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Idol Manager Stats

As a manager of a talent agency, your job is to guide and develop young pop stars.

You must make decisions on hiring, firing, promotions, and reprimands based on their personal and professional lives.

Successes and failures in their personal lives can greatly affect your business.

The media, fans, and rival groups are always watching for the latest gossip or scandal, which can harm your company’s reputation.

It’s important to remember that this is a business, and not to take things too personally.

In this guide, you’ll learn about idol manager stats, demographics, appearances, abilities, and more.

Idol manager stats

Each idol stat corresponds to two specific demographics, and when combined with your choices in making a single, determines your overall demographic appeal.

Focusing on a particular demographic can lead to greater fan gain from singles, sales, and concert attendance. Inconsistency, on the other hand, can result in unhappiness and a decrease in the opinions of demographic groups.


Fan TypeGenderAge
Hardcore – Enthusiastic and die-hard.
They are difficult to gain but are the most rewarding on a per-capita basis.
If managed well, they can buy more CDs than there are people in this group.
They are crucial for concert attendance and Theatre success.
Casual – Enjoys trendy music, lyrics, and dances. They are easy to attract but also easy to lose. They purchase fewer singles per capita but make up for it in sheer numbers.FemaleYoung Adult


CuteHardcore MaleYour idol is so charming and appealing, with a cuteness that can be interpreted as both endearing and attractive. The former type of cuteness is the reason why very young idols, who are between the ages of 12-14, have an enormous “Cute” status when they are recruited, often exceeding their potential. However, this rating decreases dramatically as they age, dropping significantly on their 13th to 15th birthdays, and sometimes even later.
CoolHardcore FemaleYour idol is very stylish and fashionable, which is highly valued in idol culture, particularly in Japan where it is common for younger girls to look up to their older “senpai” idols and aspire to be like them. This makes the Cool and Trendy status a crucial factor for female fans. Unlike other stats, this status cannot be improved through training at a younger age. However, it can often increase on birthdays, particularly when the idol is still in her younger years.
SexyHardcore MaleThis stat represents the physical attractiveness of the idol, mainly in the eyes of the opposite sex. It is particularly important to male fans and is associated with the concept of a gravure idol, which involves provocative behavior and outfits, suggestive photoshoots, lyrics, and dance routines. It is worth noting that the Sexy status cannot be enhanced at a younger age like the Cool status. The minimum age to begin training this stat is 16 years old. If you plan to form a gravure idol group, it’s crucial to keep this in mind when recruiting idols. The Sexy status can often increase on birthdays, particularly in younger years, in tandem with a decrease in the Cute status.
PrettyHardcore FemaleThis stat measures an idol’s beauty, but in a non-sexual context. It’s similar to how girls may view models in fashion magazines and aspire to emulate their style and appearance, or how female fashion and beauty influencers on Instagram appeal to their followers. This stat is crucial for female fans who appreciate an idol’s appearance and overall aesthetic.


DanceCasual MaleThis stat refers to an idol’s dancing ability, which is ironically considered of lower priority for an idol to train. Unlike appearance stats that are crucial for both singles and concerts as well as contracts, dancing skill does not have a direct impact on contracts. Additionally, training this stat requires a dance studio that takes up two room slots, while appearance stats can be trained in a single-room Dressing Room.
VocalCasual FemaleThis stat refers to an idol’s singing ability, which is ironically considered of lower priority for an idol to train. Similar to dancing skill, it does not have a direct impact on contracts, while appearance stats are crucial for both singles, concerts, and contracts. Training this stat requires a recording studio that takes up two room slots, while appearance stats can be trained in a single-room Dressing Room.
FunnyCasual MaleThis stat measures an idol’s sense of humor, which is crucial for success in media-related jobs. Even if you have physically attractive idols with exceptional vocal abilities, if they lack humor, the audience won’t enjoy their performance. The Funny stat, along with the Smart stat, plays a vital role in the success of media-related jobs. It typically increases with age and cannot be quickly trained. One of the few ways to improve this stat is through Manzai performances in the Theatre.
SmartCasual FemaleThis stat measures an idol’s intelligence, which is essential for success in media-related jobs. The Smart stat, along with the Funny stat, plays a vital role in determining an idol’s suitability for media jobs. It typically increases with age and cannot be quickly trained. One of the few ways to improve this stat is through Manzai performances in the Theatre.



  • Vibe doesn’t directly impact demographic appeal, but affects success.
  • Choose a vibe that matches the group’s primary stat for more impact and contract income.
  • Cute/Sexy for Hardcore Male fans, Cool/Pretty for Hardcore Female fans, and Smart/Funny for Casual fans.


  • Options outside neutral have drawbacks, keep neutral.
  • Orthodox for Hardcore and adult/young adult demographics.
  • Rebellious for Females and Younger demographics, good on normal difficulty.


  • Hardcore fans don’t like idols dating, females find restrictions objectionable.
  • Forbidden increases hardcore fan appeal but upsets casual fans and can cause scandals.
  • Ambiguous is safer, scandals won’t hurt as much and can be mitigated.
  • No restrictions appeal to female and casual fans, but scandals are more common.


  • Short Skirts, No Safety for hardcore fans, but not casual fans.
  • Short Skirts with Safety tries to please everyone and is the worst choice.
  • Long Skirts for Female fans.
  • Pants for casual fans or to target male fans (not specifically hardcore male fans).


  • Non-neutral options increase stamina use and avoid unfair difficulty.
  • Energy and Enthusiasm for Hardcore fans, Balance and Moderation for idols’ stamina, Quality, and Polish for Casual fans.


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