Here’s an example of a comment on a beautiful picture, “Stunning! ❤️”.

You can also use a mix of adjectives and emojis to better convey your message.

One of the best emojis to use is the fire emoji, “🔥” as it’s suitable for a lot of pictures.

Best Facebook comments

Best Facebook Comments
  1. Stunning 🖤
  2. Looking good 👍
  3. Natural beauty 🔥
  4. My favorite ❤️
  5. I love you
  6. Very pretty!
  7. So adorable! ❤️
  8. Saved to phone
  9. Amazing ?
  10. Love it!
  11. So beautiful ?
  12. Mah girl ✨
  13. You look fantastic!
  14. Absolutely Stunning!
  15. ❤️❤️❤️
  16. ✨✨✨?✨✨✨
  17. Looking classy ?
  18. Looking great
  19. My idol ?
  20. Fashion icon
  21. The best
  22. I love so much <3
  23. That’s amazing
  24. Looking awesome my man!
  25. So fabulous
  26. Hot girl fall 🔥
  27. Looking adorable
  28. Why u so fine
  29. My G
  30. Showing how it’s done!
  31. Beautiful pics ❤️
  32. What a masterpiece—you and the background
  33. Number one 🔥
  34. Livin’ that life!
  35. Absolute legend
  36. Kingship 👑
  37. That’s so awesome!
  38. You’re awesome!
  39. Stoked for you!
  40. Epic! 🔥
  41. Way to go
  42. Big moves 🔥
  43. It’s happening!
  44. Let’s go!
  45. So damn fine
  46. Not first, but still commenting
  47. Notice me please
  48. Did not disappoint
  49. You just made a post
  50. Welcome to the club
  51. You’re perfect
  52. Legend brother❤️
  53. Your style is impeccable!
  54. When u smile, I smile
  55. I love that shirt
  56. Did you hear they passed a law banning ice cream? Don’t worry, it was ruled un-cone-stitutional!
  57. Great view
  58. Oh damn lookin fresh as hell
  59. You finally posted
  60. Woah u are perfect
  61. I’m down bad
  62. Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy yay, Shimmy yah
  63. First
  64. Monumental 🔥
  65. The hottest
  66. Doing big things as always
  67. You are insane for this 🔥
  68. Angel baby ❤️
  69. All your outfits are stunning 🔥
  70. So cute
  71. Is it even possible to be that perfect 🔥
  72. Love you man ❤️
  73. Cooler than the other side of my pillow ❄️
  74. Magnificent creature you are, keep up the good work
  75. The greatest of our time  ?
  76. Always and forever
  77. Beautiful smile ❤️
  78. Love the photo
  79. Love the fit 🔥
  80. Fire fit check?
  81. Bro these pics are awesome
  82. Fine asf
  83. Fire pic as always 🔥
  84. You inspire me 🔥
  85. Nice picture! ❤️
  86. Hope you’re having a good day <3
  87. Pop off! 🔥
  88. What are you looking at? 👀
  89. Hey, nice fit
  90. Love these shots
  91. You look so good
  92. This looks so good
  93. So beautiful
  94. These pics are cold ❄️
  95. Am waiting for my cookies 
  96. The fit is 🔥
  97. Dope 🔥
  98. Much love❤️
  99. Literally bomb 
  100. So beautiful ❤️

Nice Facebook comments

Nice Facebook Comments
  1. You look amazing
  2. You look so fire
  3. Issa banger
  4. That’s my type 😝
  5. Striking ⚡
  6. So hot 🔥
  7. Let’s go 🔥
  8. Love you so so much!
  9. Heavenly 😇
  10. Wonderful ❤️
  11. You deserve the best
  12. U are literally flawless!
  13. Pure charm!
  14. Your killin’ it ❤️‍
  15. Let’s go 🔥
  16. So precious!
  17. I’m not crying you are
  18. Livin’ the life
  19. If you need a caddy
  20. Have a blast!
  21. All of the pictures are marvelous and charmistic
  22. Blessings 💖
  23. Sharpening the game 
  24. Vibes asf 🔥
  25. Have the best time 🔥
  26. Fly guy 🔥
  27. Love it ❤️
  28. This is literally fire 🔥
  29. New beginnings can’t be hard when you look like that 😍
  30. You deserve the whole world
  31. Amazing pics!
  32. Views are insane! 😍

Good Facebook comments

Good Facebook Comments
  1. Yo that’s so cool
  2. That energy ❤️
  3. Love these shots so much!
  4. This is amazing 😍
  5. Oh man 🔥
  6. A great chart
  7. Very cool guy energy
  8. Gorgeous gal ❤️
  9. Just casually hanging out
  10. You forgot my invite
  11. Looks like u had a blast!
  12. Omg obsessed 😍
  13. Love seeing you thrive
  14. You look so happy
  15. I love you say it back
  16. This is dope
  17. Love this look!
  18. So fashionable 🔥
  19. Capital cuteness
  20. Natural beauty ❤️
  21. Preach it!
  22. Your style omg
  23. The coolest of the cool
  24. Perseverance and faith hit different
  25. Always the truest words to hear doing these times
  26. So badass
  27. Nice one!
  28. This photo goes hard af 🔥
  29. So cool
  30. Always looking good 🔥
  31. In your element 🔥
  32. Absolute perfection 😍


In essence, a good Facebook comment doesn’t need to be complicated.

In fact, a simple emoji like the fire emoji (🔥) would suffice.

Liking someone’s post only shows that you’re aware that they posted.

Many people blindly like posts and scroll past them after.

On the other hand, leaving a comment on someone’s post shows that you’re very engaged.

This is because you decided to make an effort to share your thoughts.

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