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Andrew Tate on GETTR

GETTR is an American social media company launched on July 4, 2021, by Jason Miller.

The app advocates free speech, rejects cancel culture, and provides the best platform for the marketplace of ideas.

Currently, GETTR is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world.

The app reached one million users in less than 3 days after its launch.

In comparison—Twitter took 24 months and Facebook took 10 months respectively.

After Andrew Tate’s ban on popular social media platforms, he started using anti-censorship platforms like GETTR and Rumble.

These two platforms surged in popularity after his involvement.

Andrew Tate’s GETTR profile

Andrew Tate GETTR

Andrew Tate’s GETTR profile is https://gettr.com/user/cobratate.

He posts a lot of his old tweets, current thoughts, and live streams there.

Here is one of his posts, “The easiest way to understand someone is to ask them about their aspirations”.

GETTR is like Twitter, but it advocates free speech and rejects cancel culture.

Hence, Tate is able to post whatever he wants there without getting censored.

Despite so, he usually posts educational content like advice, motivational quotes, life lessons, and more.

Currently, he has more than 70,000 followers on GETTR.

His posts have a high engagement—each over 1k likes—considering how new the platform is.

He joined GETTR on January 2022, before he was banned from popular social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Tate probably anticipated that he would be banned because veracity is hated in today’s time.

He went live on the platform twice in August and got over 10k views for each video.

Why did Andrew Tate join GETTR?

Andrew Tate joined GETTR because it’s a platform that advocates free speech.

It’s founded on the principles of independent thought and the rejection of political censorship.

“I have the power, and most importantly the charisma, to give Rumble and GETTR the two things they desperately need—youth and energy”, Tate said.

The app rose in popularity in the App Store and ranks in the top 30 most downloaded social networking apps as of Q3 2022.

Along with Rumble, they are taking over the internet by rejecting cancel culture and censorship.

With the recent SteveWillDoIt YouTube ban, Trump’s ban on Twitter, and now—the total censorship of Andrew Tate, free speech is dying.

Although these social media platforms are private companies with their own rules—they each have their own biases.

In addition, they neglect to protect their users by not getting rid of greater threats.

For example, Twitter and YouTube have a huge percentage of bots and scammers that they failed to eradicate.

Thousands of users are being scammed every single day—but these platforms are more focused on censorship.

Conclusively, the direction that the vast majority of modern media is heading towards is not looking good.

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