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Handyman Legend Walkthrough Guide

The protagonist used to be a playboy, but after losing his job in a big company, he becomes a handyman.

Though he faces financial struggles, he discovers a new paradise.

In the game, players take repairment cases using their smartphones and build relationships with girls.

The game is turn-based, allowing players to manage their time between jobs, shopping, and sleeping.

By increasing favorability with specific characters, players unlock adult interactions and trigger various events in the game.

This article contains a Handyman Legend walkthrough guide on Steam, all events, achievements, and more.

Grinding EXP

Foreplay flirt while doing the work.

Hold the click on the woman’s body to accumulate the red gauge but not to fill the blue gauge.

After arousal, click H to do the deed.

If the automatic work is purchased, skip the work minigame and still get money.

The red-orange-green scrollbar controls the speed of penetration. Recommend red.

Accumulate the pleasant gauge and reach climax.

A climax can obtain EXP fastly and efficiently. The total number of climaxes increases as LV does.

The lock stops the pleasant gauge. This is for viewing enjoyment only.

Characters and Endings

  • (Random) Take a walk in the park, and meet someone’s boyfriend.
  • (Random) Go to the bar, and meet someone’s husband.

Female student

  1. (Random, optional) Install the sneak camera, and find her taking lewd photos (CG).
  2. (Random) Find her lewd photos on SNS.
  3. Look at her computer with the SNS. Find her soaked stuffed toy cat (Optional).
  4. After Lv5, unlock “fallen”. Unlock phone call: invite her to do the deed at home.

Office lady

  1. (Random) Install the sneak camera, and find her playing with herself (CG).
  2. (Optional) Find her “toy” in the drawer.
  3. After Lv5, unlock “fallen”. Unlock phone call: invite her to do the deed at home.


  1. (Random, optional) Install the sneak camera, and find her watching AV and playing with herself.
  2. (Random) Go to the bar and bribe the bartender.
  3. (Random) Go to the bar and find her husband with another woman.
  4. After Lv5, unlock “fallen”. Unlock phone call: invite her to do the deed at home.

Memory Room

The memory room is in the magazine at home.

Characters (6): LV5 + Fallen CG.

Event (25):

  • 1/5 Day and night, take a walk in the park,
  • 2/5 Go to the bar, refusing to drink triggers 2 CGs (random),
  • 3/5 Walk through, blue gauge failure, work failure, Lv5 unlocks doing the deed.
  • 4/5 Do not contact any woman, and watch TV at late night and play. Investigate items at the women’s homes.
  • 5/5 Investigate the photo of the housewife.

Camera (12): 3 Characters × 4 Scenes (Random).


  1. 羽田🎏綾彦 on Steam

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