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14 Instagram Post Ideas (With Examples)

Instagram post ideas

Are you dwelling on Instagram for a long period of time looking for ideas to post? Are you looking for some post ideas and inspiration for Instagram? Stick around in this article because we have tons of ideas for you.

According to Wordstream, 95 million photos are uploaded on Instagram daily. That’s a huge number of posts.

So, in order to stand out from the crowd, your posts need to be unique. Uniqueness can come in many different forms of posts. It could be something hilarious, motivational, beautiful or something that most people can relate to.

However, whenever you’re posting, it’s best to stick to a particular niche or theme. A consistent theme suggests that you put it a good amount of effort into beautifying your feed.

Thus, your feed will seem more professional and attractive to users. Nobody likes to follow someone who posts random or below-average photos on a daily basis unless it’s a spam account.

Because whenever you open Instagram, the first thing that pops up is your feed. Naturally, you’d want to see some decent-looking photos that are taken nicely.

Moreover, if you’re looking to expand your follower-base, having a beautiful feed is important. This is probably one of the first checkmarks for successfully growing your Instagram followers and building an audience.

Without further ado, here are some post ideas (with description and usage) you can use for your Instagram.

Table of Contents:

  1. Photography
  2. Illustrations
  3. Interior Design
  4. Architecture
  6. Minimalist
  7. Aesthetic
  8. Food
  9. Art
  10. Nature
  11. Tweets
  12. Videos
  13. Statistics & Infographics
  14. Memes

1. Photography

Photography is considered as true as any other art form, as there are many museums and galleries that display photographic work.

It’s also a large niche on Instagram. If you can take great photos, it’s a good way to showcase your skills or establish your online presence.

For example, here are some great photos from professional photographers:


Here’s a photo by Adam Senatori, a Wisconsin USA based photographer, filmmaker, and creative director.


Simone Bramante is a creative director and photographer based in Italy. 


İlhan Eroğlu is a photographer from Turkey.

2. Illustrations

Illustrations can come in various forms. An illustration is a visual representation that reinforces or expresses a written text. Some illustrations can tell a story, elicit an emotion or can be used to exaggerate something.

All in all, illustrations are good additions to your feed on Instagram.

For example, here are some businesses utilizing illustrations as posts:


In the above example, an illustration with a person walking is seen holding a phone with a chat bubble. Inside the bubble is a heart icon that symbolizes a ‘like’ on Instagram.

The caption, ‘Discover and connect with Instagrammers in our follow for follow community. Link in bio ?’ complements the illustration and gives a call to action at the end.

If you’re a business and looking for ideas to post on Instagram, illustrations are a good start because you can express your branding through it.

Moreover, an illustration like this is simple and eye-catching which is great in driving conversions.

Another example by Slack:


3. Interior Design

Interior design is the art and science of designing a building’s interior to create a safer and more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for the people using the facility.

For instance, if you have an office for your business, it’s a good idea to showcase it on Instagram.

For example, here are some posts of businesses showcasing their offices:


4. Architecture

Architecture is a passion, a vocation, a request, a research or a business. It can be described as both a social art and an artful science. In addition, architecture needs to be the highest design efficiency.

If you’re in the design niche, posting architecture will greatly complement your feed.

For inspiration, here are some architecture works:



Most quotes are easy to remember, short transcriptions from different people.

It can be used to convey your thoughts or emotions in the current moment.

In addition, quotes are relatable to most people.


6. Minimalist

Minimalism is an art trend in the visual arts, music, and other media that originated in post-World War II Western art, most notably in the 1960s and early 1970s with American visual arts.

In other words, minimalist photos express simplicity in your feed. If you’re an organized, clean or simple person, minimalism can showcase these character traits as a form of a photo, graphic or illustration.


7. Aesthetic

Aesthetics, or esthetics, is a branch of philosophy concerned with the essence of beauty and taste, as well as art theory. It explores subjective and sensory-emotional values, or also called feeling and taste judgments.

If you want to evoke strong emotions from your audience, aesthetic photos are a great way to accomplish that.

For Instance, red as a color evokes passion, love, and desire. It’s deemed to be a very intense color.


8. Food

Food photography tells delicious stories.

However, food photography is very difficult to pull off because it’s extremely technical. If you’ve mastered it, the results will be truly outstanding.

For example, here is some food photography for inspiration:


9. Art

Instagram can be used by an artist to showcase their portfolio. If you have various photos of your own artwork, you can share it on your Instagram.

Art is admired by lots of people, and it comes in many different forms. Therefore, there are loads of possibilities for a post revolving around art.

Also, make sure to utilize related hashtags to increase your reach.

For inspiration, here are some art posts from various Instagrammers:


Firstly, a rainbow-colored painting of the Northern Lights by Lumi.


Secondly, a still life painting by Paul Stone.


Lastly, an abstract painting by David Pinegar.

10. Nature

There are so many different posts that can be derived from nature. Landscapes, mountains, lakes or animals; it’s boundless.

For example, here are some posts encompassing nature:


11. Tweets

If you have a Twitter account, a great way to create more content is to screenshot and crop one of your tweets and post it on Instagram.

To accomplish this, make sure to post meaningful, relatable or funny tweets. Posts as simple as tweets can drive more engagement from your followers.

For example, here are some tweets shared on Instagram:


12. Videos

Videos are more effective than photos in certain aspects. It’s one of the best ways to share content on Instagram because it’s a super-easy way to get your message across.

If you manage a business, it can also be used to showcase your product or services in an entertaining way.

There are many different types of videos you can utilize on Instagram. For instance, it could be a product demo, behind the scenes, sneak peeks or timelapse, etc.

The possibilities are endless.

Moreover, videos count engagement in the form of views, not likes. Hence, if you post a video, it’ll get far more engagement than a post.

Here are some examples of businesses using videos:


13. Statistics & Infographics

Lots of people love statistics. Statistics are evidence that we can use to make judgments or prove a point.

Statistics also drive good engagement and referrals because people are more likely to share or link it.

For example, here are some accounts using statistics and infographics:


14. Memes

Some people find memes meaningless or a waste of time. However, memes tend to be the latest revolution in the technological world. They are also deemed to transform the manner in which certain business operations are carried out.

Additionally, a variety of top brands are now making use of memes to disseminate information about their products and different social issues.

For example, here are some posts of businesses utilizing memes:


In conclusion, there are countless of things that you can post on your Instagram.

However, you’ll need to try and stay consistent with your theme and don’t go out of hand.

That’s it—14 Instagram post ideas you can use for your personal or business account.

I hope that you’re able to find inspiration for something to post on Instagram.

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Author: Lim How Wei. Lim How Wei is the founder of Followchain, a community that simplifies growth and networking for Instagram users. Feel free to follow him on Instagram.

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