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Mining Simulator Discord Server

Mining Simulator 1 or 2 is about exploring the depths of the mines.

You can discover rare materials and ores to sell.

To gather more resources, you need to update your backpack.

The latest update contains 2 new eggs, 11 new pets, and a new secret/ancient pet user interface.

There is also a new ore called “Ancient Bones”.

This article contains the Mining Simulator Simulator 2 Discord server link for Roblox, game link, and server rules.

Mining Simulator Discord server link

Mining Simulator Discord server link

The official Mining Simulator Discord server link is https://discord.com/invite/rumble.

Mining Simulator is developed and published by Rumble Studios.

The server has about 355k members.

It contains multiple channels like trading, codes, offers, and more.

To access them, you need to agree to the rules and verify yourself using RoVer.

After you’ve verified yourself, you can chat in the various discussion channels.

The announcement channel contains information about in-game updates and events.

The most active channel is the #ms-discussion channel where everyone can chat in it.

What is the game link for Mining Simulator?

Mining Simulator Roblox

The game link for Mining Simulator is https://www.roblox.com/games/9551640993/.

You need a Roblox account to play Mining Simulator.

If you don’t have a Roblox account, you can create one here: https://www.roblox.com/.

After you’ve created an account, you can either search for “Mining Simulator” in Experiences or visit the link above to play the game.

Mining Simulator Discord server rules

  • 1: Swearing is strictly prohibited.
  • 2: Do not attempt to test or bypass the filter.
  • 3: Advertising of any kind is not allowed unless explicitly stated. This includes sending Discord Invites via DMs
  • 4: NSFW is strictly prohibited (if you wouldn’t show it to your mother, don’t post it here).
  • 5: Begging for Robux, or attempting to trade Robux for in game items is forbidden.
  • 6: Alternative accounts are not allowed.
  • 7: English is the only language spoken and written here.
  • 8: Disruptive behavior and controversial topics are not allowed (religion/politics). In addition: the obvious intent to provoke another member or start arguments is prohibited.
  • 9: Use common sense.
  • 10: Harassing a user, lewd jokes, advertising, etc. all apply to DMs. If you feel you are being targeted by someone in the server in DMs please take a screenshot and send it to a moderator.
  • 11: Pinging developers (particularly Isaac) will result in a 30 minute mute.
  • 12: Excessive use of the spoiler tag is not allowed.
  • 13: Impersonation of our staff or anyone else will result in a ban.
  • 14: Don’t farm XP from the level bot.
  • 15: Spoilers for new movies/shows now have a 7 day grace period meaning you’re not allowed to post spoilers at least 7 days after said movie/show.
  • 16: The discord staff has the final say in all moderation actions. Attempting to argue will result in harsher moderation action.

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