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The Time Machine (Unabridged) AR Quiz Answers

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This guide contains all of The Time Machine (Unabridged) AR quiz answers by H.G. Wells (Renaissance Accelerated Reading).

The Time Machine (Unabridged) AR Quiz Answers

Question: The Time Traveller claimed that humans move in time when —.

Answer: Momentarily recalling a past occurrence.

Question: If the model Time Machine traveled into the future, why wasn’t it visible?

Answer: It was traveling so quickly, it made no impression.

Question: How did the Editor and the Journalist respond to the idea of time travel?

Answer: They ridiculed the idea while clamouring for a story.

Question: What was the Traveller’s greatest fear on his first voyage in time?

Answer: Stopping while in the midst of an intervening substance.

Question: When the little people curiously fingered the Machine, the Traveler —.

Answer: Quickly disabled it for time travel.

Question: How did the Traveller explain the cloned appearance of the little people?

Answer: There was no need for gender specialisation to satisfy children’s needs.

Question: The Traveller theorised that his “perfect” surroundings resulted from —.

Answer: The improving of life’s conditions into an ultimate climax.

Question: As the Traveller tried to open the Sphinx, the little people reacted —.

Answer: Oddly, as though offended.

Question: Why was Weena distressed by sleeping alone with the Traveller?

Answer: She was dreadfully afraid of the dark.

Question: As the Traveller observed the bleached Morlock, he concluded that —.

Answer: Man had differentiated into two distinct species.

Question: Why did the Traveller think a balanced civilisation that passed its zenith?

Answer: The Eloi were diminishing in stature, strength, and intelligence.

Question: Why had the Traveller proceeded into the future ill-equipped?

Answer: He assumed he would encounter advanced modes of technology.

Question: After investigating the Morlocks, the Traveller vowed to —.

Answer: Prepare weapons and a safe place to sleep.

Question: The Traveller came to the realisation that Morlocks ate —.

Answer: The little people.

Question: How did the Traveller’s visit to the Palace of Green Porcelain help him?

Answer: He found weapons against the Morlocks and a tool to open the Sphinx.

Question: Why did the Traveller venture into the woods at night?

Answer: He felt confident with his matches and comphor.

Question: Weena was killed during a —.

Answer: Forest fire.

Question: Why were the bronze doors of the Sphinx open?

Answer: The Morlocks were setting a trap for the Traveller.

Question: What did the Traveller encounter when he landed further in the future?

Answer: An ominous, desolate world.

Question: The Traveller took another trip on his Machine to —.

Answer: Bring back solid proof of his experience.

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