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Revolut Axelar Quiz Answers

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In this guide, you’ll learn the Revolut Axelar quiz answers for the crypto learn feature to earn $1.50 in WAXL.

Revolut Axelar Quiz Answers

Lesson 1: Meet Axelar

Question: Which of the following can describe Axelar?

Answer: All of the above

Question: What is the backbone of Axelar’s security approach?

Answer: Decentralisation

Question: Which of the following is true?

Answer: With Axelar, applications can seamlessly integrate with any blockchain

Lesson 2: The AXL Token

Question: How does Axelar recognise validators and token holders who faithfully secure the network?

Answer: By attributing rewards and a share of fees for transaction on the network

Question: Regarding Axelar’s token economics, which of the following is true?

Answer: The best structure for the network will be determined by Axelar tokenholders

Lesson 3: Axelar’s cross-chain feature

Question: How does Axelar improve on the security approach of first-generation bridges?

Answer: Using proof-of-stake validation

Question: Which of the following is true about Axelar General Message Passing?

Answer: It allows applications to send and receive logic across different chains, promoting cross-chain integration

Question: What differentiates Web3 development from traditional app development?

Answer: Web3 allows developers to integrate applications across blockchains, making a potential super app possible

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