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Reddit Guy’s Weird Music Meme

The Reddit Guy’s weird music meme has gone viral on the internet.

It was first shared on Reddit before it surged in popularity on other social media platforms.

The story was cross-posted to TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

If you recently came across the meme, you might not know the context behind it.

In this article, you’ll learn what is Reddit Guy’s weird music meme, its origin, and why it became an internet sensation.

Reddit Guy’s weird music meme

The original poster of the weird music love-making meme was the user by the name of u/TylerLife on Reddit.

He posted a story of how he played a weird choice of music while having s*x with his girlfriend.

Tyler started off the story by telling a backstory of himself.

He said that he was researching ways to be better at lovemaking because he was “stiff” and “inexperienced”.

He compiled a lovemaking playlist in which he was comfortable matching the rhythm.

However, Tyler’s girlfriend hated the song because it turns her off.

The odd part is that it took her 2 years before she told him that she hated the song.

At one point, he was “thrusting” to the tune in his head without the music, his girlfriend recognized it and told him to stop.

The post got over 80,000 points and more than 5,000 comments in less than 2 days.

The comment section mainly consists of a mix of people making fun of the song, the guy, and his girlfriend.

A lot of Redditors were commenting on how bad the song is.

One user said that the song sounded like “robot dolphins”.

Another user said that it sounds like “a toddler with a xylophone and a Casio keyboard”.

The Reddit post first went viral on Twitter followed by TikTok when the user @redditrave uploaded it.

The TikTok video about the Reddit post got over 17.5 million views and more than 2.2 million likes.

What is the Reddit guy’s weird music name?

The Reddit guy’s weird music name is Cbat by Hudson Mohawke.

Cbat is one of the songs in the Satin Panthers album (it has no lyrics).

It was uploaded to YouTube by Purplelazerr and has over 2.3 million views.

Currently, the comment section of the video is filled with references to the Reddit guy.

Here’s a comment by iara, “Never could I imagine that woman suffering. For two years she endured this during their together alone time. To be able to endure this, one must be an angel sent from above. I wish her the best in recovery”.

And another comment, “The fact that we can unite as a whole community in the comments over our shared knowledge of what this song relates to is amazing”.

Apparently, he has a playlist of weird songs like Cbat.

The Reddit guy, u/TylerLife said that he will reveal his playlist on his Instagram (@tylerrlifee).

Apparently, his Instagram account has no posts and very few followers, so it might be a secondary account.

Other than that, the Redditor who posted the story has not revealed his identity or other socials yet.

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