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50 Best Investors to Follow on Twitter

Looking for the best investors to follow on Twitter?

You came to the right place.

Here is a compiled list of the best investors to follow on Twitter.

Follow these investors to fill your feed with useful advice, experiences, and other happenings.

If you follow these investors on the list, you’ll be constantly updated about the current news, startups and investing.

Here are 50 best investors to follow on Twitter:

1. Naval

Naval is the CEO of AngelList.

He’s invested in over 100 companies of varying sectors.

He posts one liners about current thoughts and occasional highly constructive threads.

An example is the “How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)” thread.

The thread is a handbook packed with advice to grow your wealth in the digital age.

Naval is definitely one of the best investors you should follow on Twitter.

2. Paul Graham

Paul Graham is known for investing and advising startups through Y Combinator.

He tweets about all things related to startups, programming and investing.

3. Jessica Livingston

Jessica Livingston is the founding partner of Y Combinator.

She tweets a lot about useful articles and info-graphics.

4. Anu Hariharan

Anu Hariharan is a Partner at Y combinator’s Continuity Fund.

Her latest and most popular tweets are about tips for late stage companies who are planning to fund-raise in mid to late 2020.

5. Alexis Ohanian Sr.

Alexis is the Co-Founder of Reddit.

His most recent, viral tweet is about his resignation as a member of the Reddit board.

He’s now a managing partner at Initialized Capital.

6. Kat Mañalac

Kat Mañalac is a partner at Y Combinator.

She tweets about things related to YC and startups.

7. Niv Dror

Niv Dror is a managing partner at Shrug Capital.

His most engaging tweet mentions about keeping a startup’s name simple.

8. Sam Altman

Sam Altman is the former president of Y Combinator.

One of his most popular tweets is a comprehensive thread on how to be successful.

9. Garry Tan

Garry Tan is the co-founder at Initialized Capital.

One of his most popular tweets talks about beating competition by focusing on specific things.

10. Daniel Gross

Daniel Gross is an angel investor who founded Cue.

A popular tweet of his talks about startups being full of life.

11. Chris Sacca

Chris Sacca used to invest in startups and appeared in ABC’s Shark Tank in multiple episodes.

He tweets about politics, entrepreneurship and more.

12. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is an actor, entrepreneur and investor.

One of his popular tweets suggest that loving your life makes loving others easier.

13. Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose is an internet entrepreneur and a partner at True Ventures.

He tweets about the latest happenings in startups and more.

14. Suzy Ryoo

Suzy Ryoo is the co-founder at Q&A and a partner at Atom Factory and Cross Culture Ventures.

Her most popular tweet congratulates parasite, a 2019 Korean film.

15. Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman is an internet entrepreneur and a partner at Greylock Partners.

One of his most popular tweets is an animated info-graphic about the coronavirus cases by country.

16. Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and author.

His most liked tweet is in 2018 mentioning about his birthday and complimenting his followers.

17. Aaron Harris

Aaron Harris is a partner at Y Combinator who co-founded Tutorspree.

He tweets about things related to startups.

18. Travis Kalanick

Travis Kalanick is the former CEO of Uber and an investor.

He tweets about investing and Uber.

19. Nina Stepanov

Nina Stepanov is the principal at Acceleprise, a B2B SAAS accelerator.

She tweets about investing and startups.

20. Aaron Batalion

Aaron Batalion is a partner at Lightspeed and a CTO at Living Social.

He tweets about technology, business and startups.

21. Gustaf Alströmer

Gustaf Alströmer is a partner at Y Combinator.

He tweets everything about startups, Y Combinator, and more.

22. Tracy Chou

Tracy Chou is the CEO of Block Party, a software engineer and an investor.

She tweets about startups, news and more.

23. Hunter Walk

Hunter Walk is a partner at Homebrew.

His latest and most popular tweet urges technology CEOs to review pay and performance in their company.

24. Seth Goldstein

Seth Goldstein is the CEO of Spartacus.net.

He tweets about the latest news.

25. Dan Martell

Dan Martell is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor.

He tweets about his latest videos on YouTube.

26. Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates and an bestselling author.

He tweets a principle per day.

27. Jeremy Liew

Jeremy Liew is a partner at Lightspeed.

His most popular and recent tweet emphasizes the importance of taking notes during a meeting.

28. Brianne Kimmel

Brianne Kimmel is the founder of WorkLife.

Her latest and most popular tweet shares a list of companies they’ve backed.

29. Philipp Moehring

Philipp Moehring is a seed investor.

He shares everything about startups and venture capital.

30. Brad Feld

Brad Feld is a Venture Capitalist at Foundry Group.

His most recent and popular tweet is about the coronavirus.

31. Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson is a Venture Capitalist.

He tweets about the latest news.

32. Alex Rampell

Alex is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

His most recent and popular tweet is a tweet from The New York Times.

33. Steven Pham

Steven Pham is the former director of Startup School and Special Projects at Y Combinator.

He tweets about the latest news.

34. Brett Berson

Brett Berson is a partner at First Round.

He tweets about startups and technology.

35. Tiffany Zhong

Tiffany Zhong is the CEO of Zebra IQ and an investor.

Her most recent and popular tweet shows TikTok predictions.

36. Zak Kukoff

Zac Kukoff is an associate at Emergence Capital.

He tweets about Venture Capital memes.

37. Jessica Verrilli

Jessica Verrilli is a Co-Founder of Hashtag Angels.

Her most recent and popular tweet shares an article about Twitter allowing employees to work at home forever.

38. Jana Messerschmidt

Jana Messerschmidt is a Co-Founder of Hashtag Angels.

She tweets about the latest news, technology and more.

39. Chloe Sladden

Chloe Sladden is the Co-founder of Honeycomb Labs.

She tweets about news, praises and more.

40. April Underwood

April Underwood is a Co-Founder of Hashtag Angels.

Her latest and most popular tweet uncovers the truth about losing friends whilst living in the bay area.

41. Vijaya Gadde

Vijaya Gadde is the Legal, Policy, and Trust and Safety Lead at Twitter.

Her latest and most popular tweet mentions an article about fact-checking on Twitter.

42. Katie Jacobs Stanton

Katie Jacobs Stanton is the Founder and General Partner at Moxxie Ventures.

One of her most popular tweets is the announcement of the launch of Moxxie Ventures.

43. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and one of the top 10 marketers.

He tweets about marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and motivational quotes.

44. Jack Smith

Jack Smith is an entrepreneur & advisor.

One of his latest and most popular tweet emphasizes on the slowness of building a new bus lane in San Francisco.

45. Christie Pitts

Christie Pitts is the CEO and general partner at Backstage Capital.

Her pinned tweet is a quote about helping others.

46. Harry Stebbings

Harry Stebbings is the founder and host of TheTwentyMinuteVC.

His latest and most popular tweet mentions about the overwhelming number of messaging platforms.

47. Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is a 2020 US Presidential Candidate, entrepreneur & founder of Humanity Forward.

His most popular tweet garnered over 1.2 million likes.

48. Adam Draper

Adam Draper is the Managing Director of Boost VC.

He tweets about startups, technology and more.

49. Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner is an entrepreneur, investor and a shark on ABC’s Shark Tank.

She tweets behind the scenes on Shark Tank.

50. Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is an investor, entrepreneur and author.

His latest and most popular tweet suggests that wealth is measured in time.


And there you have it ⁠— 50 best investors to follow on Twitter.

Follow these investors to fill your feed with knowledge, advice and the latest news.

What’s your favorite investor that I’ve missed in this list? Let us know on Instagram!

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