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All Sacred Seals The Dune of Magma in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact released a 3.1 update called the “King Deshret and the Three Magi”.

You can gain Primogems as compensation rewards for the maintenance time.

The update includes new characters, domains, equipment, and more.

There are also new Archon and story quests that you can complete for rewards.

This includes new Archon Quest Chapter III acts and Cyno’s Story Quest.

An objective in the game is to obtain all The Dune of Magma sacred seals.

You need to hit a certain requirement to unlock those quests.

For instance, you may need an adventure rank of 40 and above.

Some quests are difficult to complete because of certain objectives.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to obtain all Sacred Seals in The Dune of Magma in Genshin Impact.

All Sacred Seals The Dune of Magma in Genshin Impact

Sacred Seals The Dune of Magma in Genshin Impact

To obtain all Sacred Seals in The Dune of Magma in Genshin Impact, you need to obtain Sacred Seal Raised Arm, Valley, Valley 2, Thunderstrike, and Ceremony.

There are located around The Dune of Magma—two of them are inside it while three of them are outside it.

Here are the locations for the Sacred Seals:

  • Sacred Seal: Raised Arm: Next to the fan inside the pyramid.
  • Sacred Seal: Valley: The underground area in between 2 Fungi monsters.
  • Sacred Seal: Valley 2: The underground area with a Teleport Waypoint, next to a Primal Sandglass.
  • Sacred Seal: Thunderstrike: Next to an Everlight Cell by the Duat Hall entrance.
  • Sacred Seal Ceremony: Inside the cave west of the Primal Sandglass in #3, behind large mushrooms and a Fungi.

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