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Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Friendship Guide

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming, is a PC strategy game based on the HBO drama television series, under the official license of Warner Bros. and HBO.

As an ambitious lord of Westeros, your goal is to put an end to the endless disputes between the Seven Kingdoms and save a people plagued by war.

The game has been crafted using the Unity engine and features beautifully rendered characters and scenery designed by renowned artists.

With a combination of strategy and roleplaying, players can build their bases, expand their territories, and more.

This article contains a Game of Thrones (GOT) Winter is Coming friendship guide (Royal lords, gifts, commanders, and the Tavern),


  • Royal lords can send gifts to your commanders in the Tavern to increase their Loyalty level (Friendship level) with you. Familiar(Grey)->Friendly (Green) ->Close(Blue)->Intimate->Faithful(Purple).
  • Each commander has a favorite gift type. If you go to Tavern and open Friendship for a commander, you will see their favorite item at the bottom, below their name. For example, Theon prefers “Food” and Sansa prefers “Dessert”.
  • Sending commanders their favorite gifts will provide double points on leveling up them.
  • And reaching certain Loyalty levels (Friendship level) will grant you different bonuses:
  • Aptitude: Provides Speed Up Items
  • Finance: Provide extra Gold Dragons
  • Command: Provide extra troops based on your highest unlocked troop tier
  • Combat: Provide total Attack, Defense, and health
  • Leadership: Increase your Army Size and Rally Size

If your Combat Rate is higher than your enemy’s, you can get a bonus of total Attack, Defense, and Health which is based on the difference in your Combat Rate.

If your enemy has a higher Combat Rate than yours, he can get a bonus based on the gap between your Combat Rate.

In other words, having a high Combat Rate yourself means the enemy gets less from his bonus.

Using Sansa as an example, according to the stars of each quality, it can be seen that she provides 4 points for Aptitude, 4 points for Finance, and 3 points for leadership every time when she gets leveled up.

For example, her stats at level 11 can be Aptitude 60, Finance 61, and Leadership 48.

When you send her dessert (Lemon Cake: 200 points), she can get 200*2 friendship points for leveling up.

Which commanders should I focus on?

If you prefer battles against other players, you should focus on those commanders:

★★★★★: Jon, Daenerys, Cersei, Baelish, Sandor, Arya, Jaime
★★★★: Theon, Seg, Robb, Sinara, Kevin, Sheila, Meranda, Leana, Andrea
★★★: Melisandre, Leila, Barret, Raymond, Russell, Haley, Mengo

If you are a casual player and prefer to get more gold dragons and hastens every day, you should focus on those commanders:

★★★★★: Tyrion, Margaery, Varys, Melisandre
★★★★: Sansa, Raymond, Jeane, Feis, Leana, Gorell
★★★: Merrel, Arslan, Soren, Chris, Kravras, Robert

Where can I get those gifts?

You can get gifts by opening friendship chests or exchanging certain types of gifts by using Valor Points in Valor Shop during the Alliance Conquest event.

The higher-quality chest is, the better gifts you can get.

Here are a few ways to get friendship chests:

  1. Rewards from Elite Trials.
  2. Rewards from Expedition against Rebel Leaders.
  3. Rewards from Alliance Conquest or exchanging certain types of gifts in the Valor Shop.
  4. Use diamonds to exchange friendship chests in VIP Shop (it could be refreshed regularly).
  5. Proof of Loyalty (Weekly Pack).


  1. YOOZOO on Steam.

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