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11 Cute GIFs to Search For on Instagram

Are you searching for cute GIFs that you can use on your Instagram story?

Firstly, you need to understand that the search engine on Instagram stories is powered by GIPHY.

This means that the GIFs that you search for are all user-created.

There are lots of talented artists on GIPHY who create awesome animations.

However, cute or aesthetic GIFs can be quite hard to find on Instagram because you may not know the terms to search for.

Hence, this article compiles 11 cute user-created GIFs you can search for on Instagram to prettify your Instagram story.

By the end of the article, you should be able to find the GIFs that you’re looking for and add them to your story.

Here are 11 cute GIFs to search for on Instagram:

  1. chxrry
  2. the uncommon place
  3. haley ivers
  4. teagif
  5. mariebo
  6. odsanyu
  7. gladdest
  8. steffi
  9. pastel
  10. aisforai
  11. boozy craft corner

1. chxrry

Cute GIFs to Search For on Instagram

The Toy Story alien, Slinky Dog, Mr. Potato Head—if you’re a Toy Story fan, these GIFs are for you.

Along with Toy Story GIFs, there are cute hearts and text you can use to prettify your story.

This set is created by chxrry.pie on Instagram who is based in Canada.

To get these GIFs, search for “chxrry” on the Instagram story search bar and you can find them.

2. the uncommon place

Number 2 on the list is a set by “the uncommon place”.

The set is created by Katie Thierjung, a designer and illustrator based in Orange County, California.

It has themed GIFs you can use based on seasonality such as spider webs and candy for Halloween.

There are also voting GIFs you can use for the 2020 Presidential election in the US.

To find them, search for “the uncommon place” on the Instagram story search bar.

3. haley ivers

Instagram gifs aesthetic

Haley Ivers is an Instagram Influencer and Content Creator based in San Francisco.

She started making GIFs in Mar-Apr of 2020.

The set focuses on the California lifestyle—with hearts, morning/night, influencers, and eco-friendly GIFs.

To find this set, search for “haley ivers” on the Instagram story search bar.

4. teagif

teagif cute Instagram gifs

If you love cute animals (e.g. frogs, ladybugs birds), this search query is for you.

This set contains animal GIFs and goofy characters you can use to make your Instagram story cuter.

You can find the creator at teabag.cartoon on Instagram.

She also has a Redbubble selling T-shirts, stickers, webtoons, and more.

You can find this set by searching for “teagif” on the search bar.

5. mariebo

mariebo Instagram cute gifs

Marieboiseau is an illustrator based in France.

Her GIPHY profile has over 6.5B GIF views and over 480 uploads.

Her GIFs contain goofy animals, humans, and colorful text that you can’t find anywhere else.

If you want to use them, search for “mariebo” on the Instagram story search bar.

6. odsanyu

Instagram adventure time cute gifs

Sixth on the list is Sanja (aka Odsanyu), an illustrator based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

If you’re an Adventure Time fanatic, this set is for you.

The set contains the popular Adventure Time characters, hearts, and other things with smiley faces.

She has an Etsy store selling prints and stickers of illustrations.

If you want to use these GIFs, search for “odsanyu” on the search bar when you’re editing your Instagram story.

7. gladdest

Instagram gladdest cute gifs

Are you into sparkles, stripes, and cute fonts?

This set is created by Mac Ford (aka thegladdestthingshop), an illustrator based in Vancouver, Washington.

Her GIFs are viewed over 2.6B times on GIPHY.

There are many cute and practical GIFs you can use in your Instagram story such as the “New Post” GIFs.

Simply search for “gladdest” on Instagram and you can find them!

8. steffi

Instagram cute gifs by steffi

Steffi Lynn (aka haveanicedayy_) is an illustrator, hand letterer, and designer based in Brooklyn, New York.

Her work emphasizes color, quirkiness, and playfulness.

The set contains day-specific GIFs and vibrant, colorful fonts.

Her GIFs are viewed over 1.7B times on GIPHY.

If you want to add these GIFs to your story, search for “steffi” on Instagram.

9. pastel

Instagram heart gifs

If you’re into lavender, beige, and white colors, then this set is for you.

Pastel belongs to a pale family of colors, which are commonly known for being “soothing”.

When you search for “Pastel”, there are lots of cute GIFs ranging from hearts, birthday, and animal GIFs.

This set is from a wide range of illustrators unlike the ones above as pastel is a color group.

10. aisforai

Instagram aisforai gifs

@aisforai is about a six-year-old boy and his best friend Aiko, a puppy.

In this case, “Ai” does not stand for artificial intelligence, but the Hanyu Pinyin for the Chinese word, 愛, which means love.

The brand is created to show children that love is all around them, even if their loved ones are gone.

Aisforai is incredibly popular on GIPHY with over 20.5B GIF views.

To use these GIFs, just search for “aisforai” on Instagram.

11. boozy craft corner

Instagram boozy craft corner beer gifs

Last but not least, we have the GIFs from boozycraftcorner, a lifestyle brand for women who loves craft beer.

The brand is based in Central Texas, in the US.

Boozy Craft Corner creates stickers, unisex tees, accessories, and more.

You can find their GIFs by searching for “boozy craft corner” on Instagram.


GIFs are important as it helps to emphasize certain aspects of your Instagram story.

For example, if you want to encourage people to swipe up to visit a website, you can use a sticker that includes the text “Swipe up”.

Alternatively, you can use an arrow pointing upwards GIF to prompt viewers to swipe up.

Other times, you might want to use GIFs to prettify your story.

Stories alone can be boring, so you can use GIFs to make it livelier or as a call to action.

I hope that you’ve discovered some new and cute GIFs that you can use for your Instagram story.

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