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Miami Mall Aliens Video Footage

An incident in Miami Mall took the internet by storm, leading to some conspiracy theories.

Videos were leaked showing an ariel view of Miami’s roads.

The roads were filled with police cars—more than 50 of them.

Other videos showed UFOs, aliens, and people running.

But what happened in the mall that led to a huge police presence?

In this article, you’ll learn what happened in Miami, the Miami Mall aliens video footage, police raids, and more.

What happened in Miami Mall?

More than 50 police cars appeared around the Miami Bayside Mall on January 1, 2024.

Reports indicate that a group of teenagers were setting off fireworks, fighting, and robbing stores.

Four teens were arrested during the ordeal and charged with burglary, third-degree grand theft, and battery.

Three other teenagers were charged with resisting arrest without violence.

Rumors on social media started spreading—with people claiming that they’d seen aliens near the mall.

A video showed what appears to be a large gray shadowy figure walking on the sidewalk.

However, the video was debunked as it was a group of police officers walking next to each other.

Miami Mall Aliens Video Footage

Nicola Antonucci on X first shared video footage of police cars along the Miami Bayside Mall.

The video hit over 100k views and was reposted multiple times, garnering over 50 million views in total.

Purportedly, Miami PD initially received calls of an active shooter or terrorist.

Hence, there was a large police turnout as the suspects were deemed as high-level threats.

However, the incident was later known to be some teenagers fighting, setting off fireworks, and robbing stores.

A video showing what seems to be an alien went viral on multiple social media platforms.

In the video, a large gray shadowy figure can be seen walking near the mall.

However, the video’s quality is extremely poor and the figure is blurry.

The video got over 3 million views and people were criticizing the quality of it.

It was later debunked that the figure in the video was 3 police officers walking side by side.

This gave the impression that a large alien was walking instead of a group of police officers.

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