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How to Get a New Username on Discord

To enhance user experience and provide greater control over identity, Discord is implementing changes to its username system.

Previously, usernames were case-sensitive and accompanied by a four-digit discriminator.

This makes it difficult to add someone because you need to include their discriminator.

Discord aims to simplify usernames by getting rid of discriminators and introducing unique usernames instead.

This allows you to add friends while using their preferred names across the platform.

Since the update is new, you need to claim your preferred username before someone else does.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get a new username on Discord and when you’ll get the update to claim it (track the rollout).

What are new usernames on Discord?

Discord New Username

New usernames on Discord will not have discriminators.

For example, if your previous username is “hello#1234”, you can set it to just “hello”.

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll be notified to change your username to a new format.

New usernames will be lowercase, alphanumeric, and have limited special characters.

They need to have a minimum of 2 characters and a maximum of 32 characters.

In addition, the new usernames are unique, which means that you cannot have the same username as someone else.

Discord’s aim is to make it simpler for users to identify and connect with friends.

How to get a new username on Discord

To get a new username on Discord, you need to wait until the feature is rolled out to you (this can take a few months).

You’ll be notified in the app when you can pick a new username.

If you’re using the Discord desktop or browser app, navigate to User Settings > My Account > Edit (next to Username).

If you’re using the Discord mobile app, navigate to the profile tab, select “Account”, select “Username”, and change your username.

Alternatively, you can select “Get Started” from the “Action needed” notice.

When can I get a new username on Discord?

You can get a new username on Discord in the next few months.

You’ll be notified in the app when you’re eligible to choose a new username.

Discord is rolling out the feature to owners of partner and verified servers first.

Then, the feature will be rolled out to users based on the age of their account, starting in 2015.

In addition, old Nitro subscribers will be given early access to the feature.

You can track the rollout process by joining the Discord Previews server.

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