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Happiness Double Room Walkthrough Guide

I am unsure of the correct option, and regardless of the decision I make, I will eventually become extremely stressed.

However, she advised me that it is acceptable to choose the incorrect path as long as I try my hardest to correct it, and everything will be alright.

As summer came to a close, I encountered her once more when I was overwhelmed by the stresses of life.

I shared all the tension that had accumulated over four years, and even considered ending my life.

Despite this, she offered her hand and led me towards a new life.

This article contains a Happiness Double Room walkthrough guide with instructions on how to get two different endings.

Important information

This updated guide includes step-by-step instructions to get either Ending 1 or Ending 2.

  1. To prevent getting lost, it’s crucial to adhere to the instructions precisely and avoid straying from them.
  2. Since there will be checkpoints, the manual is structured in a day-by-day format.
  3. To ensure that you achieve either Ending 1 or Ending 2, it’s recommended that you save your progress at the conclusion of Day 17.
  4. The guide contains minimal and minor spoilers.

Day-by-Day guide (ending 1 and 2)

Ending 1 and 2 Guide (in the format of day logs).

Day 1

  • H Scene 1 Dynamic
  • Chat

Day 2

  • H Scene 3 Dynamic
  • Chat

Day 3

  • H Scene 4 First Time
  • Chat

Day 4

  • Chat

Day 5

  • Chat

Day 6

  • BJ Scene; Vigilance <=55 Check
  • H Scene 4 Dynamic
  • Chat

Day 7

  • H Scene 5 First Time
  • Alarm; Vigilance <=50 Check
  • Chat
  • Flirt using the last 2 Energy

Day 8

  • H Scene 5 Dynamic
  • Chat; From this day on, only chat if there is anything important
  • Flirt

Day 9

  • H Scene 6 First Time
  • Chat
  • Flirt

Day 10

  • “???”; Happiness 30+ Check
  • H Scene 6 Dynamic
  • Chat
  • Flirt

Day 11

  • H Scene 7 First Time
  • Chat
  • Flirt

Day 12

  • Flirt
  • Bedroom Night Scene; Continuation of Previous Happiness Check

Day 13

  • “???”; Happiness 60+ Check
  • Flirt
  • Shower Scene

Day 14

  • “???”; Happiness 70+ Check
  • Flirt Scene; Select the Flirt Option to start the scene
  • Chat
  • Flirt

Day 15

  • Flirt

Day 16

  • Chat

Day 17

  • Profit
  • At the end of day 17, make sure to save your game so that you can do either Ending 1 or Ending 2

Day 18

  • Choosing “???” Will give you the Ending 1
  • Choosing Anything else will give you Ending 2

Ending 1

  • Choosing the “???” will give you Ending 1, all you have to do from that point is to let it end so that you can get the last H Scene and to unlock Free Play Mode

Ending 2

  • Not choosing the “???” will give you Ending 2, where you will be able to select a different option at the end of the run which is the “Hug” Option/Option 1 as long as you have 100 Happiness

Final notes

Make sure to get your vigilance to 0 before day 17 or 18 in order to get either ending as well as getting Happiness 80, Happiness 100 is for ending 2!


  1. RanSauce on Steam

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