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Sticking Out Your Gyat for the Rizzler Meaning, Lyrics, and Song

“Sticking out your Gyat for the Rizzler” is a trending song on TikTok.

The song is usually misheard has “Sticking out your gut”.

It’s a parody to the song, Ecstasy by Suicidal Idol.

The song is used in multiple memes and selfie videos.

Due to the song’s ridiculous lyrics (Gen Z slang), many TikTok users don’t know what it means.

In this article you’ll learn the meaning of Sticking Out Your Gyat for the Rizzler you’re so Skibidi, the full song, and lyrics.

Sticking Out Your Gyat for the Rizzler meaning

Here’s the meaning of each word in the lyrics:

  • Gyat: Girl you ate that / Get your act together / Goddamn (usually used when a woman has a big bottom).
  • Rizzler: Someone who has game (the skill of attracting the opposite sex).
  • Skibidi: This refers to Skibidi Toilet, a series of Source Filmmaker videos by YouTuber DaFuqBoom.
  • Fanum Tax: When someone is eating food near Fanum (a popular streamer), they have to give him a portion of it.
  • Sigma: An introverted alpha male.
  • Ohio: Known for being the most unusual state in the US.

Sticking Out Your Gyat for the Rizzler lyrics

Sticking out your gyat for the Rizzler.

You’re so Skibidi, you’re so Fanum Tax.

I just want to be your Sigma.

Freaking come here.

Give me your Ohio.

Original song

Sticking Out Your Gyat for the Rizzler (Gyatstacy) is a parody of Ecstasy by Suicidal Idol.

Ecstasy was released on Spotify in 2022 and the slowed version of the song went viral in 2023.

The slowed version of Ecstacy has over 40 million plays on Spotify.

The creator of Sticking Out Your Gyat for the Rizzler is ovp.9 on TikTok.

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