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How to Trade the Shopkeeper 2 items and Purchase 1 item from the Shopkeeper’s Secure Buy Station in DMZ

Season 3 of DMZ contains a new DMZ playspace—The Koschei Complex Exclusion Zone.

Access one of four entrances to explore the secrets of the facility.

Watch out for an incoming Intel Drop with a peek at DMZ’s latest playspace.

There is a new item called NVGs where you can see in the dark with night vision goggles.

A new UI representation of your dog tag level is implemented along with new Buy Station and Workbench locations.

Enemy combatant spawns are adjusted and the Armored Commander has a chance to carry a Weapon Case.

Other updates include an Overlord voice callout and an improved out-of-game user interface for the Secure Backpack.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to trade the shopkeeper 2 items and purchase 1 item from the shopkeeper’s secure buy station in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ.

How to Trade the Shopkeeper 2 items and Purchase 1 item from the Shopkeeper’s Secure Buy Station in DMZ

Screenshots: GuidingLight

To trade the shopkeeper 2 items and purchase 1 item from the shopkeeper’s Secure Buy Station in DMZ, you need to find the list of items and bring them to the shopkeeper.

After you’ve brought the items to the shopkeeper, the Secure Buy Station will be unlocked.

Here’s how to get each item (expand the screenshots above):

  • Chlorine or other chemicals: The flooded section underneath the bridge of Al-Mazrah City.
  • Scientist’s note or lab note: Open the bunker door in the Chemical Plant and go to External Ops (while you’re in the area, look for jumper cables and a car battery).
  • Server tape – orange: Go to the south of the complex to Alpha Cluster, insert the jumper cables and a car battery, open the bunker door, go inside the server room.
  • Beta board or lab coat book: Go to the Information Extraction room (open the bunker door in the outskirts of the chemical room).

In a nutshell, you need to go to 4 different locations on the map to find the items required for the shopkeeper.

After you’ve found the items, bring them to the shop, and put them inside the dead drop to unlock the Secure Buy Station.

Lastly, interact with the Secure Buy Station (red in color), and buy an item (e.g. Armor Plate) to complete the mission.

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