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The Genesis Order Walkthrough Guide

North Santiva is a contemporary city constructed on the ruins of an abandoned tribal town, and it holds many enigmas waiting to be revealed.

You take on the role of a detective, aiming to impress your attractive boss, and the adventure begins with a murder investigation.

As you progress through the journey, you will encounter many beautiful women, discover new abilities, and face a virus that has infected the city.

This article contains the Genesis Order walkthrough guide including quiz answers, puzzle solutions, and more.

V. 021201

(6 Scenes, 2 Photos, 1 Extra)

Starting the game you can rename the MC if you so wish. Once you name the MC (William Canmore) click ok and watch the opening scene.

Scene 1

David will chat with you before you head into Melissa’s Office.

You will chat with Melissa, then head over to Eve Cathedral.

You will meet Chloe as she comes out of Eve Cathedral.

You will head inside and chat with Father Solomon and Sister Judy. Follow Sister Judy to the storeroom.

Scene 2

You acquire the Oracle of the Seraph.

As you enter the Eve Cathedral lobby, you will meet your guardian angel (Hint Girl) Arianna.

Receive a text message from Heather about your new house.

Once you’re outside Eve Cathedral Arianna will show up and explain a couple of things.

Head to your Home on the map and meet Heather.

As Heather leaves, Arianna will once again check in with you and make sure you understand a couple of things.

Head to Rays’ Farm and knock on the door to the house.

Scene 3

As you leave the house Arianna will show up again and chat.

Now head over to Wilkes Mansion and meet up with Melissa.

Scene 4

After you leave Wilkes Mansion head to the Apartments to find Erica standing outside talking to some guy.

You will escort Erica to the station to meet with Melissa.

Scene 5

After walking Erica out of the station, head over to Heather’s house and go inside.

After dinner, you, Hannah, and Chloe will head to the Strip Center to hang out. You all head into the XXX shop, operated by a familiar face. Chloe will tell a story of her past.

Scene 6

After the story, the girls will head home for the night.

Talk to the guy standing out of Dick’s Grill (Green Marker over his head).

Head to your house and click on your mailbox to receive your 1st paycheck of $150.

Now that you have some money head to the shop and buy the Shovel ($50).

Now that you have a shovel, head to the forest to find the guy’s missing Stone Figurine.

You might not find it in the exact spot as shown below, so just walk around until you find one.

You might also find some Clay Statues and Clay Idols as well.

These items will be placed in your treasure chest that appears in your inventory.

Head back to the Strip Center and return the Stone Figurine to the guy for a reward of $200.

Go back into the XXX Shop and you can buy some Lisa Stonewell P*rn for $100. (1st Extra).

In the Shop, you can buy Photos (1) and (2). ($100 each).

End of V.02121 – (2% Total)

(6 Scenes, 2 Photos, 1 Extra)

V.04122 – (4% Total)

(3 Scenes, 1 Photo, 1 Outfit, 1 Booty Call)

You will start this update by waking up in your bedroom with Arianna. You will also get a text from Heather.

Head over to the XXX Shop to meet with Tasha for some more information about Madalyn.

Tasha is at the Warehouse picking up a shipment, head over to the Warehouse to meet up with her.

As you arrive at the Warehouse Jonathon and Tasha will come out and talk to you.

After talking to Jonathon, he will become your point of contact for selling artifacts for the money.

Head back to XXX Shop, Tasha will be there now and give you some more information about Madalyn.

Scene 7

As your leave the XXX Shop, you will bump into Erica. You and she will head into Dick’s Grill for a drink.

After Erica leaves, talk to the guy with a green mark above him. He will ask about a guy that is cheating on his wife.

(More on this later) for now click “I don’t know, but I will find out”.

Head over to Rays’ Farm and meet up with Carol. Chloe and Hannah.

The bale is too heavy for you to push, you need some strength training, head over to the Gym and meet up with Heather.

As you are waiting for Heather, you will meet Ella Adair.

You will need some workout clothes before you can work out with Heather. Head to the shop and buy some workout clothes. In the parking lot pick up the Car Fob.

Now head into the shop and buy the workout clothes ($50). Remember you can now sell artifacts to Jonathon for money.

Once you have the workout clothes, head back to the gym for some training with Heather.

Scene 8

After the workout with Heather, you will gain 1 strength point.

As you leave the gym, Arianna will chat with you.

Head back to Rays’ farm and use your newfound strength to push the bale out of the barn. As you walk into the barn, move behind the big bale and you will push it out.

You will find an artifact under the bale. As the girls leave the barn, push the rest of the bales out of the barn.

Follow the instructions to solve the puzzle.

Bale 1 – Right, then down till it out.

Bale 2 – Down until it out.

Bale 3 – Right, then down till it out.

Bale 4 – Left (x2), then down till it out.

Bale 5 – Left (x3), then down till it out.

After all the bales are out, step outside the barn and talk to the girls.

After Carol leaves you, Chloe and Hannah will head back into the barn to clean up.

Scene 9

Carol will come back and chat with you and Hannah about farms becoming dig sites for artifacts.

You and Hannah will chat some more and you will receive Hannah’s contact information.

As you leave the barn and farm Arianna will show up and chat with you.

Head over to the Apartments and you will find a Wallet on the ground.

You should now have a Wallet and a Car Fob, head over to the Channel 4 building.

You will see a guy with a green marker over him.

Talk to him, you will give him his wallet and car fob back. In return, he will give Hannah’s 1st Chest Key.

Also, take note of the couple to the left, remember the guy’s shirt color (Blue).

Head back to Dick’s Grill and talk to the guy from early asking about his cheating wife.

After you tell him about the shirt color. Head back to the Channel 4 building and catch up with him.

He will give you $500 as a reward for helping him out and your intelligence will gain 1 point.

Head over to the Rays’ Farm and use the Chest Key you have to open Hannah’s 1st Chest and receive Hannah’s 1st Kamasutra Page Handjob (1st).

Now head over to the shop where you pick up Photo (3) ($100), also you can buy Hannah’s Booty Call outfit ($400).

Before leaving you can buy some house upgrades to get Hannah to come over for her Booty Call.

End of V.04122 – (4% Total)

(3 Scenes, 1 Photo, 1 Outfit, 1 Booty Call.)

V.07011 – (7% Total)

(3 Scenes, 1 Photo, 1 Extra, 1 Outfit, 1 Booty Call.)

You will get a call from the station that turns out to be from Lillian.

After the phone call with Lillian, head over to the apartments and catch Erica as she is leaving for work, you will also chat with Ella as well.

You and Erica will arrive at Wilkes Mansion. Erica will head to change for work and Lillian will come to talk with you.

After chatting with Lillian you hear a gasping sound and go to investigate.

You find Erica and one of the robe guys in another area of the mansion.

As you are leaving the mansion you see Lillian enter the main hall and decide to see what does.

Scene 10

After the scene, you will receive Erica’s contact information.

Arianna will appear after Erica leaves to see what just happened.

Before you leave the mansion take the stairs to the left and talk to the guy with the green marker above his head.

As you leave the mansion click on the tree on the left and will find a Sliver Statue, also by the tree to the right you can pick up Erica’s 1st Chest Key.

Head to the Shop (Keep an eye out for money laying on the ground much like in ToN) to buy a Jumping Shoe ($50), Photo 4 ($100), as well as Erica’s Booty Call Outfit ($400), are also available at this time.

Head to the Gym to buy a membership ($20) to gain more access to the gym. After buying the membership, take the stairs on the right to enter the locker room.

You find the other Jumping Shoe (you can now jump up high to grab items) as well as Ella’s Phone.

As you pick up Ella’s Phone you will call her to tell her you found it.

Go to Dick’s Grill at the Strip Center to meet up with Ella.

As you enter the Strip Center you will see Henry and Diana talking outside the XXX Shop.

Head inside Dick’s Grill and talk to Ella.

Leave Dick’s Grill and head next door to the XXX Shop to speak with Tasha and Henry.

A (2nd Extra) new p*rn clip is available at the XXX Shop Debra Doin’ It Doggy ($300).

As you are coming out of the XXX Shop, you can quickly click on the Black Cat and pick it up.

Once you have the Black Cat head to the Condos and return the cat to its owner for a reward of $200.

Now head to the Forest to spy on Henry and Diana.

Scene 11

After talking to Henry and Diana, leave the Forest, you will receive a message from Ella.

Scene 12

After watching the video from Ella, Erica will call you about meeting at your place as she is getting off work.

Arianna and you will have your end-of-update chat.

Head to the Apartments to find and open Erica’s 1st Chest and Receive Erica’s 1st Kamasutra Page Eat Out (2nd)

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