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Instagram Action Blocked: How to Fix And Prevent It?

Fix and prevent Instagram action block

Recently action blocked on Instagram? Don’t panic. Chances are, most active Instagram users have faced this issue at least once in the app. So, you’re not alone.

Firstly, let’s dive right into the solution to fix the action block.

How to fix the action block on Instagram?

1. Wait it out

To disable the action block, you’ll have to wait for 24-48 hours. Everyone hates waiting. Unfortunately, the only proven way to disable the action block is to be patient and wait.

In some cases, the block duration only lasts for a few hours. In other cases, you’ll have to wait for more than 48 hours. The duration depends on many different factors. However, Instagram does not publicly state the duration, factors, or specific reasons for being action blocked in their community guidelines, so that doesn’t help at all.

We’ve being action blocked multiple times before on Instagram, and tried many different ways to disable it manually. For instance, other posts mentioned about switching to mobile data, changing your bio, reinstalling Instagram, etc.

However, after trying each and every tip out there on the internet, none of it worked for us. So these tips are redundant. Of course, there isn’t anything wrong with trying them, but it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to work for you.

Ultimately, if you get action blocked on Instagram, don’t panic, stop using trying to use the feature repeatedly and check back a while later.

How do you prevent the action block from ever happening again?

Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, here are several ways you can utilize to prevent being action blocked by Instagram ever again.

1. Stop following a large number of accounts at one go

A common reason why users are being action blocked on Instagram is that they’re following a large number of accounts too quickly. This is also known as the follow/unfollow or follow for follow strategy.

If you’re using this strategy to gain followers, you’ll have to use it in intervals. It’s also best to follow targetted accounts instead of one in a list.

If you’re following a bunch of users in a list, you’re more prone to being action blocked by Instagram. This is because you’re more likely to be deemed as a bot. For instance, it’s unnatural to follow a bunch of users from a list of likes, as it is something that a bot would do.

Instead of following users in a list, you might want to search for their usernames and follow them that way.

Now you may be wondering, wouldn’t that stagnate the follow/unfollow strategy? Yes – it would. This is why the strategy isn’t as effective as a stand-alone anymore.

To be able to use the strategy effectively again, you’ll have to join follow for follow communities/groups. These groups serve as a middleman where you can get quality follow-backs instead of random ones. Additionally, it doesn’t directly scrape from a list so the probability of an action block is lower.

2. Search and follow accounts by their usernames

Following the previous point, it’s best to search for accounts that you want to follow from their usernames. Likewise, if you’re using the follow/unfollow strategy, joining follow for follow communities is a perfect solution for you.

This is because you’re following those users by searching for their usernames or clicking the link to their handle. Therefore, you wouldn’t be following users directly from a list.

3. Stop unfollowing a large number of accounts at one go

Similarly, you don’t want to be unfollowing a large number of accounts in succession. This is especially so if you’re rapidly unfollowing users from your following list.

If you unfollow a large number of accounts at one go, your following list would be hidden for several hours, and it will only be visible again after that duration.

To mitigate this, you should unfollow users on intervals.

3. Don’t repeatedly direct-message a large number of accounts

Being action blocked from direct-messaging on Instagram is also a very common issue that many users may face.

However, there isn’t any explicit restrictions to the number of direct-messages you can send per day. It varies in different accounts. Some accounts are able to send more messages without getting blocked, and others get blocked just by sending 2-5 messages. It all depends on many hidden factors.

At the end of the day, if you want to mitigate being action blocked from direct-messaging on Instagram, you can follow the next couple of tips.

4. Don’t copy and paste direct-messages

Copy-pasting messages and then sending them in succession to a bunch of users is a huge red-flag to Instagram. Instead of sending these messages in succession, you’ll want to send them in intervals.

5. Personalize your direct-message for each user

Every text, alphabet or punctuation matters whenever you’re direct-messaging users. By personalizing every message you send to users, your messages will not be spam.

For example, by using different phrases, words or punctuation in your messages, you are more likely to appear as a real user than a bot. Therefore, Instagram is less likely to block you.

6. Stop using third-party apps to follow users.

If you use third-party apps to follow other users, Instagram detects this fairly easily and you will be blocked.

7. Stop using third-party apps to unfollow users.

Similarly, you will have to stop using third-party apps to unfollow users. Instagram blocks users who abuse the unfollow feature. By using third-party apps, you can use some of Instagram’s features faster. Therefore you’re more likely to appear as a bot and Instagram will block you.

8. Don’t buy fake followers/likes

In 2018, Instagram announces that they’re going to be removing inauthentic likes and followers from their platform. Additionally, Instagram discourages its users from inputting their Instagram usernames and passwords in third-party applications as it makes an account less secure.

Third-party apps that generate inauthentic likes, follows and comments also violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.


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