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Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead AR Quiz Answers

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This guide contains all of the Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead Quiz Answers by Rick Riordan (Renaissance Accelerated Reading test).

Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead AR Quiz Answers

Question: When Magnus and Alex first went to Randolph’s mansion, they found —.

Answer: The carcass of a wolf sprawled across the rug in the foyer.

Question: After Magnus let the wolf into the mansion, what did it grab in its mouth?

Answer: The mead horn that sat on the fireplace mantel.

Question: For Magnus’s voyage, Frey had sent him a magical ship that —.

Answer: Was neon, eye-melting yellow.

Question: What did Magnus learn about Sam when she met up with the ship in Boston?

Answer: She was fasting for Ramadan, which lasted a month.

Question: What happened while Magnus and his friends were fighting Aegir’s daughters?

Answer: Magnus’s grandfather Njord appeared and offered to help.

Question: How had Skadi chosen Njord to be her husband?

Answer: By looking at his feet.

Question: According to Njord, whoever drank Kvasir’s Mead would —.

Answer: Find their inner poet and have the perfect words come to them.

Question: What did Alex agree to do for the duel with Hrungnir in York?

Answer: Make a ceramic warrior who would fight Hrungnir’s ceramic warrior.

Question: What was a result of Hrungnir’s heart exploding?

Answer: A flint shard embedded itself about TJ’s right eye.

Question: Magnus, Blitz and Hearth discovered that Hearth’s father had —.

Answer: Transformed into a dragon that had a lizard-like body and green eyes.

Question: How did Magnus kill the ring dragon?

Answer: From a tunnel beneath it, he stabbed through its belly and into its heart.

Question: After tasting the ring dragon’s blood, Magnus was able to —.

Answer: Hear a conversation between two robins.

Question: According to Frigg, what would Mallory have to do if Magnus defeated Loki?

Answer: Imprison Loki in a walnut shell.

Question: The thralls who were guarding Kvasir’s Mead all died after —.

Answer: Mallory tossed the whetstone and they rushed to catch it.

Question: Skadi appeared in a door-shaped opening in a cliff when —.

Answer: Blitz was digging his fingers into the cliff face to make a cave.

Question: Before Magnus sneaked about Naglfar, Hearth gave him —.

Answer: The othala runestone, which made Magnus, Sam and Alex invisible to others.

Question: What did Magnus say to Loki when he first saw Loki aboard Naglfar?

Answer: “I challenge you to a flyting”.

Question: How did Magnus win the flyting contest?

Answer: He told Loki about his own team and said that Loki would always be alone.

Question: While discussing Loki’s punishment, Odin agreed to —.

Answer: Let Sigyn stay with Loki if she wanted to.

Question: What did Odin do as a favour to Magnus?

Answer: He helped make Randolph’s mansion into a residence for homeless youth.

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