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What is the Mellstroy Dance? Origin, Song, & Barbershop

If you’ve been on TikTok or Instagram recently, you might have came across a dancing video in a barbershop.

The videos are usually captioned, “I told him the haircut is free if he busts a move”.

This basically means that the haircut is free for the customer if they start dancing.

These videos have taken over the “For You” page of many TikTok users.

However, many users don’t know where the dance originated from because there is a lack of context.

In this article, you’ll learn what is the Mellstory dance, a viral dance on TikTok, its origin, song, the barbershop’s location, and more.

What is the Mellstroy Dance?

The Mellstroy Dance is a series of viral videos on TikTok where customers from a barbershop will dance for a free haircut.

The customers from the barbershop are usually kids who dances to an electronic song after their haircut.

On TikTok, @ttstroy_official is one of the most popular TikTok accounts that started posting videos from the barbershop.

His most popular video got over 14 million views and more than 600k likes.

Mellstroy dance origin

The Mellstroy dance originated from a Russian Kick streamer named Mellstroy.

Mellstroy’s official Kick channel is @mellstroy271 with over 400k channels.

He also has a telegram channel, t.me/s/tellstroy with over 1 million subscribers.

On Telegram, he shares his lavish lifestyle, life updates, and whenever he’s streaming.

Mellstroy is known for dancing to the song, Mr. Saxobeat, and memes of was posted on TikTok on February.

User @quenteroz posted a video of Mellstroy dancing and got over 6 million views.

What is the song used in the Mellstory dance?

The song that is used in the dance is Montagem Mysterious Game by LXNGVX.

LXNGVX is a musician based in Kazakhstan who produces dance and electronic music.

His most famous song is YUM YUM with over 16 million views on YouTube.

Montagem Mysterious Game is his second most viral hit with over 4 million views.

Mellstroy dance barbershop

The Mellstroy dance is popularized by an unknown barbershop in Russia.

In multiple videos, the logo of the barbershop can be seen and it says “Barber School”.

The location of it is unknown but the most popular Instagram account is @mem_glavstroy.

However, it’s also not known if the Instagram account is the official Instagram account for the barbershop.

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