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Shindo Life Discord Server

In Shindo Life, you can explore vast worlds and play multiple game modes.

There are various types of creatures known as spirits that you can battle.

You can unlock and randomize a myriad of abilities and awakens.

There are also bosses that you can battle for their unique abilities and bloodlines.

Lastly, you can rank up and increase your skill level under mentors.

This article contains the Shindo Life Discord server link, server rules, and game link to play it in Roblox.

Shindo Life Discord server link

Shindo Life Discord server

The Shindo Life Discord server link is https://discord.gg/rellgames.

To get full access to the server, you need to complete the verification process.

To do so, join the Rell Games group and use the “!getroles” command.

If you have trouble with the verification process, you can send a direct message to a moderator.

Keep in mind that there are no public or open chats on the server.

The server is for announcements like game updates and polls for buffing and nerfing.

Rell Games is the creator of Shindo Life and their Discord server contains other games that they are developing too.

The game that they are currently developing is RELL Seas, a One Piece Roblox game.

Shindo Life Discord server rules

  • Respect for everyone in the entire chat.
  • Use the channels for their correct use.
  • bot_commands is used for bot commands ONLY. Keep #general for general discussions.
  • Keep your ROBLOX username in your nickname. This is to help everyone identify you.
  • Maturity is required, there is a line between having fun and being stupid, know the line otherwise you will be struck or further punished.
  • No adult content. This should be an obvious rule since there are many children in this community. Keep adult topics to a minimum.
  • No spamming or advertising in any channels. No DM advertisement either.
  • Do not ask for or leak personal information (IRLs, phone numbers, Snapchat, etc).
  • Do NOT try to find any loopholes in the rules.
  • No tagging for unneeded reasons and do NOT tag the devs.
  • Keep swearing to a minimum.
  • No use of any racial slur.
  • No SPOILERS outside of the spoiler chats.
  • The rules above that can apply are valid for VC as well.

What is the game link for Shindo Life?

Shindo Life

The game link for Shindo Life is https://www.roblox.com/games/4616652839/SOON-Shindo-Life.

Shindo Life currently has more than 2.4 million favorites and over 1.7 billion visits.

To play the game, you need to create a Roblox account.

After you’ve created a Roblox account, click on the link above to play the game.

Alternatively, you can search for “Shindo Life” in “Experiences”.

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