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Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor AR Quiz Answers

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This guide contains all of Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor AR Quiz Answers by Rick Riordan (Renaissance Accelerated Reading).

Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor AR Quiz Answers

Question: What lead did Otis give Magnus about Thor’s hammer?

Answer: It was in a wright’s barrow in Provincetown.

Question: In his new hallmate’s room, Magnus’s ears buzzed when he saw —.

Answer: The symbol of Loki stamped on a broken pot.

Question: Where in Magnus’s room had a symbol of Loki appeared?

Answer: On Randolph’s cheek in a photo of the three Chase siblings.

Question: What did Loki announce when Magnus was inhabiting Randolph’s body?

Answer: Magnus was to bring the bride and bride-price to a wedding in five days.

Question: After Gellir came out of his coffin, why couldn’t he unsheathe his sword?

Answer: He was in the presence of a woman.

Question: The only way to heal Blitzen’s sword wound was to —.

Answer: Use the Skofnung Stone.

Question: Where did Magnus and Hearthstone go to retrieve the Skofnung Stone?

Answer: To Hearthstone’s home in Alfheim, because his father had it.

Question: In exchange for the Skofnung Stone, Hearthstone had to —.

Answer: Pay his wergild by covering the furry blue rug with gold coins.

Question: What did Hearthstone done at the place where his brother had died?

Answer: He put the othala runestone, which meant inheritance, on top of the calm.

Question: In addition to the gold from the pit, Andvari gave up a —.

Answer: Magic ring that would cause death and misery to whoever wore it.

Question: Sam thought she could permanently expand Amir’s senses by —.

Answer: Teaching him to see the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard.

Question: On the bridge, what did Heimdall want to do before talking business?

Answer: Take a selfie with Sam and Amir.

Question: What made Magnus think Bridal Veil Falls was the way into Thrym’s fortress?

Answer: He found a photo of the falls on Randolph’s shelf near a wedding invitation.

Question: Tiny said he would vouch with Utgard-Loki for Magnus and the others if —.

Answer: They carried his bowling bag to the castle by the next morning.

Question: How did Sam win the axe-throwing contest?

Answer: She threw her axe at Billy, who was Fear and not a giant child.

Question: What did Sam realise about the Skofnung Sword, making her feel like a fool?

Answer: It was supposed to go to the father of the bride, not to the groom.

Question: For the wedding, Sam and Alex planned for —.

Answer: Alex to dress up as the bride and Sam to pose as the maid of honour.

Question: In the chamber of Loki, what was Loki’s wife, Sigyn, doing?

Answer: Holding a bowl over Loki’s face to catch poison from the massive serpent.

Question: What did Randolph do before the Skofnung Sword dissipated in smoke?

Answer: He freed Loki by using it to break Loki’s bonds.

Question: According to Helgi, where had Loki gone?

Answer: To the Eastern Shores to complete construction of Naglfar, the Ship of Nails.

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