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The Silmarillion AR Quiz Answers

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This guide contains all of The Silmarillion AR quiz answers by J.R.R. Tolkien (Renaissance Accelerated Reading).

The Silmarillion AR Quiz Answers

Question: What did Melkor tell the other Valar?

Answer: He wanted to make Earth his own kingdom.

Question: Why were the Silmarils so precious?

Answer: They contained the blended light of the Trees of Valinor.

Question: Why was the battle at Alqualonde especially tragic?

Answer: The Noldor store ships from their kin, and many elves were killed.

Question: What was the Girdle of Meilan?

Answer: A barrier of shadow and bewilderment that guarded the realm of Thingol.

Question: Why did Ulmo tell Turgon to leave arms and a sword at his house in Nevrast?

Answer: Turgon could then trust whoever came bearing them.

Question: What did Thingol demand of Beren before allowing him to marry Luthien?

Answer: He was to bring a Silmaril to Thingol.

Question: How did Beren lose his right hand?

Answer: Carcharoth, the great wolf, bit it off as he held a Silmaril.

Question: How was Glarung, the Father of Dragons, killed?

Answer: Turn Turambar stabbed his belly as the dragon crossed a chasm.

Question: What choice was given by Manwe to Earendil, Elwing and their sons?

Answer: To follow either the fate of elves or men.

Question: The Numenoreans made war upon the Lords of the West to —.

Answer: Gain everlasting life.

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