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List of Snapchat Plus Features

Snapchat Plus is a $3.99 subscription that comes with many features.

The features are—Ghost Trails, Best Friends Forever, and Story Rewatch Indicator.

The subscription also includes custom app icons/themes, the Snapchat+ badge, and the Friend Solar System.

These features are only available for users who subscribed to Snapchat+.

According to Snapchat, they will release more features in the future.

Here is a list of Snapchat Plus features:

1. Ghost Trails

Ghost Trails Snapchat Plus

You can see where your friends are (who share their location with you) in the last 24 hours.

However, you can only see Ghost Trails for friends if they made their location visible to you.

In addition, they need to have access to Snapchat+ in their country.

To see your friends’ Ghost Trail, you need to tap on their Bitmoji on the Snap Map.

2. Best Friends Forever

Snapchat Plus allows you to pin your friends.

By pinning a friend, they will become your #1 Best Friend with Best Friends Forever.

You can pin your friend by navigating to the “Chat” or “Sent To” screen, pressing and holding them, and tapping on “Pin as your #1 Best Friend”.

Keep in mind that you can only pin one friend at a time.

3. Story Rewatch Indicator

Story Rewatch Indicator Snapchat Plus

You can see who rewatched your stories by looking at the eye (👀) emoji.

The number next to the eye emoji indicates how many of your friends rewatched your story (not the total number of times that it’s been rewatched.

For example, if two of your friends rewatched your story, you’ll see the number 2 next to the eye emoji (e.g. 👀2).

You can also see how many of your friends rewatched the snaps that you post to your private and shared stories.

4. Custom App Icons/Themes

Customize Snapchat App Icons

You can change your app icon as a Snapchat+ subscriber.

To do so, go to your profile > Snapchat+ membership card > App Icon > Choose an app icon.

Currently, this feature is only available on iOS devices.

Snapchat is currently working to make the feature available on Android.

5. Snapchat+ Badge

When you subscribe to Snapchat+, you’ll get a black star badge (✪).

The badge will be displayed next to your display name.

This will let your friends know that you’re a Snapchat+ subscriber.

The Snapchat+ badge is turned off by default and you can turn it on by navigating to your Profile > Snapchat+ membership card > Snapchat+ Badge > On.

6. Friend Solar System

Friend Solar System Snapchat Plus

The Friend Solar System shows your closest friends on Snapchat according to the Solar System.

You can access the feature by tapping on the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge with a gold border.

Best Friends means that you and your friend are each other’s eight closest friends.

On the other hand, Friends means that you’re one of your friend’s eight closest friends, but they are not one of yours.

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