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Slap Battles Recall Glove Roblox Answers

Slap Battles is about slapping people using different gloves with special abilities.

Because the game is chaotic, don’t be surprised if you see someone complaining about a hand.

To unlock new gloves, you need to slap people to earn slaps.

Some gloves have passive abilities while others can be activated by pressing “E”.

In this article, you’ll learn all of the question and answers for the Slap Battles Recall Glove in Roblox (cheatsheet).

Slap Battles Recall Glove Roblox Answers

Question: When was Slap Battles first published?

Answer: 16/2/2021

Question: What glove costs 9750 slaps?

Answer: Coil

Question: What is the chance of getting bob from Replica?

Answer: 1/7500

Question: How many gloves stands are in Slap Battles right now?

Answer: 142

Question: What is the badge name for the Glitch glove?

Answer: 01010010 01010101 01001110

Question: If 1=3 2=3 3=5 4=4 5=4 6=?

Answer: 3

Question: Whom ultimately controls this realm?

Answer: Tencelll

Question: How many slaps do you have?

Answer: Number of slaps that you currently have.

Question: How many players were present in this server when you were sent here?

Answer: Count the players in the server when you enter the Ruins and enter that number.

Question: What color is your name in the Roblox Chat?

Answer: Find the closest color to your chat color (list of colors).

Question: How old is your account in days?

Answer: Your account age in days—type how many days since your join date on Google (e.g. how many days has it been since 01/01/2020).

Question: What has a bottom at the top?

Answer: A leg (Type in the chat)

Question: Did you forget that you repressed your memories?

Answer: Yes

Question: Do you know who I am?

Answer: A forgotten memory

Question: How many players currently exist in this realm as of when I started asking this question?

Answer: Count the number of people in the server and enter that number

Question: What has 4 fingers and one thumb but is not alive?

Answer: Glove (Type in the chat)

Question: What glove can’t you hit when it isn’t there?

Answer: Elude

Question: We will play Simon Says at the end, do you understand?

Answer: Yes

Question: Simon says if you seek for the reward, dance on top of the entities head.

Answer: Dance on top of the clone’s head (type “/e dance”) if it says “Simon says”. Walk through the portal if it doesn’t say “Simon says”.

Question: Simon says walk through the portal to claim your reward.

Answer: Walk through the portal if it says “Simon says”. Jump off the map if it doesn’t say “Simon says”.

Question: Simon says jump off the map to claim your reward.

Answer: Jump off the map if it says “Simon says”. Walk through the portal if it doesn’t say “Simon says”.

Question: Simon says if the reward is what you seek, You must dance on top of the Right/Left staircase Crystal.

Answer: Dance on top of the Crystals according to the NPC’s Perspective by typing “/e dance” in chat. If it says, “Left Crystal”, dance on the Right Crystal (its left will be your right and its right will be your left). Walk through the portal if it doesn’t say “Simon says”.

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