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Who is Jbizz?

Jbizz (@jbizz177) is a TikTok star that posts satirical content about being a gangster.

He frequently posts pictures of ambulances and says that the feds are onto him.

On TikTok, he’s a comedian who pretends to be a roadman and was recently slapped by some people.

He currently has over 350k followers and claimed that 4 of his previous accounts were banned.

In the UK scene, a lot of people are backing him and the suspects that attacked Jbizz had their full names and locations leaked.

In this article, you’ll learn who is Jbizz on TikTok, what he’s famous for, and how he went viral on Twitter.

Who is Jbizz?

Jbizz is a famous TikToker (@jbizz177) who posts satirical content pretending that he’s a criminal.

One of his most popular videos is him in the dentist with the caption “Mum: Why you in hospital” while the song, “Mama I’m a criminal” plays in the background.

That video got over 4.9 million views and more than 400k likes.

On TikTok, he portrays himself as a roadman that’s wanted by the police.

In another video, Jbizz recorded himself while walking in the middle of a road.

The caption of the video is “Mfs walking on the road cause of the ice. I’ve been doing that my whole life”.

The video got over 2.6 million views and more than 200k likes.

Jbizz’s rose to fame led to four adolescent/teenage boys attacking Jbizz in public.

On Twitter, a user by the name of @staylowtpl leaked the video of Jbizz getting attacked.

In the video, a boy was slapping Jbizz in the face while saying “You think you can fight all of us?”.

They also robbed Jbizz, took his phone, and said, “What’s the password?”.

The video got over 300k views on Twitter and more than 200 comments.

The video then cuts to a clip of someone getting jumped by a group of people—although it’s not clear whether Jbizz was the one getting attacked.

After what happened, Jbizz went on TikTok Live to speak about the incident.

“Four people—not trying to be racist—black and they came up to me and spat on my face and slapped me”.

“Now I need to change my content because people think I’m a criminal but I’m not about that life”.

“I don’t care what you guys say—there were four people so I couldn’t do anything even if they were young—they look like they were sixteen”.

“There were 4 people so it can’t be a four versus one. That’s impossible. Everyone should know that”.

“But you’re not gonna hear the song “Mama I’m a Criminal” because I’m not really a criminal”.

“This is not the end for me but I’ll still do TikTok. For the first time, I was thinking—I wanna quit—I should just stop doing this stuff”.

“But then if I quit, I’ll be doing you all dirty—you all are the real ones—look at all of you sending gifts”.

“You are all legends, and for you, I’m not gonna give up. I’m gonna come back stronger”.

The live stream was watched by over 32,000 people simultaneously and the repost got over 750k views.

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