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5 Best Streaming Sites Like Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming app where thousands of communities come together.

There are millions of users watching live games, sports, music, podcasts, IRL streams, and more.

Whether you’re a gaming or IRL fan, you can find your people on Twitch.

Find new streamers, subscribe to your favorites, and unlock exclusive perks.

Start your own channel and go live directly on Twitch to bring people together.

Other than Twitch, there are multiple live streaming platforms with famous streamers.

This list contains the top 5 best live streaming sites like Twitch, app alternatives, and its top competitors.

  1. YouTube Live
  2. Kick
  3. Rumble
  4. Facebook Gaming
  5. Steam Broadcasts

1. YouTube Live

Twitch competitor

YouTube Live is currently the biggest Twitch competitor, with an average of over 500k viewers each day in YouTube Gaming Live alone.

YouTube’s biggest live streamer right now is iShowSpeed, with an average of 2 to 3 million views per stream.

Due to his Twitch ban, iShowSpeed moved over to YouTube to live stream IRL and gaming content.

Other popular streamers are Kuzuha Chan, TimTheTatman, DrDisRespect, and Ludwig.

YouTube Live is also utilized by many podcasters like Whatever and Fresh and Fit.

2. Kick

Sites like Twitch

Kick is currently the second biggest competitor to Twitch, with over 150 million visitors per month.

Founded in 2022, Kick is one of the fastest-growing live stream sites in the world.

According to Kick’s Twitter, it took the company about 69 days to reach 1 million users.

One of the main factors that contributed their rapid growth is the signing of huge Twitch streamers.

Some popular Twitch streamers that signed with Twitch are Adin Ross, XQC, Amouranth, and Trainwreck.

3. Rumble


Rumble is a rising star in the video and live streaming industry with over 40 million monthly active users.

It’s a new video app where you can grow followers faster and doesn’t preference channels.

The platform is founded by Chris Pavlovski, who advocates for free speech and dislikes cancel culture.

Rumble signed a few big streamers including Mizkif, Ricegum, and Sneako.

One of the most popular creators on Rumble right now is Andrew Tate (TateSpeech) who has over 1.5 million followers on the platform.

4. Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming has been one of Twitch’s main competitors for a while now.

The platform is owned by Meta, who also acquired Mixer, another live streaming platform, in 2020.

Facebook Gaming has a monetization program called “Level Up” with subscriptions and in-stream ads.

Although Meta is a huge player in the social networking industry, live streams in Facebook Gaming is underperforming.

The platform has an average viewer count of less than 1k each day per live streamer.

5. Steam Broadcasts

Steam Broadcast

Steam Broadcasting allows you to watch live streams of your favorite games.

You can also set up Broadcasting to allow others to watch you play.

You can watch a broadcast from the community page/hub or watch your friends play by selecting “Watch Game”.

You’ll be presented with Broadcasting settings when your friend requests to watch your game for the first time.

Steam Broadcasting has an average viewer count in the thousands—making it a smaller Twitch competitor.

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