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Wo Xing Shi TikTok Lyrics (My Surname is Shi)

TikTok is an app where you can watch short-form videos that are exciting and authentic.

Watch, engage with what you like, skip what you don’t, and videos will be personalized for you.

Discover and create your own original videos and use special effects, filters, and music.

Take part in trends like the Wo Xing Shi TikTok dance trend and add the music to your video.

If you’re doing a song trend, you might not know the lyrics to the song if it’s in a foreign language.

In this article, you’ll learn what is the Wo Xing Shi (我姓石) (My name is Shi) meme on TikTok, its lyrics, and its origin.

Wo Xing Shi meme

The Wo Xing Shi meme features lyrics from the song, 我姓石, My surname is Shi.

The song originated from a comment under one of Gu Xi’s posts, a music influencer and blogger from China.

Gu Xi frequently replies to the comments under his posts and he took one of them as inspiration to make a song.

The trend is about shaking your hips to the song while someone records you with a front-facing camera.

People from all around the world started doing the trend on TikTok while the song is playing in the background.

Wo Xing Shi TikTok lyrics

Chinese lyrics:









Han Yu Pin Yin lyrics:

wǒ xìng shí , wú lùn hé shí yǔ nǐ xiāng shí wǒ dū zhí 。

wǒ xìng shí , zhǐ bǐ xiě zì yóu rú jùn mǎ zài bēn chí 。

wǒ xìng shí , jīn bǎng shén chí zhí bǐ zài yì luò bǐ zhí 。

wǒ xìng shí , gāo jiē yuǎn shì rén rú qí míng hěn wú chǐ 。

shí , bù jù fēng fēi shā 。 shí , zhòng rén bǎ nǐ kuā 。

shí , zhòng xīng shǒu hù tā 。 shí , rén zhōng cái zǐ jiā 。

shí , yī lù zài qián xíng 。 shí , yī shēng zhù dìng yíng 。

shí , fēng yǔ jiē huì píng 。 shí , yáng fān zài yáng míng 。

English translation:

My surname is Shi, whenever I meet you, I am worth it.

My surname is Shi, and writing with pen and paper is like a galloping horse.

My surname is Shi, Jinbang Shenchi writes and cares about the value of the pen.

My surname is Shi, and it is shameless for a high-level hyperopic person to live up to his name.

Stone, not afraid of wind and sand. Shi, everyone praises you.

Stone, the stars guard her. Stone is the best talent among people.

Stone, go all the way. Stone, destined to win in life.

Stone, wind and rain will be flat. Stone, Yang Fan will become famous again.

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