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Bybit Structured Products Quiz Answers

Bybit is a crypto spot and futures exchange with robust features.

It has an easy trade option, large trades and positions tracking, and Web3.

It also has asset management, copy trading, and an NFT marketplace.

Sign up for Bybit using this link: partner.bybit.com/b/followchain or use “FOLLOWCHAIN” as the referral code.

Complete the registration process > Menu > Learn > Announcements > Latest Activities > Current Quiz.

In this article, you’ll learn the Bybit Structured Products quiz answers receive 25 USDT in bonus each from a lucky draw.

Bybit Structured Products Quiz Answers

Question: What are crypto structured products primarily designed to do?

Answer: Enhance risk-return metrics for investors.

Question: Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of traditional structured products?

Answer: Typically offered by investment banks to wealth management clients.

Question: When did Bybit crypto structured products start launching?

Answer: Q1 2021.

Question: Which of the following is a distinct advantage of crypto structured products?

Answer: Guaranteed initial capital regardless of market direction.

Question: Which of the following is a con of crypto structured products?

Answer: May charge additional fees for some products.

Question: What type of market does Bybit Dual Asset operate in?

Answer: Both bull and bear markets.

Question: Which Bybit product helps you hedge against market volatility and profit from significant price movements?

Answer: Double-Win.

Question: What is a potential benefit of using Smart Leverage?

Answer: Ability to long or short selected crypto tokens with up to 200x leverage.

Question: Which Bybit product is suitable for acquiring BTC or ETH at a discount in bear markets?

Answer: Discount Buy.

Question: What feature does the Dual Asset 2.0 version include?

Answer: Auto Reinvest component.

Question: What is Bybit Discount Buy primarily designed to do?

Answer: Allow you to potentially purchase BTC or ETH at a lower price.

Question: What are the three crucial parameters of Bybit Discount Buy?

Answer: Purchase Price, Knockout Price, Knockout APR.

Question: In which scenario does Bybit Discount Buy become profitable?

Answer: When the Settlement Price exceeds the Purchase Price.

Question: What happens if the Settlement Price surpasses the Knockout Price?

Answer: You receive your principal plus the Knockout APR in USDT.

Question: Which market conditions are ideal for using Bybit Discount Buy?

Answer: Bearish or stable market sentiment.

Question: How does Bybit Discount Buy differ from traditional crypto trading?

Answer: It allows you to potentially lock in a lower price for future purchases or earn a yield.

Question: Which of the following strategies can help enhance profits in a Buy Scenario 1 (Profitable Purchase)?

Answer: Keeping the Knockout Price far from the current price.

Question: What should traders consider when using Bybit Discount Buy?

Answer: Long-term investment goals and risk tolerance.

Question: Which Bybit product rewards users for providing liquidity to the Bybit Spot market?

Answer: Bybit Liquidity Mining.

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