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How to Fix “Unable to find a valid license of Diablo IV”

Diablo IV offers an unmatched experience in the realm of action role-playing games.

It features a never-ending array of evil creatures to defeat, a vast array of skills to master, terrifying dungeons, and legendary loot to obtain.

You can start your adventure alone or with your companions and explore dark and beautiful locations.

Venture into a shared world where you can gather in towns to trade items or team up to face world bosses.

To fight against the unspeakable terrors that plague this world, you can create and personalize your character.

Choose from five classes, experiment with powerful equipment, and select your talents and abilities.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix the “Unable to find a valid license of Diablo IV” error in Diablo 4 for PS4, PS5, or Xbox.

Why is Diablo 4 unable to find a valid license?

Diablo 4 is unable to find a valid license because of a bug/glitch.

According to @Diablo on Twitter, they are seeing reports of users experiencing invalid license errors.

They are currently looking into this and will update users once they have more information.

If you open the Battle.net launcher, you’ll see this message, “We are investigating reports of login issues”.

Followed by, “Affecting Diablo IV and working to resolve these as soon as possible”.

How to fix “Unable to find a valid license of Diablo IV”

To fix “Unable to find a valid license of Diablo IV”, try restarting and updating the Battle.net launcher.

If you’re encountering the issue on a PS4 or PS5, try downloading any PS+ monthly game/free game or buying the cheapest currency pack from the PlayStation Store.

Fix 1: Restart the Battle.net launcher

Exit the Diablo IV and restart the Battle.net launcher.

To restart the Battle.net launcher, click on the Battle.net logo, and select “Restart and Update”.

Here’s how to do this:

  1. Exit Diablo IV.
  2. Click on the Battle.net logo.
  3. Select “Restart and Update”.
  4. Launch Diablo IV.

After you’ve restarted the Battle.net launcher, the “We are investigating reports of login issues” message should be gone.

Now, launch Diablo IV and your license should be valid.

If the error still persists, you need to wait a few hours before trying again.

Fix 2: Download any PS+ monthly game

Try downloading any PS+ monthly game or a free game from the PlayStation Store.

After that, launch Diablo 4 and the game should be able to verify your license.

Fix 3: Purchase a currency pack

Go to the PlayStation Store and search for Diablo IV.

Purchase the cheapest currency pack (e.g. $1.99) and launch the game.

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