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Blasphemous 2 Hidden Symbols Locations

Blasphemous 2, a brutal action-platformer, immerses players in the nightmare realm of Cvstodia.

Engage in hack and slash combat, execute foes, and upgrade abilities to break eternal damnation.

Navigate Gothic landscapes with traps, enjoying non-linear exploration.

The Penitent One, armed with diverse weapons, deals merciless destruction.

Customize your gameplay with enhanced skills and unique weapons.

Conquer intense boss battles against monstrous enemies with distinct attack patterns.

This guide contains all of the Blasphemous 2 Hidden Symbols Locations to unlock the the Still Among Us achievement.

Get the Chime of the Twisted One Prayer

Before you can start collecting the symbols you need to first acquire a specific Prayer. This Prayer is called the Chime of the Twisted One and it is located in the room to the right of the teleport room in Mother of Mothers. To collect a symbol use this Prayer when you are near it.

In the same room as the Prayer you will notice 10 symbols on the wall behind. These symbols track your progress in collecting. Each time you collect a symbol it will light up on this wall and a reward will appear in this room you can return to collect.

Easter Egg Room

If you slide to the right of the chest where you get the Prayer you can enter what appears to be an Easter Egg room.

This room has two statues in it with the writings Erlopeh and Serena on them.

Hidden Symbol 1: Repose of the Silent One

Blasphemous 2 Hidden Symbols Locations

There is a hidden symbol on the casket the Penitent One wakes up in at the start of the game.

It is located in the first room of the Repose of the Silent One.

Hidden Symbol 2: Crown of Towers

Blasphemous 2 Hidden Symbol

In the long elevator room on the left side of the Crown of Towers you will find a symbol.

It is hanging from a chain to the right of the platform at the bottom of the room.

Hidden Symbol 3: Palace of the Embroideries

Blasphemous 2 Palace of the Embroideries

There is a symbol the Palace of the Embroideries room where you drop the large golden cocoon.

It is up in the golden threading of the right ceiling. This location was contributed by Demajen.

Hidden Symbol 4: Aqueduct of the Costales

Aqueduct of the Costales

Head to the room to the left of the top-most Prie Dieu in Aqueduct of the Costales.

In this room use the disintegrating floating platforms to reach the top left corner.

Here you will be standing on a secure platform under a white column.

Use the spell to reveal the symbol on the column above you. Location found by Demajen.

Hidden Symbol 5: Elevated Temples

Elevated Temples

In the Elevated Temples area there is a girl in a bed (part of the House of Grief and Hatred questline) in the small room on the right-side of the large left area.

On the headboard of her bed is the symbol. This location was found by Skill Tank.

Hidden Symbol 6: Mother of Mothers

 Mother of Mothers

In the second Prie Dieu room in Mother of Mothers go to the right to encounter a large dead tree from the first game.

Use your Prayer when standing by the tree to have the hidden symbol appear on it.

Hidden Symbol 7: Sea of Ink

Sea of Ink

In the last room of the Sea of Ink just before you enter the Sunken Cathedral you will see rows of statues above you.

The second statue from the entrance to the cathedral has the hidden symbol in his hand.

Hidden Symbol 8: City of the Blessed Name

City of the Blessed Name

Once you’ve gotten the Scion’s Protection ability you can climb up to a bell in the middle of the City of the Blessed Name (between the portal room and the Cobijada room).

On this bell you will find a symbol.

Hidden Symbol 9: Two Moons

Two Moons

In the Two Moons location go to the reflection side of the area (by using the fountains) and make your way to the longest vertical room.

In this room go to the top right corner.

In this corner you will find a mirror.

Break the mirror to reveal the symbol.

Hidden Symbol 10: Choir of Thorns

Choir of Thorns

Go to the furthest left Prie Dieu in the Choir of Thorns.

From there head right two rooms so you reach the square shown on the map above (you will be standing by some spikes).

Use the Prayer here and the hidden symbol will appear on the wall in the bramble.

Found by DVD copy of Shark Tale (with assist from Nameless).

Hidden Symbol Rewards

Each time you collect one of the hidden symbols you unlock a reward back in the Prayer room where you got the spell in Mother of Mothers.

Due to the nature of the reward you will want to return there often.

The table below details the rewards you get at each number of symbols collected.

Symbol Found   Reward

1             +500 Tears of Atonement

2             +600 Tears of Atonement

3             +1000 Tears of Atonement

4             +1500 Tears of Atonement

5             +3000 Tears of Atonement

6             +5000 Tears of Atonement

7             +7500 Tears of Atonement

8             +10000 Tears of Atonement

9             +15000 Tears of Atonement

10           +25000 Tears of Atonement

10           Chime of the Twisted One Chant upgrade

As you can see from the rewards table collecting these symbols makes you very rich.

It also makes your Prayer the Chime of the Twisted One Chant more powerful.

Alongside getting both rewards you also unlock the Still Among Us achievement.


  • enricofairme (Steam)
  • Demajen (Steam)
  • Nameless (Steam)
  • Skill Tank (Steam)

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