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Weapon Fighting Simulator Discord Server

Weapon Fighting Simulator in Roblox is about fighting against enemies with weapons and spells.

You can unlock powerful weapons and spells to help you in battle.

There are multiple worlds with different enemies and bosses to discover.

As a Roblox premium member, you’ll get twice the wheel rewards.

The latest update contains 8 new weapons and 4 new spirit transformation spells.

This article contains the Weapon Fighting Simulator Discord server link for Roblox, game link, and server rules.

Weapon Fighting Simulator Discord server link

Weapon Fighting Simulator Discord server link

The official Weapon Fighting Simulator Discord server link is https://discord.com/invite/krGrXEqaDs.

The server has about 55k members.

It contains multiple channels like announcements, an update log, polls, and more.

The announcement channel contains information about the server and bug fixes.

The most active channel is the #general channel where everyone can chat in it.

However, you need to verify yourself with Bloxlink and enter the “/verify” command.

After you’ve verified yourself, you’ll have access to the various chat channels.

What is the game link for Weapon Fighting Simulator?

Roblox Weapon Fighting Simulator

The game link for Weapon Fighting Simulator is https://www.roblox.com/games/6872265039/.

You need a Roblox account to play Weapon Fighting Simulator,

If you don’t have a Roblox account, you can create one here: https://www.roblox.com/.

After you’ve created an account, you can either search for “Weapon Fighting Simulator” in Experiences or visit the link above to play the game.

Weapon Fighting Simulator Discord server rules

  1. Respect every member

Respect all members on this server, treat them equally respectively regardless of your religious faith, and oppose liking and disliking. Always treat others with the respect you want to have in return.

  1. No Abusive Language/words

You must avoid using abusive words, and hate speeches, regardless of the language in which you sent a message. Make sure your words are not inappropriate and don’t hurt anyone. Bypassing the word blocker is not allowed and will result in a punishment.

  1. Spamming is not allowed

You must not spam anything on the server, whether it’s a message, emojis, pictures, or anything necessary or unnecessary. You’re prohibited, not even mistakenly, to perform such acts. Give other members a chance.

  1. NSFW content is strictly forbidden

This Discord server is for all ages of people. Sexual content is strictly prohibited. Help us grow a family-friendly community.

  1. Use appropriate profile pictures and nicknames

We don’t allow members to use offensive usernames, or inappropriate profile pictures, e.g., offensive to religious, political, etc. Further, if our moderators catch any person having this, they have the right to change nicknames and kick out if you don’t listen to the warning.

  1. Conflicts and Arguing

We don’t allow members to argue about anything off-topic such as politics, religion, server changes, etc. Creating off-topic conflicts and/or arguing with other server members will result in a punishment.

  1. Follow the official Discord Guidelines

Apart from the rules of this server, take a look at the official discord guidelines to be on the server: https://discordapp.com/guidelines.

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