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As Good As Dead AR Quiz Answers

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This guide contains all of the As Good As Dead AR Quiz Answers by Holly Jackson (Renaissance Accelerated Reading test).

As Good As Dead AR Quiz Answers

Question: Which of these happened before Pip told DI Hawkins she might have a stalker?

Answer: Two pigeons, one without a head, were left on her drive on different days.

Question: After Ravi first read about the DT Killer, one thing Pip told him was —.

Answer: Billy Karras had confessed in a police interview that he was the murderer.

Question: Which of these was Pip shocked to learn from Harriet Hunter, Julia’s sister?

Answer: Andie Bell had been in contact with Harriet, using an obscure email account.

Question: Just before she was abducted by the DT Killer, one thing Pip did was —.

Answer: Use an app to unmask the blocked number he was calling her from.

Question: Which of these did Pip do before killing Jason Bell, the real DT Killer?

Answer: She returned to the complex she’d escaped, knowing he wouldn’t be arrested.

Question: After Pip killed Jason, what was something she and Ravi did to the body?

Answer: They cooled it by placing it in the car with the air conditioning turned on.

Question: To have an alibi for the night of Jason’s death, one thing Pip did was —.

Answer: Eat at a service station McDonald’s with Cara and Naomi, paying by card.

Question: How did Pip dispose of the clothes she’d worn on the night of Jason’s death?

Answer: She cut them into squares which she flushed down the toilets at her house.

Question: Towards the end of her voluntary interview, DI Hawkins told Pip that —.

Answer: Her headphones had been found in the drawer of Jason’s bedside table.

Question: On her last day living in Little Kilton, which of these did Pip tell Ravi?

Answer: They could only see each other again if Max was convicted of murder.

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