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Mommy Long Legs: Poppy Playtime

Mommy Long Legs (also known as Experiment 1222) is the main antagonist in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

She first appears when you’re walking through the Game Station Hallway.

You’ll later accept her offer to play three games to get a Train Station code.

The first game, Musical Memory requires you to click the buttons that the television flashes.

If you fail, Bunzo Bunny will slowly be lowered.

If you succeed, Mommy Long Legs will give you the first code.

Whack-a-Wuggy is the second game where Mommy Long Legs appears in the glass window.

You’ll receive the second code from her while she talks about how sad it is that you’re leaving soon.

The second last game is the Statues minigame where you’ll have to cheat to win.

Finally, Mommy Long Legs will ask you to play hide and seek where you’ll have to run away from her.

If you stay until the end of the countdown, you’ll be jump scared.

Who is Mommy Long Legs?

Mommy Long legs

Mommy Long Legs is the main antagonist in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

She is a pink, large, and slender toy spider similar with human-like features.

She appears as a friendly and warm character in the beginning but later becomes increasingly threatening.

Her intention is to make the player’s life as difficult as possible by rigging certain games.

In the past, Mommy Long Legs used to guide children around the game station.

However, the children would leave her to “die” after completing all of the games.

Hence, she inferred that the children are only interested in playing the games but do not love her.

As a result, she suffers from an attachment disorder which causes her not to trust people.

That said, it’s not surprising that she threatens the player with death throughout the game.

In the last game, Mommy Long Legs will turn insane, and the tone of her voice fluctuates from high-pitched to loud ones.

Mommy Long Legs voice actor

Mommy Long Legs is voiced by Elsie Lovelock, a singer and voice actor from the UK.

She has participated in multiple musical theatre productions and shows as a professional and an amateur.

Her YouTube channel has over 200 self-mixed song covers that she used to assist herself in the vocal industry.

Her voices and song vocals are used across all sorts of video games, animations, albums, and more.

Elsie has a versatile voice due to years of acting experience and voiceovers.

Her normal voice is clear, mid-to-low in pitch with an East Sussex accent.

She can sing in almost every type of genre because her voice is Soprano range.

Elsie has a fully-equipped home studio which allows her to work with clients from all around the world.

In her free time, she listens to music, draws, plays video games, and records covers for her YouTube channel.

Mommy Long Legs’ death

Mommy Long Legs death

In the final part of the game, you’re required to run toward the rooms covered in debris and open the emergency exit door.

You’ll later arrive in the Grinder Room where Mommy Long Legs will get her hand stuck in the grinder.

When she is in the grinder, you need to turn it on with the lever.

The grinder will then grind her to death as she struggles to escape.

After her death, a robot will pull her body towards it.

When Mommy Long Legs was dying, she shouted, “You’ll make me part of him”.

A theory is that the robot collects destroyed experiments and combines them into a final boss.

Perhaps we’ll learn more about this in the next Poppy Playtime game.

Is Mommy Long Legs a spider?

Yes, Mommy Long Legs is a toy spider produced by Playtime Co. in 1991.

Despite being a spider, she only has 4 limbs, which are bendy and elastic.

Her hair is tied up with a blue hair tie and they look like spaghetti.

She has green eyes, three eyelashes per eye, and pink lipstick.

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