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Pine Wood Location in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has multiple types of wood.

There are Fir Wood, Pine Wood, Bamboo Segment, and others.

Wood can be obtained by cutting down trees in specific locations.

They are used to create furnishings in the game.

Furnishings are furniture, buildings, decorations, etc., that players can place in their Realm Layouts in Serenitea Pot.

They can be created via Creation using furnishing materials (it can take 12 to 16 hours).

If you create a furnishing for the first time, you need a blueprint for the item (which rewards trust).

Examples of furnishings are stairs, cabinets, ornaments, and more.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the Pine Wood location in Genshin Impact so that you can create furnishings.

Pine Wood Location in Genshin Impact

Pine Wood Location in Genshin Impact

Pine Wood locations in Genshin Impact:

  • In Mondstadt, southwest of Starfell Valley.
  • In Dragonspine, east of Entombed City – Outskirts.
  • South of the Snow-Covered Path, along the path.
  • East of Qingyun Peak.
  • South of Wuwang Hill.

Description: Timber obtained from pines. Its color and grain are nothing to write home about, but its unpretentious nature is elegant in its own right. The wood is very sturdy as well. In able hands, its products should be able to resist moth and rot alike.
Can be used to create furnishings.

The easiest way to obtain Pine Wood is to go to Mondstadt or south of Wuwang Hill.

You can farm the wood near the brick walls in Mondstadt.

Pine Wood can be obtained by cutting down Pine trees.

Using Pine Wood, you can craft more than 40 items.

This includes Pine Dining Chairs, Countryside Tea Stands, Long Table With Tablecloth, and more.

In addition, Pine Wood is needed in the world quest, “On the Stage, Behind the Stage”.

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