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Faith Chapter 1, 2, and 3 Walkthrough Guide

FAITH is a scary pixelated game that draws inspiration from classic 8-bit video games and the “Satanic Scare” that took place in the 1980s.

The player takes on the role of a young priest armed with a holy crucifix to perform exorcisms and battle-possessed cultists and haunted objects.

The game is comprised of three chapters, each of which presents a unique nightmare.

In FAITH, the player returns to the location of a failed exorcism from one year prior while experiencing haunting nightmares and searching for answers.

In FAITH: Chapter II, the player confronts unspeakable paranormal entities and barely escapes with their life, only to find themselves in another dreadful situation.

In FAITH: Chapter III, a mysterious stranger joins the player, and together they venture into the dark countryside to stop a Satanic cult from summoning a horrifically powerful demon.

This article contains a complete Faith walkthrough guide for chapters 1, 2, and 3, including endings and prologues.

Chapter 1

NOTE 1 – Starting Screen

Placed on the ground immediately to the north of where you first exit your car.

NOTE 2 – Well

Acquired by exorcising the well in the middle of the forest. You can get to the well by walking straight up from your car, or straight down from the house.

NOTE 3 – Dead Tree

Acquired by exorcising the dead tree in the south of the forest. You can get to the tree by going to the car, then going one screen up, and then one screen left.

NOTE 4 – Puddle

Acquired by exorcising the puddle on the ground. You can get to the puddle by going to the shed marked on the map, and then going two screens down.

NOTE 5 – Pile of Bones

Acquired by exorcising the pile of bones. You can get to the bones by traveling one screen left of the shed.

NOTE 6 – Graveyard

Acquired by exorcising the gravestone in the northeast of the graveyard screen.
To reach the graveyard, start from the well in the center of the map, then go two screens north and one to the west.

NOTE 7 – Stone Circle

Acquired by exorcising the stone circle in the forest. To reach this area, go to two screens left starting from the well in the center of the map.

NOTE 8 – Shed

Acquired by picking the page up just near the shed, where you pick up the key to get into the house. Because going to the shed is mandatory to progress through the game, you should have this one basically automatically.

NOTE 9 – Warding off the “chupacabra” (anywhere)

Acquired by warding off the “chupacabra” enough times. Eventually, it will drop a note on the ground in the spot it was at when you warded it off. The monster can, quite unfairly, spawn on the same side of the screen you are on, which can often lead to instant death. Make sure to stick to the center of the screen as much as you can.

Do not enter the attic until you have this note, because you will be stuck in the attic until you complete the sequence there, and when you return the gun will appear which permanently changes the outside. Note 19 requires you to have all other notes on the same save file.

NOTE 10 – Main Foyer

Acquired by picking it up off the floor northwest of the main foyer when you first enter the house.

NOTE 11 – Main Foyer, Portrait

Acquired by exorcising the family portrait in the main foyer of the house. It is distinctly indicated by the purple color of the girl.

NOTE 12 – Kitchen

Acquired by exorcising the drawing on the fridge in the kitchen. The kitchen is one room north of the main entrance.

NOTE 13 – Second Floor, Bathroom

Acquired by exorcising the rubber duck in the bathroom, the northwestmost room on the second floor.

NOTE 14 – Second Floor, Amy’s Bedroom

Picked up off the floor by the desk in Amy’s bedroom, which is to the southwest of the second floor.

NOTE 15 – Second Floor, Amy’s Bedroom, Pink Doll

Acquired by exorcising the pink baby doll in Amy’s bedroom on the second floor.

NOTE 16 – Basement

Acquired by exorcising the bedframe near the sheet and doll in the basement, one screen north of the stairs.

NOTE 17 – Basement, Ritual Circle

Picked up off the ground in the basement on the screen with the ritual circle of blood, in the left corner.

NOTE 18 – Attic Passageway

Picked up off the ground in the passageway to the attic, which does not open until a fixed point in the story.

NOTE 19 – Second Floor, after defeating the boss and returning from the attic

Can be picked up off of the ground on the first screen of the second floor after you have defeated the possessed, but only if all of the previous notes [1 – 18] have been collected. As far as I understand, the other 18 notes must be collected on the save file you are playing.

NOTE 20 – First Floor, Mirror

The following note is only available after the gun appears:

Use the gun to break the mirror in the house (one screen to the left of where the gun is picked up). When the gun is used in this manner it will respawn, so you will have to shoot the mirror 3 times.

Chapter 2



You start to play as Father Garcia. The controls remain from the first game; you can move (default WASD) and hold up the crucifix (default spacebar).

[NOTE 1 – Picked up from the left of Father Garcia’s bed.]

Move downstairs at your own pace, as there are no collectibles to exorcise in this area. Just make sure you’ve picked up the note before continuing on.


After the dialog, use your crucifix while facing the demon.
When the lights go out, move upstairs and through the open door for a cinematic.



In the Stone Circle

We now return to taking control of John Ward. Grab the note at the top of the screen and continue on. Go to the screen to the right where the deer comes from, and exorcise the deer in the tree for another note.

[NOTE 2 – From exorcising the mangled deer in the tree.]

Travel up to the cemetery entrance. The gate door opens when you approach it, and in the screen immediately north exorcise the tombstone to the top right for a note.

[NOTE 3 – From exorcising the tombstone at the top right of the entrance screen]

Go to the north once more, and grab the note in front of the tomb entrance.

[NOTE 4 – From the ground in front of the tomb.]

The Save Family Tomb

In case it’s not clear from Note 4, entering the tomb screen will save your progress. This is a safe zone, don’t worry about the figures inside.

Approach the mirror for a cutscene. Now we need to take on 3 different demons.
I will warn you when you are at risk of dying but make sure to save often.

You are free to take these demons on in any order, but for the sake of consistency, this guide will list them in order of the note numbers.

Demon 1 – The Fog Maze

Going to the left from the tomb will lead you to an area with statues. Take note of how they are pointing and in what order. That would be 1) right, 2) up, 3) left, and 4) up again.

When you move one screen up, you will find yourself in a fog maze. Move through the maze in the directions that the statues were pointing.

You will know you have done this correctly when you see a demon flicker on the pedestal. You are allowed to leave at this point by going down back to the statues, and you may want to return and save.

Danger – Approaching the pedestal will lock you into the area for a boss fight.

This demon will move towards you. If it touches you, you will die. Damage it by raising the crucifix towards it. Its attack pattern is straightforward: it will slowly pursue you and teleport to a different location randomly. Stay on your toes and be ready to move quickly.

When this demon is defeated, it will drop a note at the bottom of the maze. If you leave the maze before picking it up, the note will disappear. If you haven’t saved yet but you need the note, ensure you die before the next save and do the boss again.

[NOTE 5 – From defeating the demon in the Fog Maze.]

Demon 2 – Mist Demon

From the statue area left of the Save tomb, move one screen down to find yourself in a room with mist clouds rolling over.
You may want to save before continuing. Dying will return you to before the fog maze.
Danger – Advancing further south into this room will lock you into the area for a boss fight.

The Mist Demon is small and not as aggressive as you might expect, but it will still kill you if it touches you. It prefers to stay in the mist clouds and will stay in a cloud until it takes enough damage or the cloud begins to reach the edge of the room. Its screech indicates that it is about to move to another mist cloud, seemingly anywhere in the room it can move in a straight line. Make sure that you aren’t in the middle of a possible path when it moves. Also, keep in mind that sometimes the Mist Demon will change its mind halfway through moving and go to a different cloud instead.

When the Mist Demon is defeated, another note will drop at the top of the screen. Again, ensure you pick this note up before you leave because it will disappear after you do.

[NOTE 6 – From defeating the Mist Demon south of the statues.]

Demon 3 – Cord Demon

Ensure you’ve saved, and then go to the right of the tomb. You can see on the other side of this walkway that there is a purple skull, but we have to go down a screen to wrap around up there.
Go down a screen and exorcise the second tombstone downwards for another note.

[NOTE 7 – From exorcising the tombstone along the pathway to the purple skull.]

Continue around the bend and up a screen, then exorcise the purple skull itself; a gateway to the north will open to the next boss encounter.

You may want to save before continuing.

Danger – Advancing into this room will lock you into the area for a boss fight.

The Cord Demon’s arena is quite cramped, so you don’t have a lot of space to move. This shouldn’t be much of a problem because most of your movement should be vertically up and down.
The demon will move in from the right, so get some damage in with the crucifix while maintaining your distance. Eventually, it will teleport to the left side of the screen and charge to the right in a wave pattern. You can avoid this by moving up or down to the opposite side of where it’s headed. It will go back and forth between charging in a wave pattern and charging at you directly. When it charges at you directly again, just maintain your distance and put in damage as you can.

After enough damage, the Cord Demon will be defeated, and another note will drop. Once again, ensure you have picked up the note before leaving the screen as it will disappear.

[NOTE 8 – From defeating the Cord Demon.]

We now return to the Save Family Tomb.

Returning to the Save Family Tomb

Upon returning to the tomb you will get a checkpoint, and a cutscene will occur when you walk up to the mirror. If you want a good ending, you don’t need to worry about this part. If you want the third ending or just want Note 9, then there is something we must do before we continue onward.

Please refer to the section “FIRST SECRET EVIL – TO CONJURE HIS DEMON” for more details on this heinous ritual.

Quick Aside about Endings

There are three endings to the game. There are three evil acts you can do over the course of the story. The good ending requires you do none of them. The second ending will occur if you do some but not all of them. The third more ‘secret’ ending will occur if you do all three.

Please pardon those sections of the guide being located at the end. Part of the reason for that is Steam guides have a short character limit per section for some reason. The other part is that it makes them quick to refer to for people replaying the game that only need help with those sections.

Unlocking the Gate

Back to the gateway. Grab the key off the ground if you haven’t already.

Continue north. A tree will pop up and reveal itself to be a demon. It will not hurt you. None of the trees are demons that will attack you. It is perfectly safe; you should let your guard down. I promise.
There is nothing to worry about here.

Keep going north and you will reach the next section, the Church.


NOTES IN THIS SECTION: [10-18, Note 16 only from a secret evil]


There’s a note right in front of the church, so pick it up.

[NOTE 10 – From the ground in front of the church.]

Before heading into the church, we’ll go up to a screen to grab the note in the cornfield. Exorcise the scarecrow and you will get a note.

[NOTE 11 – From exorcising the scarecrow in the cornfield.]

We can’t do anything further in the cornfield for now, so let’s return to the church.

Inside the Church

Danger – You will be hunted in this area.

There’s a note just by the entrance to the right, so pick it up.

[NOTE 12 – From the ground just by the entrance of the church.]

The note gives us instructions on how to handle the demon skulking around here:
“Walk the church from room to room
And maybe you will see her
She will move when you do
But never try to trick her!”

To avoid her tormenting you while you grab the collectibles, let’s cover how to get rid of her first.

Demon – The Spindly Lady

You may have noticed the candles on the ground, and they lie on the floor in the same pattern as every room in the church. They serve as a sort of mini-map indicating the presence in rooms.
If you are in the entrance room, you will always see the candle at the bottom middle, because that candle represents the entrance room. What might confuse you is that you see another candle lit: if the Spindly Lady is in another room, the candle for that room will light up also.

Recall the note, which says that [the Spindly Lady] only moves when you do. What this really means is that the demon will move to a different screen every time you move to a different screen (it’s not about you moving within a single screen.)

This means that if only one candle is lit, you and the demon are currently occupying the same room, and you are in danger. You can tell the Spindly Lady is nearby when your screen distorts and aberrates. When this is the case, rotate around to face her with the crucifix and try to get her out of hiding.

First, though, let’s briefly go over how to catch up with her. Before anything else, you should know that moving between rooms too fast will result in her jumping out and killing you instantly (this seems to be an ‘anti-cheese’ mechanic), so don’t go back and forth. The demon will move to a different room every time you do. When she does so, she will only move to a room adjacent to the room she is currently in, but she isn’t constrained by walls and doorways like you are. To the best of my understanding, the Spindly Lady picks a room at random every time she moves but usually will be close or adjacent to the room she was last in.

Because there’s some randomness to this, it might just be worth slowly walking around the church without many strategies, just ensuring you’re watching the candles for her presence. And when you are in the same room, be ready to use your crucifix.

Either way, you will eventually come across her, and if you’re fast enough you will reveal her. When she is revealed, she will teleport three times. After the third teleport, she will charge in your direction. Dodge her attack, and hold the crucifix towards her to drain her health. She will repeat her attack pattern in a loop.

After enough damage, she will disappear, and all the candles will go out. You will no longer be pursued while in the church. A secret passageway will open up in the nave where the benches are. If you just wish to continue with the story, you can continue on down, but first, we will get the other notes.

The Church Demon Defeated

First, let’s go grab some notes in the western room of the church. By the confessional booth there’s a purple skull, so exorcise it for a note.

[NOTE 13 – From exorcising the skull by the church’s confessional booth.]

Then, enter the confessional booth through the left door. After a brief cutscene, you will find yourself in a room with a painting.

[NOTE 14 – From exorcising the painting on the other side of the confessional.]

Leaving through the door, we will be back at the confessional booth. Return to the entrance room, and then move one screen up to the north where the stairway passage is. Move up again to the stained windows, and then exorcise the second stained glass window from the right.

[NOTE 15 – From exorcising the stained glass window in the church, second from the right.]

There’s another optional secret we can do. If you want the note or the third ending, go to the “SECOND SECRET EVIL” section first.

It’s time to go to the church basement; make sure you have collected all of the notes up until now if you want to gather all of them because we won’t be able to return them.

Church Basement

You will earn the achievement, “Who’s Watching Me Now?”
Pick up the note on the ground.

[NOTE 17 – From the ground just by the entrance to the church basement.]

In the next room down, there will be a small circle of blood on the floor. Walk over it and you will see it closer. You will use this image to get through the next section safely.

Warning – Doing the puzzle incorrectly here will result in your death.

In the next room to the right, many symbols lie on the ground. You have to walk over them in the correct order to progress. If you walk over one in the wrong order, you must run back to the eye symbol or you will be killed after a short while.

The symbols on the blood circle are laid out like hours on an analog clock. The note mentions the priest’s watch was stuck at 2:00, which is a hint that we’ll be starting at the H-shaped symbol. You then follow the symbols clockwise. Step on them in sequence. Don’t be confused by the lack of feedback, it means you’re doing it correctly. Stepping on the final symbol will remove the hand blocking your path, so you can now safely walk further to the right.

Unfortunately, some nowadays are not familiar with analog clocks and find these puzzles frustrating, so here is another image that clearly lays out the order if you need it.

You will enter a room with statues and blood on the floor. Walk up the stairs and find yourself exiting an outhouse. Go down one screen, and follow the path to the right where the deer came from.

In the center of the ritual circle is another note. Pick up the note to finish off this section.
[NOTE 18 – From the center of the ritual circle.]
(Attempting to view the note again will only display, “You can’t seem to remember this note.”)



In the Shadows

In your altered state, go down one screen, right once, and then up. Enter the bridge.
Another component to getting Ending 3 occurs here, and is also a part of getting the Pendejo! achievement. Again, doing so will lock you out of the good ending. Please refer to the section, “The Third Evil – To Walk As His Demon” for details.

To continue with the main story, keep going. After going under the bridge you will return to normal, so if you want the secret ending don’t go too far.

The Candy Tunnel

You will get the achievement, “Sewer Count: “
Go one screen to the north and exorcise the skeleton near the center of the room.

[NOTE 20 – From the skeleton to the north of the Candy Tunnel entrance.]
No, you haven’t missed Note 19, we’re getting that one next.

Go back south and you will wind up in a different room from the entrance somehow. There’s another skeleton to exorcise here.

[NOTE 19 – From the skeleton to the east of the Candy Tunnel entrance, or to the south of the skeleton for note 20.]

Once you’ve got both, go north to the ‘satin lives’ room, then one screen to the right, then one screen south.

The graffiti on the wall here suggests you read the graffiti on the pillars. This is a hint of an upcoming danger.
Reading from each of the pillars forms a complete message:
“When you see it, DON’T MOVE”.

Danger – Failing to heed the above advice will result in your death!

Go one screen to the right and, after advancing into the room something will pop out. Just ignore your instinct to move and stay completely still. Wait for it to leave after the cutscene, and then continue north.

“Pelo” Room

Enter the hole in the sewer grate. First, we’ll get a note by going right. Go one screen to the right, and pick up the note at the right side of the screen.

[NOTE 22 – From the room following the right sewer pipe.]
No, you haven’t missed Note 21, we’re getting that one next.

Return left to the entrance and now go to a screen to the left. The path to continuing on is up where the arrows are pointing, but we can get another note by continuing left.

Keep going left and eventually, you will pick up a note that you can’t see behind the wall.
Danger – You will be ambushed after returning to the right!

[NOTE 21 – From the leftmost area of the sewer pipe behind a wall.]

Going right, when you are visible around the leftmost grate, one of the people painted red will charge at you; repel them with your crucifix. Continue right back to where the upwards arrows are, and go up.

Continuing through these empty hallways and rounding the elbow will grant you a checkpoint.

Go down a screen, then right a screen into the room with a blood trail on the floor.
Going down a screen here will lead to a dark room with only a flashlight visible at the bottom right corner.

Danger – You are about to be ambushed by a demon!

Flashlight Demon

Once you grab the flashlight and return to the door, the fight begins. You cannot exit the room until the demon here has been defeated. At the start, the demon will stand in front of the entrance; get some damage in with the crucifix.

The room remains in darkness, and you can only see in a short range where John is facing.
This demon encroaches upon you. It will teleport randomly while it chases you. It also swaps between this and hiding in a corner. When it changes its method, it will taunt you. Either something like “Here I come”, when it begins to chase you, or “Hurry up and catch me!” when it begins to hide, which is your cue to start looking around again. The purple children running around just serve as a distraction, as far as I can tell.

Like other demons in the game, your screen will distort and aberrate when the demon is very close to you. This is a bit harder to read here because you can only see so much of the screen. However, it’s invaluable if the demon is in your blind spot because 1) you know you are in immediate danger and 2) you know the demon is not where you are pointing your flashlight, which means you should probably move forward first. This also serves to indicate if the demon has teleported once again behind you if the aberration stops abruptly.

Eventually, the demon will yield and you can continue up. At the top, you will reach a sewer grate with red eyes painted around it. Now that you have the flashlight, it’s time to enter.
Continue through the halls rounding the corner. Eventually, you will have reached the Hidden Sanctum.


[NOTES IN THIS AREA – 23-25, but Note 23 requires having done all 3 evils.]

Sanctum Entrance

Reaching the entrance to the hidden sanctum awards the achievement, “Crashed Your Party”.

The top of this room has a door that is locked.

To the right of this room, you can see a message in blood on the floor.
“They hate the light”
This is a hint that the demons you are about to encounter will be repelled by your flashlight.

Shadow Demons

Passing through the right door by the message will take you into a room with said demons. There seem to be three of them, and you’re going to need to rotate around a bit as you move to repel them back.

This room is a simple square with some braziers in the middle, another exit to the right which is blocked off by a demon hand, and a portrait at the top. To unlock the exit, you need to exorcise the portrait. Of course, this means you will not be able to ward off the demons while doing so. Make sure all 3 of them are far enough away and quickly exorcise the portrait as fast as you can. Weave between the three demons when you’re done, and circle around to the exit on the right side.

If the demons are in a spot that makes getting to the right too dangerous, you can also just exit back to the left and go back in when you’re ready. The door won’t lock again.

Once you’re through to the next screen, there is a key to the right of the room. This room does not have the demons in it, for what it’s worth. There’s a passage to the north which is only relevant if you have fulfilled the conditions for the third ending. If you have, go up and grab Note 23 there.
Otherwise, the note will be blocked off by 1 to 3 stones, one for each evil you haven’t committed: to conjure his demon (the pentagram), to serve his demon (the confessional), and to walk as his demon (killing as a demon).

Go back to the main entrance and unlock the door now. Continue through, and after a cutscene, go up to another screen.

The 91st Psalm

Another brief scene will play and then continue north once more.

Reaching the final room will grant you a checkpoint.

Approach the demon to begin.

First Phase
Father Garcia will begin to recite the 91st Psalm. Your first priority is to keep both yourself and him alive. The boss demon does not pose a threat to you yet, but the red people will emerge from the 6 different doors in the chamber. Ward them off with the crucifix and they will flee immediately.
If they touch Father Garcia, he will die. This does not grant an immediate game over, but you will have to continue the psalm by yourself, and you will be locked into a different ending (Father Garcia must survive for the good ending!)

You can speed things up by using your crucifix on the demon as well, just don’t get too greedy. Sometimes you can angle yourself in a way that lets you ward off many red people in one spot while also dealing damage at the same time, so take advantage of that.

Second Phase
You are granted a checkpoint for the second phase once you reach it!
After a time the boss demon will blackout the room. This phase is a one-on-one battle. She will teleport around randomly and charge at you. She repels quite quickly as you ward her off with the crucifix, but teleports often. Sometimes, she teleports just to zoom off in another direction.
You can really get away by standing your ground in the center of the room and rotating around to check all angles of attack. Keep her away and after enough damage, the phase will end.

Third Phase
You are granted a checkpoint to this phase once you reach it!
Father Garcia will return for a phase similar to the first, but now the boss demon poses an active threat to both of you. Also, Father Garcia will stay by your back and help you. Don’t be deceived if you see the boss skim past him, she will kill him if she gets too close. [10/23/2022 – SihAlex has pointed out that this seems only to be on the 4th attack when she is moving directly to you, which is consistent with my own experience.] Try your best to keep him out of harm’s way if you’re going for a good ending. However, if you’re going for the third ending, it is irrelevant whether or not Father Garcia survives.

Continue warding off the demon with your crucifix. She will use a variety of attacks on you:

– Moving up and down in a wave-like pattern, like the Umbilical Cord demon near the start of the game. Employ the same strategy, moving to the side of the room away from her ‘line of attack’. It seems that she always uses this attack first.
– Surrounding you on 4 sides with one ‘real’ image, like Amy does as her main attack in the first chapter. Try to look for the copy that does not flash like the others, and quickly hold the crucifix to it. If you missed which one was which, just quickly try each copy as fast as you can and hope you luck out.
– Drawing a blood pentagram on the ground and rapidly moving between the points of the star, as Amy does in her last phase in the first chapter. After rushing for a while, she will pause, which lets you get some extra damage in. Make sure to flee from the pentagram as soon as it appears, and stand clear of it. She can draw the pentagram in different areas of the room, not just the center. Also, when she begins this attack, she may teleport to a different point on the star at random.
– Chasing you directly and teleporting to a different spot away from you randomly, like the mirror demon in the first chapter or the confessional booth demon in this chapter. Get damage in as you can but make distance if she gets too close. Frustratingly, she can teleport literally on top of you, and there’s nothing you can do if you get that unlucky.
– Zooming around quickly seemingly in a random manner, not even necessarily towards you.

After she finishes her attack, or you deal enough damage, she will freeze in place for a while before starting her next attack. She will respond to the crucifix being held up to her, but it isn’t clear if that actually does anything. Either way, make sure you back up every time this happens because if she decides to rush around, you will be killed if you’re too close.

Keep the pressure on and eventually, you will be treated with a cutscene, and the achievement of “These Dreams Go On”.

After the cutscene, there is a note on the ground to the left.

[NOTE 24 – Picked up from the ground to the left after the final cutscene.]

Go to the right and you will reach a screen with a letter on the bottom; don’t pick it up yet, as it will start the ending. If you’re on the third ending, you’re going out the back door to the north instead regardless.

First, go one screen upwards and grab the letter there.

[NOTE 25 – Picked up from the ground in the kitchen north of the first letter].

Now you can go back down and grab the final letter which will end the game. The letter will change depending on whether you got ending 1 (the good ending) or ending 2.

Congratulations, you have completed FAITH – Chapter 2!


First Secret Evil – To Conjure His Demon

Doing the following will earn you Note 9, and is necessary for the third ending, meaning that it will also lock you out of the good ending.

First, don’t forget to grab the key off the ground because we’ll need it later.
After the cinematic, you will be leaving a trail of blood behind you. We’re going to go back to the start of the game — if you recall, we started in a circle of stones. So travel down all the way back there.

Danger – Read the instructions fully because you are about to get attacked!

Note 5 tells us that the conjuring ritual requires us to start drawing from the top left stone, and then go to the bottom [middle] one. From there we complete the star. That means the path goes: the top left, the bottom middle, the top right, the bottom left, the bottom right, and then back to the top left. If it doesn’t work, try to make the symbol again; you’ll know you’ve done it when the star is drawn into the ground with thick lines.

Now, stand your ground in the center of the star. A demon will let out a shriek and charge you from a random direction. Just ward it off by raising your crucifix towards it. After a few rounds, the demon will disappear and you are free to claim the note.

[NOTE 9 – By defeating His Demon after conjuring it with your blood.]


2nd Secret Evil – Return to the Corn Field

Now that the Spindly Lady has been dealt with, the child hiding in the cornfield will pop out but runs away when we get close. The child runs away because you’re looking at them, so go one screen to the north and then back down. As long as you don’t look at the child now, it will continue to follow you.

Danger – Boss fight incoming.

With the child in tow, move down to the church (carefully steering around the side so you don’t look at the child while doing so) and enter. Go to the confessional booth and walk past the curtain. The child will be grabbed by a hand that pops out from the curtain. Walk in front of the curtain yourself and another hand will pop out and grab you.

Demon – Confession Booth
This demon is similar to the mirror demon in the first chapter, although with an extra mechanic.
It goes without saying that if this demon touches you, you will die.
You are in a big square arena, and the boss will teleport randomly. This can sometimes mean it teleports right in front of where you’re walking, so be vigilant and ready to turn on a dime.
Every time it teleports, its speed may change. When it’s moving faster, consider just running and waiting for it to slow down, and when it’s going slow, try to get in extra damage. Just don’t count on it teleporting before reaching you.

After enough damage, it will blackout the room. It will then reappear but as a completely black sprite, making it hard to see. Try to make out its shape as it moves over the bones, and then hold the crucifix to it. It will screech and return to the center, and restart its regular attack pattern.

This happens a few times, but eventually, it will screech and disappear, leaving a note.

[NOTE 16 – From defeating the demon in the confessional booth.]

Grab the note and you will be sent back in front of the confessional booth when you finish reading.


When you’ve gotten outside as the spider demon, don’t go past the bridge just yet, as it will return you to normal. Instead, we’ll take a short detour here to fulfill another evil for the third ending, and also progress the Pendejo achievement if you want.

Note that this is the third and final condition to the secret ending. If you did the pentagram and the confession booth demon earlier, and then do this one, it’s my understanding that you will be locked into the third ending.

Anyways, now that you’ve escaped the dark, move back down. You won’t find yourself back in the darkness, but further down the ditch. Keep going to the bottom and you will see an opening on the left side of the wall. Go through it, and then move up. Eventually, you will reach two people stuck on the side of the road with a broken car.

Danger – Time-sensitive gameplay incoming.
Also danger – truck incoming. Ouch.

When they see you they will flee. If you touch them they will die. While they flee you can still catch up to them if you’re fast enough. It’s my understanding you need to kill both of the people for it to count toward the ending. There’s no note for this specific evil though.

After, if and only if they have both been killed, the truck will drive into the frame a short while later. If you want to progress on the Pendejo achievement for this game, let the truck hit you. Otherwise, scarper back down and you can continue on under the bridge to progress the game as normal.



There are a few achievements in the prologue and this section covers all of them.
My Little One – Complete the prologue.
Jane Loves You – Finish the prologue with the max score of 666/666.
Made of This – get both prologue endings.
Also, there are 8 notes in the prologue out of the 99 you need for Lore Master.

To check your score, press the ESCAPE button and you can see your score out of 666.


You start outside of your crashed car so begin by heading one screen to the right for some points (10/666) and then go right back to your car (20/666).

Go back to the right where the truck is once more. Follow the blood trail up a screen. Walk up to the thrall to scare it off (30/666).

From this screen, go to the north once and you’ll reach a scarecrow.
For reaching the scarecrow, you receive a checkpoint.
Inspect the scarecrow by walking up to it. Now go a screen up, right or left. It doesn’t matter which.

Corn Demon

The demon skulking the cornfield here can be detected by the bushels of corn moving, which represents where it is. Hold your cross up in the direction it’s coming from. It will then reveal itself and attack. It takes a little bit of damage and it goes straight for you – like other demons will kill you upon touch.

You need to stand firm. It usually attacks at a weird angle but you should be good if you just hold up your cross in the approximate direction and stand still.

The demon always appears in the cornfield screens and you need to fight it off four times. Then it will disappear for good (80/666).

The scarecrow should now have a hole in its face if you inspect it. We needed to do this for later but for now, we don’t get any points.

For now, go up a screen, there’s a dead dog so put it to rest with the cross and you’ll also receive a note. (100/666)

[NOTE 1 – from using a cross on a dead dog]

You can only go north from here so go up a screen. In this small graveyard, exorcise the statue of Saint William for another note and some points. (120/666)

[NOTE 2 – for exorcising the statue in the graveyard]

This is another screen that only goes up, so go up and you’ll find yourself at a church. Enter.

Inside the Church

Some points for showing up (220/666). Immediately at the entrance, there’s a note, grab it (240/666).

[NOTE 3 – On the ground inside the church entrance]

Cup Demon

Go a screen to the left to enter a room with a cup on the table. Prepare yourself for a fight and exorcise the cup. A demon will immediately reveal itself. Every time you raise the crucifix to this demon, it will teleport around you once again. You need to rapidly get it in every direction. The fourth time it will take damage, so when you reach that point keep the pressure on and it will be banished (290/666). The demon dropped a note so pick it up (310/666).

[NOTE 4 – from defeating the demon of the cup]

Return to the entrance and go up a screen. There’s nothing here so go up one more screen.
Near the secret stairway (which you see close as soon as you enter the screen) there’s a note, pick it up (330/666).

[NOTE 5 – on the ground by the secret stairway]

Go to the right and you’ll find a painting. You might’ve seen something move in the rubble. Take note of that because when the painting is exorcised and you’re about halfway back to the room, a thrall will pop out and attack you, so ward it off with the crux (355/666).

Return to the room with the stairway, which is now open a tad. You still can’t go in yet but pick up the next note that’s appeared on top (375/666).

[NOTE 6 – on top of the stairway after exorcising the painting]

Now that the painting’s been exorcised, we can go to the left and a purple skull will be there. Exorcise it but once again a thrall will pop out, this time from the confessional. Banish it with the cross (400/666).

Go to the right back to the stairway, another note has appeared on top again. Pick it up. (420/666)

[NOTE 7 – third note on top of the stairway after exorcising the skull.]

Don’t go down from here because if you leave the area you will have to do all this again, and there’s no checkpoint to be had from returning.

Go up a screen and there are 4 stained glass windows. Earlier you may have noticed the second from the right was missing. Now it’s back. Exorcise the window, but the thrall sitting on the benches will start freaking out. Go back to the stairway before they attack, and descend down.

Church Basement

Points for entering (580/666). In this room, you can see a flashlight on the ground, pick it up (590/666). With the flashlight, you can only see what’s immediately in front of where John is facing.

Go down a screen to enter a boss arena. When you reach the bottom you’ll see a demon, and the battle will begin.

Flashlight Demon

When the fight starts the demon will stand and wait at the bottom so raise the cross to it and get some damage in.
The demon has two phases after this. It will either taunt you with a “here I come”, teleport around the arena randomly, and slowly approach you.
“here I come” / chase phase
While it does so it will occasionally teleport randomly. Quickly spin around in each direction to try and find it. Damage it with the cross.
Sometimes it will keep chasing you even when it gets close so you’re going to need to turn your back on it and make some distance. Look back over and damage if it’s still there.
If not, spin around again to find it.
“I’m here priest” / hiding phase
The boss will teleport somewhere in the arena, usually close to the corners. Find it and put damage into it.

With enough damage, the boss will yield (640/666),

Going north a screen will lead us to the last note. This note tells us how to get the last 6 points we need (660/666).

[NOTE 8 – After defeating the demon in the basement of the church.]

Return up the stairs. This is where we decide the ending. You can follow the boy up a screen for one end, but if you want the max score we’re going back to the start.

Keep going directly south and you’ll see the scarecrow has some markings and is glowing red. You need to exorcise it before you can do the secret ending. (666/666)

That’s all for the score. Now we can get the ending. At this point, you really might as well go for the secret ending, but both endings are outlined below. Whichever you pick, you’ll get the achievement “My Little One”.

Ending 1 – “Secret Ending”

Return to the car to the south, and walk up to it to be lit on fire. Sprint up back to the scarecrow and after a cinematic, you’ll be in control of a spider demon. Go down, right then up and you’ll see a figure. Approach it for a cutscene and the game will end.

Ending 2 – “Normal Ending”
Once you return to the ground floor of the chapel you’ll see a boy running up. Follow him and go up the stairs and a cinematic will play. That’s it.

Getting the Second Ending

Unfortunately, after finishing the prologue it goes straight into Chapter 2’s main story so you’re going to have to play it again. If you’ve gotten the endings of the main Chapter 2 game, you might have turbo mode. I don’t recommend it as it makes this very hard (seems to be bugged).
Either way, you don’t need to get the maximum score the second time around if you’ve already gotten Jane Loves You so you can just speed through.

Chapter 3


Note 8 is specific to the secret covered in 1.1.

The prologue begins with the events that occurred before the first chapter of FAITH.
Follow Father Allred into the house, and then follow everyone up into the kitchen. Go down the stairs with the Father after the dialog and he will begin following you. Go up and around all the clutter to get down to where the girl is and the sequence will end.

[NOTE 1 – Automatically from the start of the game.]

The main game starts under the control of John. To the right of your bed is the next note.

[NOTE 2 – Picked up beside your bed at the start of the game.]

Going to your living room to the right there’s a letter, but let’s go to the kitchen one screen up first and get Note 3.

[NOTE 3 – In the kitchen at the start of the game.]

Now you should grab Note 4, it’s an important one.

[NOTE 4 – In front of your door at the start of the game.]

You can leave the house through the door in the living room, and head off to your first destination by walking to the car outside.

Clinic – Outside

Go to the left, and through the fence wall. Grab the note in front of the poster.

[NOTE 5 – Picked up by the poster on the fence to the left of the clinic entrance.]

Then go to the right but below the fence this time, the clinic entrance is on the left side of the building.

Inside the clinic, there’s a note by the window.

[NOTE 6 – From inside the clinic to the right by the window.]

In the clinic, go down a screen, and exorcise the IV drip for a note.

[NOTE 7 – From exorcising the IV drip in the clinic hallway.]

Continue down and around the elbow and grab the crowbar at the end of the hall.

Then return back to the clinic entrance.

Clinic Basement

After a short cutscene, you will be in control again. Your movement is now more like a struggle, so to move around just tap the movement in the direction you want.

If you haven’t realized yet, John will point out,
“I need to hide!”
Do so by hiding him on the screen by the left curtain (you can move down behind it in a way that your character is obscured).

Your pursuer will eventually stop and face the other direction.
Once the pursuer is in front of the bed to the right, move down a screen. It won’t be long before it realizes you’ve evaded it, so quickly go to the bottom to hide again.
This time, go around the corpses in the bottom and tuck yourself in between the gurneys near the closed door. Eventually, your pursuer will return to the screen above.

Now you can approach the stairs for some brief dialog.

The Police Officer

The police officer is now following you; let’s get out of here now. Return up to the clinic entrance, the checkpoint indicates that we’re in imminent danger. When you advance upwards eventually a demon will pop out of the window; ward it off with your crucifix (default; space).

The demon will flee but then approach from another window. It will start randomly popping out of one of the windows (broken or not). It will chase you until warded off by the crucifix and bullets.
After enough fire from the cop, it will die and a cutscene will begin where the boards on the door are broken.

Follow the cop to his car and then go to the right if you wish to follow up with his story.

You can leave now if you just want to continue the story, but if you want a secret note and progress for the true ending, we’re not done yet. Go to Section 1.1 if you want the secret, otherwise, skip straight to Section 2.

Quick Aside on Endings

There are multiple endings to this game. You get one by doing everything normally. You get another by defeating all the secret bosses. There’s also one for just sleeping through the crisis.


Return to the inside of the clinic, go down two screens, and enter the door with the broken wood in front of it to get back to the gurney area.
Step up to the gurney to get a prompt to get back on. You might have to go to the right side of the gurney for this to appear.

Now that you’re back on… you’ll find yourself unable to leave now and you need to do something a bit unintuitive. You can see the words “JOIN US” at the bottom of the screen. What this hint means is that you’re supposed to stop moving completely while among the gurneys. It will take a while so sit still. When you’ve done it correctly, you will see the door to the left open.

Another way to get this to happen is to go up a screen (to the surgery room you were first taken to) but do so while on the very left of the hallway. For whatever reason, this seems to progress the same. This method seems to be a bug or something, and it’s worth noting but it’s simpler to just do it the intended way.

After the cinematic, you will find yourself in a new area.
For reaching this area, you will be granted a checkpoint.

Steel yourself and head north for another cinematic.

Little Shop of Horrors

Immediately hold your crucifix up to the orange lady. She doesn’t really do anything directly in this fight but doesn’t be deceived, because this fight can get a bit hectic.

Baby demons are going to be pouring out of the walls. They will stream in constantly before long. If they touch you, they will slow you down. Regular babies do not kill you when they grab you. With enough time, the crucifix will dispel them.
Damage the orange lady until the babies get too close, and then move up a bit and get some more in as you can. Even though these ones aren’t lethal like demons we’re used to, you still want to make sure there are as few as possible.

There are some methods you can employ to achieve OBDPS (Optimal Baby Damage-per-Second). First, if you circle around them in the right way, you can group up the babies to dispel many at once. This is very helpful when the screen gets full of them.

Second, you can line up the babies so that you’re continuing to damage the boss while getting rid of them. Just mind you aren’t standing where another baby will drop out.

After enough time the babies will begin to latch on to the orange lady. It’s now even more critical you dispel the demons as fast as you can. They’re still arriving, but over time the demons will jump off the orange lady.

When they do, one at a time, the empowered demon will have glowing red eyes. Try your best to ignore the little ones currently on you because it is essential to stop the empowered baby from reaching its destination.

It seems that the baby will go for one of the four windows, and when it reaches the light there, it will begin to transform. It can be damaged before, during, and after its transformation, but ideally, you’ll dispel it without reaching that point.

When a baby transforms, it will be very tall and start screeching; you can’t outrun it in this state, at least not for long, so you must stand your ground and dispel it. Of course, this is a great concern when you already can’t afford to stay still for long.

When the orange lady is revealed once more, you can damage her again, so continue doing so. The empowered babies will continue to appear from near her, and they will begin spawning in pairs as well. You’re probably going to have to let a few latch onto you for a second in order to stop the nastier ones, but make sure they don’t slow you out of catching one of the empowered ones.

After enough damage from the crucifix, the demon will disappear, and you can leave the room. For dispelling this evil, Note 8 will lie on the ground in the exit hallway.

[NOTE 8 – From banishing the evil that lies below the clinic.]

Exit the clinic now as you did before. There isn’t anything more to do here (the streets will loop) so return to your car and leave.


[NOTES IN THIS SECTION: 9 – 28, 27-28 only from secret]

After Nightmare

Returning to your front door you will see three letters on the ground, so grab each of them.

[NOTE 9 – First note by your door on the second day. ]
[NOTE 10 – Second note by your door on the second day.]
[NOTE 11 – Third note by your door on the second day.]

Return to your car once more because it’s time to get to work.

The Apartment

In the parking lot, just move north into the entrance.

There’s an open elevator here but first, we need to find our footing.
From Note 10 we know that our friend Lisa is in Apartment 5A. But first, let’s go look at the unit directory to get a sense of who lives where. Go one screen to the left of the elevator to reach the directory. You can pick up Note 12 at the bottom here.

[NOTE 12 – In front of the mailboxes in the apartment.]

Let’s look for Tiffany – there are two different people with the first name T here, T Robinson on 03B, and T Boone on 08A. And we know that Lisa is in Apartment 5A.

Heading to the third floor and then going one screen to the right of the elevator will take us to 3B. Inside is a key to the right of the screen; pick it up and leave.

Upon exiting the room after taking the key, you will be granted a checkpoint. Take the elevator to the fifth floor now. There’s a note on the ground, pick it up.

[NOTE 14 – Picked up off the ground by the elevator on the 5th floor.]
No, you didn’t miss Note 13, we’re getting that one next.

Go to the left and enter 5A, which we can unlock with the key we picked up from 3B. Approach the ritual seal on the wall and exorcise it. This will create a drawing on the wall. You can inspect it closer by walking up to it, and it seems to show a knife and a mask.

Go to the room on the right which is a bathroom containing a key and a note. Pick up both. The note tells us the ritual seal is the seal of ALU, and we need the knife and the mask to break the seal.

[NOTE 13 – Picked up off the ground in the Apartment 5A bathroom by the key.]

Let’s do some housekeeping first and get some collectibles. If you just want to progress the story, skip to Section 2, “BREAKING THE SEAL”.

Grabbing Collectibles

First, let’s go to the eighth floor via the elevator. Go to the left to see Apartment 8A open. Head inside and grab the note on the ground by the television.

[NOTE 15 – Picked up off the ground by the TV in Apartment 6A.]

First on the second floor, going to the left, Apartment 2A is open. Head on inside. There’s a note on the ground to the right.

[NOTE 16 – From the ground in Apartment 2A.]

Now we want to go to the sixth floor. Taking the elevator there will drop us off right by a note sitting by the elevator. Grab it.

[NOTE 17 – From the ground in front of the elevator on the sixth floor.]

The Elevator Friend is far more than fiction.

Elevator Friend

Let’s get this beast out of the way. Prepare to defend yourself. Also, prepare for flickering lights if that’s an issue for you.

Go into the elevator and repeatedly press floor 7. Before long you’ll see a visitor flash on the screen during one of the flickers. This indicates that you are now being hunted by the Elevator Friend.

The Elevator Friend / usually / warns you it’s in the same room as you by making a noise, like muttering or shaky breathing. In some rooms, it will be visibly tucked into the ceiling, but in some rooms, I couldn’t see it until it hopped down. If it touches you you’ll die, but it will be warded off instantly by the crucifix. Just be ready with the crucifix and don’t get too close.

You’ll have to do this a few times, so keep moving between rooms – it seems like you can’t just repeat the same rooms over and over and have to keep moving through them.

Eventually, the Elevator Friend will vanish, and it will leave behind a note for you.

[NOTE 18 – From banishing the Elevator Friend.]

Let’s go to the eighth floor now by the elevator. Go to the right screen to get another note.

[NOTE 19 – In front of the shattered mirror to the right of the eighth floor.]

There are more notes we could technically collect right now, but we’re going to follow the note order as best we can, so it’s time to break the seal.


Breaking the Seal

Let’s go back down to apartment 2A. The knife there should be bloodied now, and because we’ve tried to exorcise the seal, the knife can now be exorcised. When you do, you’ll see a cinematic indicating a portion of the Seal of ALU has been broken.

The next portion of the seal will not be so easy.

Head to the tenth floor. Go to the left screen. There’s a message on the wall that reads,
The door is locked but we can open it with the key we found in 5A. Go inside and collect a note to the left about the dumbwaiter.

[NOTE 20 – Picked up inside of the M room on the 10th floor.]

Unfortunately, the message about sacrifice is directed at us, and the only thing you have to sacrifice is your crucifix. We’ll be able to collect things later, but we’ll have to commit to this for a while so prepare yourself.

When you’re ready, go to the flashing green light at the top of the screen, and when prompted if you want to give up the cross, say yes.

Going outside and returning to the elevator, it seems like we don’t have much of a choice because statues block off the way to the stairs.
Head into the elevator and request to move to any floor. We’re not going there, because we’re being taken to the fourth floor.

After the cinematic, head outside the elevator. There’s a note to the right.

[NOTE 21 – Picked up outside the fourth floor after the elevator drops you there.]

Head to the right now. There’s a camera on the ground, go grab it.

Use the same input as the one that raises your cross to use the flash on the camera. The flash takes a while to recharge.

Now we have to move down the hotel. Continue down the stairs using the flash to find your bearings. Apartment 3B is open so head on in. At the top of this room there’s a door, go through it to a room with the painting. To the left of the painting, there’s a tunnel, head through and continue left and then down the elbow.

Exiting the tunnel takes you to a grisly sight with a star-shaped hole. Continue down, out the room to the right, and keep moving downstairs until you reach Apartment 2A. Go inside.

Now there’s a stairway passage in the floor, so prepare yourself for serious danger and head downstairs.


Continue moving and you’ll encounter a familiar face. You may recall your colleague from the second chapter, but like Note 21 said, the previous strategy of staying still won’t work and you just need to run.

Try your best not to be slowed down by bumping into walls. Go up the stairs and you’ll find yourself in a little box maze. The demon will follow suit.
The path doesn’t deceive you but the problem is bumping into stuff while the flash is recharging.

For navigating the maze and escaping to the hallway, you will receive a checkpoint.

We’re back on a main floor hallway, but statues block the path to the left. Continue right, go down the stairs, and on the main floor go all the way to the left. Then, go to the basement.
If you tried to enter the basement in the past it was a quick death, but this time it’s safe. Follow the blood trail to the right to a screen filled with candles, and your crucifix lying on the ground.

No trick here, go and pick it back up. When you’re reunited with your crucifix, the lights will return. There’s a screen to the right of here.

The mask lies at the top of the room, and a note is at the bottom. Grab the note first.

[NOTE 22 – Near the mask in the basement after sacrificing what you cling to.]

Now go exorcise the mask, and with both the knife and mask exorcised, the seal breaks completely.

Danger: You are about to be ambushed by a demon.

Go to the screen on the left and once you reach the middle you’ll begin a very brief boss fight.

Candle Demon

The demon isn’t done with you, but it’s not visible in the light. The now unlit candles will light up under its feet, however, so point your crucifix at the path.
Do this four or so times, and the demon will vanish. You can stay in the middle for basically the entire fight and only rotate to get the demon, and it’s pretty generous in terms of the radius of your crucifix.

Go back up the stairs to the main floor. After a cinematic, continue on to the right as if nothing happened.

For returning mostly intact to the first floor, you will receive a checkpoint.

The broken seal is the obvious direction to continue the story, but first, let’s get some more pages. If you aren’t interested in these collectibles, skip to the section, “Passing the Seal”



With our crucifix returned, let’s backtrack to the path we followed during the camera sequence. Go to Apartment 3A, and enter the tunnel at the top left. Go around the tunnel until you reach the altar in the middle and exorcise it for a note.

[NOTE 23 – From exorcising the altar behind the tunnel in Apartment 3A.]

You can exit now. 2B is open as well, so we can just walk up to the second floor to the right, or take the elevator, and enter 2B which is on the right side of the hall.

Go to the red eye at the top of the screen and exorcise it for a note.

[NOTE 24 – From exorcising the red eye in Apartment 2B.]

Let’s go to the elevator and go to floor 6. Go one screen to the left, and near 6A at the bottom, you can see a broken mirror. This one can be exorcised for a note.

[NOTE 25 – From exorcising the shattered mirror on the sixth floor to the left by Apartment 6A.]

Now we’re off to the ninth floor. Take the elevator up. Go to the right past the elevator to Apartment 6B, which is closed. In front of the apartment though there’s a pumpkin you can exorcise, so do that for another note.

[NOTE 26 – From exorcising the pumpkin in front of 9B.]

Once we’ve got 26, we have everything so far and can continue with the story.


Passing the Seal

The Seal of Alu is broken now, meaning it can be passed through. If you’ve forgotten, it’s located in Lisa’s apartment, 5A. Head there through the elevator and go through the door.

Entering the formerly sealed room at the top of 5A will grant you a checkpoint. Prepare for a demon to strike.


Alu’s thrall will run towards you. Don’t let her touch you or you will die. Hold the crucifix to it when you can safely do so.

After enough damage, Alu will leave its host and split into 5. All 5 will enter the different statues but 4 are fakes. You need to exorcise the one with Alu in it. You can identify which one is real by its speed; the fastest one is the real one. This doesn’t mean the one that gets to the statue first (unless Lisa is in the middle when you bring out Alu) but just the speed of its movement.

Failing to exorcise Alu in time will result in Alu entering John, and you will be competing for control over him. Try to mash the movement input in the other direction from Lisa.
If you touch Lisa, she will die instantly. Her death is not a game over, but it will end the boss fight and will affect the ending of the game. After a time Alu will leave your body and go back to Lisa.

If you get the right one, Alu will emerge with a screech. Damage it as much as you can but make sure you aren’t between it and Lisa. After a while, it will return to Lisa’s body and when it does so it will kill you if you get in its way.

After enough damage, Alu will disappear, and Lisa will run to 5A. You can talk to her if you kept her alive during the fight.

Leave 5A and John will think to himself,

“I sense another demonic seal was broken… somewhere… beyond.”

This is a hint to the secret of the Apartment, which will take you to another Note as well as a requirement for the true ending. You can skip this by going to the next section, or follow along now.



Traversing Beyond

Think back to the note we got from defeating the Elevator Friend,

“Time to play the elevator game”

It’s time to catch up with Timmy by playing the Elevator Game. Please read the instructions in full before attempting it because you will have to go back to the checkpoint if you mess up.
This is a real game people play.

1) Start on the first floor and enter the elevator.
2) Go to the fourth floor. (4)
3) Go to the second floor. (2)
4) Go to the sixth floor. (6)
5) Go to the second floor again (2).
6) Go to the tenth floor. (10).
7) Go to the fifth floor and prepare to act quickly. (5)

There is a one in three chance that the following will occur. On the fifth floor, a woman will appear with a smile. As part of the legend, you’re told not to look at or otherwise acknowledge her.
This applies to the secret in-game. Once you are in control, IMMEDIATELY GO TO THE ELEVATOR BUTTONS AGAIN. Do not look at the woman at any point. Otherwise, you get treated to one of the best jump scares in the game, and you have to do this whole -blam!- thing again, which is annoying.

Fulfill the final condition,
8) Go to the first floor, and the elevator will ascend to arrive in the Other World.

When you arrive, the woman will ask you where you’re going; ignore her, do not look at her, and quickly exit the elevator.

Somewhere Beyond

You are not in the apartment anymore.

The Other World loops. There are two rooms, one in each hallway. One leads to a room that only has a portrait (or possibly a window) on the wall. The other leads to a ruined corridor which will grant you a checkpoint.

Continue up the ruined corridor and you will enter the boss fight.

The Rejected Vessel

Get ready.

The vessel will immediately charge you from the north. This fight is not too far from the Mirror Demon or the Confessional Demon from games past. It will slowly move towards you and if it touches you, you will die, but it will also teleport randomly. The teleportation can often place the Vessel right in front of where you’re going so be ready to turn around quickly. Keep making space and damaging it with the crucifix.

After enough damage, the Vessel will start spewing out ghosts and move rapidly. The ghosts don’t hurt you but while it’s doing this they will be bouncing around the room like a pinball. Make sure to stay out of its path while it does so. Sometimes you might just get unlucky and it immediately paths to you even though you’re super close. Not much you can do then. The vessel does not take damage while it’s flying around but eventually, it will stop doing that and go back to chasing you.

As I said, this fight seems to be one of the ones that can occasionally become unwinnable, or at least disproportionately hard if your luck is bad enough. There’s a decent strategy though. The main threat to us here is the ‘pinball’ attack. If you go to the bottom of the room (where the triangle on the ground is pointing) you can fit into the doorway. As far as I have been able to test, the Vessel cannot fit down here even if it bounces straight for you. This leaves you completely safe from this attack, although it’s not a guaranteed win because sometimes it might teleport underneath you after, or get very close to you from the side so you can’t get out in time. Get ready to run away from the door right as soon as the attack finishes because of that.

Also, note that the hitbox is very long vertically. You should always try to keep the vessel above you, or at the very least to your side, but having it below you is a death sentence. Plus, if it starts the frenzied attack when it’s below you, and it happens to move up first, you are dead.

This means the most consistent strategy for the fight is to hold the position near the bottom of the screen hovering around the doorway and fitting yourself in when the attack starts, quickly exiting when it ends.

There are no extra mechanics that occur during this fight but as the Vessel weakens it will get more desperate and it starts to teleport more frequently (for better or for worse) so be careful. After enough damage, the Vessel monstrosity will fall, notably with a VERY LOUD NOISE so you might want to prepare your audio.

Either way, don’t let your guard down yet! You’re about to get ambushed.

Go to the bottom of the screen through the exit and walk cautiously to the note. A sound cue and a screech indicate the Vessel is charging you as a spider! Ward it off with the crucifix – you have to be ready because it withstands a bit of damage – and the Vessel is no more. Good riddance.

Pick up the well-earned note on the ground. We’re not coming back here so don’t forget.

[NOTE 28 – From banishing the Rejected Vessel before leaving the Apartment for good.]
No, you haven’t missed 27, don’t worry! We’re getting that one next.

When you’re ready you can head back to the elevator. A neat but missable detail, 

Going inside the elevator leads you to a big hole. You don’t really have much of a choice, so walk up to it for a cinematic. You have to repeat this a few times over, and then you’ll wind up somewhere surprising.

Go to the room on the left, enter, and exorcise the… thing(?) to ease a bit of pain in the world. That will drop Note 27.

[NOTE 27 – From exorcising whatever that is in Apartment 7A.]

We’re done here now; that’s everything in the apartment, what a doozy.

Note that you can’t go back to the seventh floor once you’ve left to a different one.


You’ll start right where you left off last time. Go up a screen, and work your way upstairs. In the main foyer, there’s something different about the portrait, and in the master bedroom, there’s something you can look at on the ground.

At this point, you probably know what happens next. Go upstairs and to the attic for a cinematic.


[NOTES IN SECTION 3: 29 – 42, but 41-42 are only if you are on the secret ending]

[NOTES IN THIS PART OF THE SECTION: 29-37 although we get 36 in the next part.]

The Morning Comes

Head to your living room and grab the letter from on the ground from Father Garcia.

[NOTE 29 – Picked up off the ground by your front door after the Apartment.]

It’s time to head to the daycare then, so go to your car. If you’d like to get a glimpse at the world first, you can peek through the windows of the houses to your right or left.

When you pull over, head a screen to the left to figure out what the commotion is.

Continue on by moving up along the side of the building. You can enter the courtyard through a hole in the fence, and there’s a note on the ground.

[NOTE 30 – From the ground in the daycare courtyard by the rainbow crawlspaces.]

You can head on in through the door nearby. There’s a drawing you can look at in this room. Head down a screen to a more decorated room. Pick up the note to the top left.

[NOTE 31 – From the top left of the “GARY LOVES YOU” room in the daycare.]

Going down a screen will take you to a cafeteria area with two pictures on the wall. Going to the left will take you to the main entrance room, but note that exiting through the bottom door will result in a game over. You can go through it to see it if you want.

When Note 31 says to look at the children, it means to look at their drawings. We can solve the puzzle in the Gary Loves You room by finding the colors of the symbols.

In Ben’s drawing (in the entrance you came in from) the group looks at a red star.
In Mason’s drawing (to the left of the cafeteria) there is an orange moon.
In Max’s drawing (the left of the main entrance) a red demon holds a pink cup.
In Elle’s drawing (the strange closet on the right side) the scarecrow holds a dark blue bird.

Therefore you need to make the star red, the moon orange, the cup pink, and the bird dark blue.

When you do this, the center will open up to reveal a stairway. Head down when you’re ready, but first a quick note; it’s especially easy to miss the notes now, so make sure you’re picking all of them up as the guide tells you to. These ones are included because once you descend you aren’t coming back.

By uncovering the secret of the daycare, you will earn the achievement, of “Searcher”.

Where It Lives

Approach the gate and it will open for you, but once you’re through there’s no going back. Continue to the right. On the next screen you’ll see some cultists move from a triangle on the ground down the stairs; exorcise the triangle for a note.

[NOTE 32 – From exorcising the triangle in the area under the Daycare.]

Head downstairs for another note lying on the ground.

[NOTE 33 – Lying on the ground right after the triangle under the Daycare.]

Go north and stare at the painting for a while, until the cinematic.

With the hole open, go north and up the corridor.

At the top, there’s a statue and a note nearby. Grab the note for an explanation.

[NOTE 34 – On the ground by the Save Family’s Statue.]

Exorcise the statue and another note will drop, and crossing past the pillars will grant you a checkpoint too!

[NOTE 35 – From exorcising the Save Family’s Statue.]

Go to the left to enter a puzzle room.

Demon Chessboard

There’s a new enemy here, the cultist, and they will kill you if they touch you. They go down easy to the crucifix, but they aren’t defeated, they are just forced to kneel until they leave the screen. With that in mind get these two out of the way and read the writings on the corners of the room.

The bottom left writing tells us our goal;

“Five seats in the North, facing West.
Five seats in the South, facing East.”

On one screen above we can use demon switches to move the chairs around, which is described by the other writings,
1) BAEL swaps north and south (low chairs go high, high chairs go low.)
2) ORDOG spins the chairs around.
3) ANDRAS swaps east and west. (left chairs go right, right chairs go left.)

In the room above, hold the crucifix to the faces to activate the switches. The leftmost face is BAEL, the middle ORDOG, and the rightmost ANDRAS.

Slowly chip away at the puzzle but eventually, you will be jumped by a cultist. As far as I can tell he can’t be warded off, and I don’t believe the puzzle can be fully completed (but I’m not sure if you need to actually progress it!). You’ll be treated to a cinematic [which involves needles]. If you had the needle setting toggled, I don’t know how it changes but I’m pretty sure this scene is why it exists.


Head downstairs to the main foyer and flee the Martin home for a brief cinematic. You can also head to the basement where Father Allred was for a uniquely different cinematic; either one will end the sequence. If you’ve seen one of them before, it’s definitely worth going out of your way to see the other.

Past the Gate

There’s no going back now. Continue to the right. Walk past everything and go up around the bend.
In this room, there’s a big statue. Approach the center for its guide,


We need 3 keys then, and heading to the north we will be traveling in each direction to get them.

There’s a save statue up above, exorcise it to get Note 37. Note 36 comes after, presumably for the sole purpose of making you think you missed a note.

[NOTE 37 – From exorcising the Save statue past MALOCH.]
No, you haven’t missed Note 36, it’s first thing in the next section!


In this area, explore back and forth. The painting to the right of the Save statue will change each time you walk by it on a new screen. You need to go past it several times until the figure on the painting has a bloodied face, and you should also hear a subtle noise indicating that the painting has reached its endpoint.

Now starting from the next screen you go to, a giant floating head (or meatball) will begin to approach you. It will flash strange symbols on your screen. It’s got a lot of health, but every time you change screens it will start somewhere new meaning you can quickly go back a screen if it’s too close, so it’s pretty straightforward to get away from.

Keep holding the crucifix to it and maintaining your distance and it will eventually die.

If it touches you, you’ll be sent to an asylum area where you can’t use the crucifix. Run to the right and in the next room there will be sigils blocking your path. They rotate around so weave through them as you get an opening. Run upwards and you’ll reach a door to light; go through the door and you’ll be back in the main area. I’m not sure if the head’s HP resets when this occurs, but try not to get caught in the first place either way.

There’s no note for doing this secret, but you will see the seal weaken that much more, and if you’ve done the other two secrets the seal will be gone completely! Onwards.


Red Light, Green Light

Go to the right of the save statue to a T-junction. We’ll do the right path first. In the next room, a cultist will stand in the center, but this is a new one. I’ll just call it the “chompy cultist”. When it gets close it will throw an attack at you. If it catches you, you’re done, so bait it into attacking and then move up or down to dodge it. Damage it with the crucifix while to its side, which should be enough to finish it outright if you were fast enough, but if not prepare to dodge it again.

I say all this because you are going to need this information, but for this one specifically, you can actually just sneak around the sides of the room and it won’t bother you at all.

The next screen to the right has a note on the ground. Pick it up, it’s an invitation to a game.

[NOTE 36 – Picked up in the Red Light, Green Light room.]

If you aren’t familiar with the child’s game, Red Light, Green Light consists of a guard watching the challengers. The challengers have to reach the guard. The guard turns their back away from the challengers and calls out “green light”, and the challengers are free to advance. But when the guard turns around and calls “red light”, anyone caught moving will be eliminated from the game.

These rules apply here, except instead of being eliminated, you’ll be hunted and executed. That is, the guard will rush you and kill you upon touching you. It’s very fast but if you reach the stairs in time, the guard will just return to its post.

If you’re really nervous you can test these boundaries reasonably safely by intentionally walking into the game area during a red light, because you can easily get back in time. Then you can find the sweet spot to start the game from.

When the guard calls out the green light and turns away from you, run forward but don’t get too greedy. Make sure you’re not moving during a red light. When you get close enough snatch the keystone, but the game isn’t over until you return back to safety. Also, there is now a demon chasing you to put pressure on things. The floating demon is relatively slow so it’s more there to make you panic. Just keep a level head and focus on playing the red-light-green-light game without worrying too much about it.

When you’re relatively close to the stairs it should be safe to sprint home free, but unless the demon is right behind you, you might as well play it safe until you can’t.

Unfortunately, you now have another problem in the next room to the left, and there’s still no checkpoint yet. This time the room has two “chompy cultists” and you can’t sneak past them like you could the first. You’re going to have to take on at least one but you can sneak past the other when the first one’s a goner. Refer to their description above for the strategy on how to take them on.

Before we do anything else, continue left until we reach the save statue and ensure you’ve saved the game so you don’t have to do all that again.

Mirror Room

Return to the T-junction to the right. This time we’ll go up for the next keystone. Around the bend, you’ll reach another T-junction, so go up once more to get to a room with cultists locked up. You’ll get a checkpoint for reaching the area with the imprisoned cultists.

Continue north one more time and you’ll find yourself in a room with a mirror and some web-like things coming from the wall. Approach the keystone and once you reach halfway across the room, you’ll see a Mirror Demon in the mirror. He teleports like the Mirror Demon in the first game, but he’s trying to attack your mirror image, not you. If he touches your mirror image, you will die.

The web growth on the wall might be confusing at first. They’ll slow you down if you get near them (close to the mirror). This seems mainly to just confuse you over how the room works.

The simplest way to do this is, before crossing the halfway point in the room, damage the webs with the crucifix until they retreat fully, and then go to the top of the room and a bit left past halfway (right up against the mirror and horizontally around the key). Then hold the crucifix towards the demon to the right. It will get a bit close so retreat a tad and then stand your ground with the crucifix to finish it once more. This way you don’t have to worry about the webs during the fight.

After the demon is defeated, the key will enter the real world from the mirror, so grab it.

Make sure to go back to the statue and save before continuing.

Chomper Room

From the save statue, go left till you reach the western T-junction, and keep going left. Go past the statue and in the next room the key will just be lying on the ground. Grab it.

When you return to the right and try to exit, you’ll see some dialog pop up in Latin. This repeats twice for 2 different dialog boxes. I have translated them ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥:


I’m not sure if this is relevant to any undiscovered secrets or anything, and if someone can provide a better translation (which should be easy) please leave it in the comments below!

Anyways, after a few repeats the room will change to one with a chomper cultist in the center, which you already know how to deal with by now. It’s just one. Make sure to dodge his lunge vertically and you’re good.

Return back to the save statue, and don’t forget to save.


With all three keystones, insert the two into MALOCH’s hands, and then insert the final one into his navel for a door to open up. Go inside.

By entering the depths below Maloch, you will earn the achievement, of “Diving In Too Deep”.

Grab the note at the bottom of the stairs.

[NOTE 39: From the bottom of the stairs after entering Maloch.]
No, you haven’t missed Note 38, it’s just up ahead!

Continue on to the north and grab the note on the ground.

[NOTE 38 – At the top of the room after descending the stairs of Maloch.]

To Partake of the Dark

For reaching the darkness, you are granted a checkpoint.

Keep heading down, though it might help make navigation less awkward if you start a mental map of the area as you move down. At the bottom you’ll get the lantern, so head up back up in the darkness. You’ll see a few cutscenes here; I’m putting in another volume warning for an especially loud noise. Head north still. Eventually, you’ll reach a purple monster that gets a bit frisky. Hold the crucifix to it. Once it’s gone keep heading north until you reach the next area.




Continue north up the path and you’ll reach a lit room with a door. The door is sealed not unlike the Seal of ALU. We need to break the seal piece by piece. Before we do that though, we’ll go for another note.

Note that while you traverse the dark you will be accosted by more of the same purple demon, so when one charges you stand your ground and ward it off with the crucifix.

The Shack

To get to the shack, follow the trail north, in the next screen follow it to the west, and then follow it once more as it wraps around to the northwest.

The shack is in the center of this screen. Enter the shack and pick up the note on the ground.

[NOTE 40 – Inside the shack to the northeast of Nowhere.]

It mentions the pet which acts as a guard against intruders; get ready to ward it off when you leave the shack, it should attack from the right. It will be banished after a bit of damage.

Breaking the Seal

To progress, we need to find the bound creatures in each room and exorcise the bindings off them, but watch out for the purple demons chasing you. They seem to spawn over time, and although you can outrun them if you’re blindly racing forwards you might bump into a different one. As usual, though, these enemies cannot chase you through screens, so you can just leave and come back if things get too hectic.

First Binding

You can start from the door screen if you’re doing these out of order, or if you were already at the shack there’s a faster route. If you’re confused, start from the door screen instead.

Starting from the door screen:
Go to a screen to the left. Find the red rune trail on the ground and follow it to the left. Through a few screens, you’ll eventually find a creature chained up, so exorcise it. You can follow the runes the same way you came back to the center door area.

Starting from the shack:
Go to the screen just before the one with the shack – the western side of the screen here is completely blocked, so press up against it and head south one screen. Immediately on the next screen after one statue the western side will open up again, so head to the left of the screen. Head westbound on this screen and you’ll come across a quivering thing bound up; exorcise the bindings and the seal will weaken.

Second Binding

Return to the center room with the door to start. We’re going to the right for the second binding. The first screen to the right will have a rune trail that leads us southeast (down and to the right). Go down a screen there and a bit further down you should be near the next binding, so exorcise this one for the seal to weaken further.

Third Binding

You can start from the door screen if you did these out of order or you’re confused, or if you’ve just done the second binding you can start from there to make things a bit quicker.

Starting from the door screen:

Starting from the center door room, go up. Like the other two bindings, there’s a red rune trail on the ground we need to follow, but at one point along the way this splits into two — one of the paths takes us to the shack as described earlier. The path to the binding though is up and to the right, so when the path would take you left, look around up and to the right for the correct path. Keep following it that way and you will eventually reach the third binding. This screen seems to be especially dense with enemies when you’re properly following the path, but once you exorcise this binding all of the enemies will reset so you should be okay.

Starting from the second binding:

From the second binding just head north, you can disregard the trail. Keep heading north on the next screen and you’ll reconnect with the path; this one’s the northern path, so follow it up a screen. The trail in the next screen will take you to the northeast. Follow it to the next screen. On this screen, you can follow the trail to the southeast to get to the last binding. Exorcise it and the seal will break.

We’re not quite free yet because you still have to navigate safely back to the center room. Just stay on the trail and be ready to use your crucifix.

Return to the center door screen and approach the door from the south. It’s time to leave here so ensure you’ve picked up Note 40.

Continue upwards for some dialog, and continue through all the cinematics.

En Garde

This boss has a few different attacks. First let’s cover a consistent rule, which is that taking a hit causes you to drop your crucifix instead of dying outright.

When your crucifix falls it will appear on the ground nearby. You must crawl to it as fast as possible. The boss takes position at the star near the top of the arena and after a moment will begin to pursue you. This time if he touches you, it’s over. However, if you grab it in time, the boss will be stunned so you can get some free damage in. Note especially for deathless runs, grabbing the crucifix can be impossible if you’re unlucky (spawns too close to the boss and too far away from you to reach it in time). Don’t depend on this being available.

– First, he can mimic your crucifix; the unholy damage doesn’t kill you but it does slow you down. As he uses his unholy power various demons will fly in off-screen; they will try and collide with you so just get out of their way and don’t bother using the crux against them.
– The boss can call upon the Rain of Spiders which will bring multiple sets of spider demons down from the top of the screen. They move horizontally back and forth as they fall. Take a good look at the pattern they’re in while they’re at the top because they will be better contrasted against the red of the arena walls. If they hit you, you’ll drop the crucifix.
– The boss will take a position either to the left or the right of the room towards the middle, vertically align himself with you, and will briefly raise his arm before throwing his trident. Move up or down out of the way, and if you’re in a safe position to deal damage, turn around to the opposite side to damage him while he tries to catch the trident. The boss is briefly invincible before throwing and after catching the trident.
– The boss will move to the left or right of the arena towards the top while flickering invincible and raise his trident straight upwards, which will summon a Nightmare Clown Abomination to the field. Stay out of its line vertically or it will chomp at you. This hazard will persist as the boss continues throwing other attacks at you (demons, rain of spiders, trident throw, etc.) and will go away after a time. It’s better to move lower down so if it does try and get you, you have more time to move out of the way.

After enough damage, you will get a cinematic, and the achievement, “Cult of Personality”.

Continue into the room to the north. At this time if you have broken all three of the seals by fighting the secret bosses, you can descend alone.


[NOTES IN THIS SECTION: 41-42, read details on 42 below.]
You can only descend into the Crucible if you’ve broken the three seals over the course of the game.

The Crucible

Go up and to the right of the foyer for a note.

[NOTE 41 – The top right of the first room in the Crucible.]

Throughout the area, you’ll find many different notes on the ground that all say the same thing. If you check your notes though, it won’t appear as collected. This appears to be a bug — for all intents and purposes Note 42 is registered as collected from any of its sources — but it doesn’t appear in the ESCAPE notes menu. To be safe, return to the main menu (you got a save recently anyways) and look in the chapter 3 notes in the main menu instead. You should see 42 properly registered as collected!

[NOTE 42 – Any of the rooms in the Crucible except the foyer.]
This note is a bit buggy in displaying as collected, see above for more details.

Head on up to the attic…

Final Test of Faith

Get ready for a supremely hard fight. There’s a checkpoint now but this is the last checkpoint in the game. You’ll need to take this fight on with a cool head because it will take a fair amount of mechanical skill and a bit of luck before you will get through it.

The demon will advance slowly toward you. As the fight continues seals on the ground will continue to spawn. You can’t move past them, but they will disappear after a time. Also, when the demon walks or lunges through them, they’ll break instantly. Keep your distance from the beast and apply damage to it with the crucifix as you can.

For now, avoid the braziers at the bottom left and right of the room, because if you get caught in the fire you are doomed. If you get pinned up against them by the boss, you might get away unscathed by skimming the flames so it’s worth trying to take a tight squeeze if you’re going to die otherwise, but you probably don’t want to push your luck.

When the demon pauses, it has two different attacks. First, it might mean that it’s charging up a lunge to your position. When it lunges, it will move to where you were right as it started. It’s usually simpler to just keep moving away, but if you don’t have enough room it might be a good idea to move away at the last second.

The other option is that it will pause for a very long time which means it’s about to charge 4 times in a row, so try to steer very clear while that’s happening. Unlike the quick, direct lunge the rapid charges do not target your position specifically, although the rapid charges can sometimes spell death because of how fast they move. Occasionally when this attack occurs, the boss will black out the room so you are forced to use the lantern for its duration.

My best advice for the rapid charge is that it seems he can’t go straight up or down while doing it. He absolutely can with the short charge, but I have yet to see him do it once with the long charge — the diagonal ones cover a lot of ground but if you can stay on top or below him it’s a lot more consistently avoided. So try staying at the bottom, or near the top behind the chair. As long as you’re pressed up against the north or south wall of the arena, the sequence of rapid charges cannot kill you. This becomes a lot less effective imminently in the second phase, although it’s worth keeping in mind because you will probably have to do this first phase many many times.

Apart from that though, one of the safer strategies for avoiding this boss is to circle around the room in the center. Don’t go behind the throne because you might get trapped by a seal. When the boss does the rapid lunge, press into the nearest horizontal wall (top or bottom), preferring the bottom side.

Eventually, after enough damage, it will call upon a friend. MALPHAS will shoot bullets at you, so watch out! They’ll kill you on impact. The bullets are slightly faster than you and will spread outwards as they travel, so keep that in mind as you execute your dodges. Try to get under him while you focus damage on the group — damaging either will work because they share the same health pool.

Even then though, the advice that’s just a general suggestion, you will be under a lot of pressure even when you’re having the best of luck. Sticking to the top or bottom of the screen is a lot less viable while this demon is in the fight.

After firing for a while MALPHAS will jump into the air and land on the other side, so carefully dodge our crawling friend to get back under again. Sometimes it will go to land right on top of you to crush you, but when it does so it will not fire and promptly returns up into the air. Just make sure to keep moving if you see it coming down on you.

After such a long and hard battle… prepare yourself, because we’re still not done.
You may want to read the next section fully before you begin because there’s still no checkpoint.


The abomination has many different attacks;
– Rapidly firing MALPHAS’ arrows at you, side to side. Strafe them and get through a gap.
– Summoning singular skulls. When these skulls get far enough, they’ll explode into a ring of skulls that bloom outward. Make your distance and go through the ring when there’s an opening.
– Summoning a triad of skulls that move towards you in a circle.
– Summoning a huge wave of skulls that float downwards but do not detonate.
– A ring of fire surrounds you and closes in, lingering for a while after tightening narrowly around you and the boss.
– Streams of fire from the top two corners of the room which make an X in the center of the room.
– Disappearing off of the screen and ambushing you from the side of the screen.
– A combination of the above!

You have to damage this monstrosity by using your crucifix still, but you have to get uncomfortably close. Be brave. John will not die in one hit here, but it’s super important you conserve your extra chances because you’ve gotten this far.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage and the demons are parted, quickly run to the fire. John will begin to burn. Run into the body at the top and burn it to end this once and for all.

From here on it’s cinematics with some light interaction, but I’m not going to walk you through that.

After that, you’re given a choice. You should know that you’ll have to do the boss again if you want to see the other choice.

Congratulations on a very well-earned victory and the completion of FAITH – CHAPTER 3.
If you’re looking for the next two notes, read on to the ENDINGS section.


Ending 1

Ending 1 is covered by doing your duties normally, so just follow through with the guide, but don’t do all three of the secret bosses. At the finale, your ally will point out that you probably missed something and your only option is to seal the Crucible off. Do so by holding the crux to it, but the thrall will attack you not unlike the end of Chapter 2.

You can repel the thrall by using the crux on them and your ally’s shotgun will dispatch them outright. After enough damage, you will have completed Ending 1.

Ending 2

Ending 2, the ‘good’ ending, requires you to tackle all three secret bosses throughout the game. These are covered in the “SECRET” sections of this guide for three sections. Because of its length, the guide for Ending 2 is in its own section above.

Ending 3, Damnatio Memoriae


If you reach the day of the Profane Sabbath without having fulfilled your duties, the world will face the consequences of your failure. Go to your living room and up a screen to the kitchen before the thrall gets you. Go down to the basement and grab the key, then hide at the top of the pillars from a pursuer that comes down the stairs. Return upstairs; do not move outside the kitchen or you will die.

Instead, it’s time to return to the locked room on the way to your bedroom, but you can go outside to the other houses first to see what has come of your neglect. Just don’t get too close to the cultists.

Going into the previously locked room in the hallway you can find a note.

[NOTE 43 – from the locked room in John’s house after dozing through your duties.]

Continue upwards for a cutscene.

Once you’re in the other house the last note will be in the attic along the path this ending will take you.

[NOTE 44- from the attic in the sequence after unlocking the room in John’s house.]


  1. StormXTS on Steam

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