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How to Get the Voyager Hull in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has multiple mounts that you can unlock.

This includes the Chaser Mount, Voyager Mount, Monocross Unicorn Mount, and more.

These mounts allow you to get across the map faster and in style.

An activity that you can do is to get the Voyager Vehicle/Mount.

It is one of the rarest mounts in the game due to the low drop rate of the Voyager Thruster.

Creating the mount is difficult because you need to get 3 other parts too.

One of the parts to make the vehicle is the Voyager Hull.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get the Voyager Hull in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get the Voyager Hull in Tower of Fantasy

How to get the Voyager Hull in Tower of Fantasy

  1. Finish the Hyena’ Banges Base quest.
  2. Gather 15 strawberries, honey, and carbonated water,
  3. Make an Iced Strawberry Soda by interacting with a cooker.
  4. Go to the Hyena’s Navia Base.
  5. Give the Iced Strawberry Soda to Morgley to get Console Components.
  6. Go to -768.1, -574.5 (south of Raincaller Island) > go into the 1st tower > enter “5972” > activate the “Device Activation”.
  7. Go to -457.4, -340.7 (northeast of Banges Omnium Tower) > get multiple repair tool sets > repair the 2nd tower.
  8. Navigate to the Small Stronghold southeast of Navia Bay (-258.4, -537.9) > go into the 3rd tower > activate it.
  9. Navigate to the middle of Navia Bay (-444.3, -589.2) > enter the ecological park > loot the 4 supply pods (to get the Hull) > and get the Colossus Arm Relic.

When you loot the 4th supply pod, you’ll get the Voyager Hull.

After you’ve got all 4 parts (Control Station, Thruster, Engine, and Hull), you can fuse them together to get the Voyager Vehicle.

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