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Margo Walkthrough Guide

Margo is a 30 min, slice-of-life, point-and-click game.

It unfolds the life of the character named Margo, who awakened from a nap.

You must complete different click-and-drag tasks to help Margo through her evening.

This article contains a Margo walkthrough guide on Steam, a point-and-click adventure with many choices.

Part 1

  1. Drag the Alarm Clock onto Margo (Rude Awakening)
  2. Open your Phone and read the message
  3. Close Phone

Part 2

  1. Put the Charger, Laptop, Phone, Textbook, and Vitamins into the Bag
  2. Bring the Bag to Margo
  3. Use Ball on Bean
  4. Exit Right

Part 3

  1. On the left, turn the Light on/off many times (Fire Hazard)
  2. Turn the Light ON and the TV ON (Energy Bill unlocks after leaving the room)
  3. Use a Bottle of Water on 2 plants
  4. Use Fish Food on Fish Tank
  5. Read Journal
  6. Pick up the Journal, Ball, Bottle, Pen, and Dolls on the shelf.
  7. Exit Right

Part 4

  1. Look at and interact with the picture on the right (Bean Lore)
  2. Open the drawer and take the two Space Helmets
  3. Exit Right

Part 5

  1. Take the Photo from the fridge (Sentimental)
  2. Open the Fridge
  3. Use Milk on Coffee Cup
  4. Use Honey on Coffee Cup
  5. Use Sushi on Margo
  6. On the left side, Pick up the Coffee Lid and use it on the Cup of Coffee
  7. Close the Fridge
  8. Open Cabinet
  9. Use Dog Food on Bowl
  10. Close Cabinet
  11. From the bag, use the Bottle with a Sink
  12. Use the Bottle of Water with Dog Bowl
  13. Use Bottle with Sink
  14. Interact with the bottle to the left of the sink many times (A Racket)
  15. Pick up Orange, Little Skateboard, Pack of Gum, Cup of Coffee with Lid
  16. Exit Right

Part 6

  1. From the bag, Use Space Helmets on Margo and Bean
  2. Press the Button on the Left
  3. Press the Button on the Right
  4. Interact with Bean
  5. Exit Right

Part 7

  1. Pick up Battery, Library Card, Wires
  2. Exit Right

Part 8

  1. Interact with Satellite
  2. From the bag, use Wires and Battery on Satalite (In Bloom)
  3. Exit

Part 9

  1. Pick up Garbage
  2. Interact with the mysterious figure on the left side
  3. Exit

Part 10

  1. Talk to Mitch
  2. Choose “Truth”
  3. From the bag, use Garbage on Mitch (That’s Weird)
  4. Give the Ball to Mitch
  5. Talk to Mitch
  6. Choose “Leave”

Part 11

  1. Interact with Green Bin
  2. From the bag, Use Garbage in Green Bin
  3. Interact with the third from the left house (That’s Dave)
  4. Exit

Part 12

  1. Try to Pick up the lost poster, instead, take a piece
  2. Interact with Skull Poster
  3. Talk to Ghost
  4. Give Gum to Ghost
  5. From the bag, Use the Photo on the Ghost (Love Lost)
  6. Talk to Ghost
  7. Interact with Bus Sign

Part 13

  1. Interact with every page of the Text Book
  2. Talk to Black Cat
  3. From the bag, Use the Lost Cat paper on the Cat (Not a Rat)
  4. Talk to Black Cat
  5. Use Door twice

Part 14

  1. Talk to Gilles
  2. From the bag, give the Orange to the Giraffe
  3. Talk to Gilles
  4. Choose “Truth”
  5. Talk to Gilles
  6. Give Vitamins to Gilles (Pharmacy)
  7. Interact with Vending Machine on the left (Inflation)
  8. Exit

Part 15

  1. Talk to Raven
  2. From the bag, Use the Textbook on the Raven, Use the Library Card on the Raven
  3. Choose “Truth” (Honest)
  4. Interact with Table

Part 16

  1. From the bag, bring out the Little Skateboard and put the Doll on it
  2. Interact with the Little Skateboard
  3. Put the Orange doll on the Little Skateboard
  4. Interact with the Little Skateboard (Skate or Die)
  5. Take everything out of the bag and place it on the table
  6. Interact with the phone and read the message
  7. Interact with every page of the Green Book (The End)


  1. Na on Steam

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