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21 Fun Would You Rather Instagram Story Templates

Seeking for “would uou rather” Instagram story templates?

Look no further, because this article contains 21 amazing “would you rather” Instagram story templates you can use to play with your friends or family.

Would you rather stories have been all around Instagram recently and it’s a great way to kill time if you’re bored.

The game’s tough and hysterical choices makes playing it worthwhile.

Some would you rather questions make you contemplate for a long time before finally picking the right choice.

It makes you think about the worth or usefulness between one choice and another.

How do you play Would You Rather on Instagram?

The game is simple ⁠— you choose between two choices and circle your preferred choice.

You can either use a photo editor or utilize Instagram’s story editor to add circles to the choices.

After you are done circling all the choices, tag your friend’s or family’s Instagram to prompt them to play it with you.

Make sure to send them the would you rather story template through Instagram direct message.

How do you save these templates?

Here’s how you can save these would you rather Instagram story templates to your photo gallery.

You can screenshot the template on your mobile phone, crop it and circle your choices using a photo editor.

Alternatively, you can hold down the image for about 3 seconds and save it to your gallery.

Would You Rather Instagram Story Templates

Here are 21 would you rather Instagram story templates you can save in your gallery.

These templates contains topics from food choices to movie choices, and more.

1. Housing, food, and fashion

This would you rather contains decisions like eating only fruit for one year or vegetables, knowing how you’re going to die or when, and always be overdressed or underdressed.

would you rather instagram

2. Physical attributes, fantasy, and powers

In this edition of would you rather, you get to choose whether you want to be a vampire or a wizard, be able to speak to all animals or read people’s minds, and have the ability to control people or to control time.

fantasy would you rather instagram

3. Literacy, jail, and travel

Would you rather spend a year in jail or lose a year of your life? Would you rather speak every language or be able to teleport?

travel would you rather instagram

4. Physical attributes, communication, and living choices

This edition of would you rather contains choices like getting away with lying or knowing when someone is lying and speaking your mind or never speaking again.

communication would you rather instagram

5. Personality, communication, and time travel

Based on your battery, 0-20%, 21-40%, 41-60%, 61-80% and 81-100%, circle your preference.

Would You Rather Instagram Story Template: Battery Percentage Edition

6. Superpowers, possessions, and life choices

Choose between choices like being able to fly for one day or be compeltely invisible for one day and lose or your money and valuables or lose all of the pictures you have ever taken.

superpowers would you rather instagram

7. Communication, cleanliness, and living conditions

This edition of would you rather includes choices like always having to tell the truth or always having to lie and being in the real-life version of “The Walking Dead” or being in the real-life version of “American Horror Story”.

impossible would you rather instagram

8. Physical attributes, and death

Would you rather never have to wait in line or get rid of all the bad drivers? Would you rather burn to death or freeze to death?

Would You Rather Instagram Story Template: Impossible Edition

9. Living conditions, death, and superpowers

Decide whether you prefer to live in the wilderness far from civilization or live on the streets of a city as a homeless person, and more.

living would you rather instagram

10. Memory, possessions, and personality

Select between forgetting who you were and forgetting everyone else and hearing the good news first or hearing the bad news first.

memory would you rather instagram

11. Superpowers, possessions, and death

This edition of would you rather makes you decide whether you want to be able to fly or be invisible for one day and die in 50 years with many regrets or die in 20 years with no regrets.

death would you rather

12. Physical attributes, communication, and living conditions

Would you rather look or smell like a fish? Would you rather live in space or live under the sea?

physical would you rather instagram

13. Physical attributes, fantasy, and drink

Choose whether you want to have unlimited respect or power and abstaining from alcohol or coffee.

drink would you rather instagram

14. Communication, fantasy, and superpowers

Decide between beginning every sentence with ‘hey idiot’ or ending every sentence with ‘I was just kidding’ and being super fast or super strong.

communication would you rather instagram

15. Punctuality, countries, and marriage

This edition comprises of choices like always being 20 minutes early or 10 minutes late and marry someone that you don’t love or marrying someone that doesn’t love you.

country would you rather instagram

16. Disney edition for girls

Would you rather wear Cinderella’s dress or Aurora’s dress and become a frog for a day or a beast for a day?

disney would you rather instagram

17. Grey’s Anatomy edition

Choose between working with Richard as chief or working with Bailey as chief and saving Denny or Henry.

grey's anatomy would you rather instagram

18. Living conditions, superpowers, and possessions

Decide whether you want to live in the city or live in the country side and have incredible strength or be incredibly fast.

would you rather live in the city or the country side

19. Friends, superpowers, and jobs

This edition contains choices like having many friends but no close ones or having only a couple of very close friends and being a famous athlete or being a famous actor.

would you rather be able to fly or read minds

20. Star wars edition

Would you rather use a blaster or a light-saber? Would you rather have a green light-saber or a red light-saber?

would you rather star wars instagram

21. Harry Potter Edition

Choose between using a Time Turner or using an Invisibility Cloak and becoming an Animagus or a Metamorphmagus.

harry potter would you rather Instagram

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@twocolas – Daily uploads of Instagram story templates.


Would You Rather is a fun game you can play with your friends or family, or even alone!

Share completed would you rather templates on your story to get your followers to know you better.

Moreover, it’s a great way to increase your engagement rate!

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