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What Does “Please Do Not the Cat” Mean?

Please do not the cat is a common phrase that’s used on TikTok.

You might have seen it in a cat video’s caption or comment section.

The meme is similar to the “Squish that cat” meme.

The meme originated from a YouTube video titled “How to pick up a cat like a pro”.

It was uploaded by Helpful Vancouver Vet and it got over 20 million views.

However, without any context, it’s hard to tell what the phrase means.

In this article, you’ll learn what the “Please do not the cat” meme means on TikTok, Wikihow, or Reddit.

What Does Please Do Not the Cat Mean?

Please do not the cat

Please do not the cat is a meme that originated from a wikiHow illustration.

The illustration depicts a hand reaching for an angry cat with the caption, “Please do not the cat”.

There’s a red cross in the top right corner of the illustration—indicating that the person’s action is wrong.

The phrase is grammatically incorrect because it’s missing a verb that would indicate what action should not be performed on the cat.

For example, a correct version of the phrase might be “Please do not touch the cat”.

However, that’s the whole point of the meme—for the phrase to be grammatically incorrect to confuse people.

Unfortunately, the wikiHow article that contains the illustration is unknown.

That said, the illustration started getting popular after wikiHow Image Macros posted it on their Facebook page.

The illustration was posted in September 30, 2019, and got over 3.9k reactions.

The same illustation was posted on various subreddits including r/engrish, r/comedyheaven, and r/memes.

On r/engrish, the illustration got over 18k upvotes and 300+ comments.

Please do not the cat meme

The please do not the cat meme is very popular on TikTok.

TikTok users will typically comment “Please do not the cat” under cat videos.

In recent months, the phrase has become more of a copypasta than a meme.

Hence, you’ll encounter at least one “Please do not the cat” comment in the comment section of a cat video.

This is to emphasize the importance of the phrase, although it doesn’t specifically state what you shouldn’t do to the cat.

Some TikTok users included or said the phrase repeatedly in their videos.

A TikTok user, @drappep, did this in one of his videos and got over 1.6 million views.

The phrase is popular because it’s gramatically incorrect, nonsensical, and has no context.

Other variations of the phrase include “Please do the cat”, “Please do not the car”, “I did the cat”, “I will the cat”, “I’m gonna the cat”, and “What if I the cat”.

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