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Why Won’t My Video Upload to Instagram?

Are you trying to upload a video to Instagram but it’s showing you an error message?

Many Instagram users face this issue and it might not be because of a network issue.

It’s really frustrating to see an error while you’re trying to upload a video to Instagram.

This article guides on why you’re having an upload issue and how to fix it.

Why Won’t My Video Upload to Instagram?

Video won't upload to Instagram

You video won’t upload to Instagram because it is either in the wrong file format or your connection is poor.

Here’s what happens if you try and upload a video with a wrong file format.

Firstly, when you try and upload the video, it will take a while to load.

Then, you’ll most likely get this error message, “We’ll try again once there is a better connection”.

This is frustrating because your video will be duplicated in your camera roll.

When it fails to upload, there will be a second video in your camera roll as it will re-save the video.

How to fix: Why Won’t My Video Upload to Instagram?

So, how do you fix your video from not uploading?

In order to fix the error, you’ll have to convert your video’s format from h.264 to h.265.

To get your video uploaded on Instagram, you need to change it’s format from h.264 to h.265 using a converter.

The normal video format is h.264. However, if you’re trying to upload a video to Instagram, it has to be h.265.

Simply do a Google search on “convert h.264 to h.265” or “convert video to h.265”.

Convert video to h.625

There are lots of free video converters online where you don’t have to pay to use.

Click on any video converter on the first page of Google.

Convert mp4 to h.625

Then, drag and drop or select your video file into the converter.

After the video has finished converting, download and rename it.

Lastly, save it to the folder of your choice.

Close the converter after you’re done, and your video should be ready to be uploaded on Instagram.

Typically, you’ll want to convert videos using your desktop and not your mobile device.

Convert your video format to h.265 on your desktop on Google using a free converter, then transfer it back to your mobile device.

So, you’ll need to transfer your videos from your mobile device onto your desktop.

In order to do that, you can either airdrop it (if you’re using an iPhone), send a message or an email to yourself.

After you have finished converting the video, you can transfer it back to your mobile device.

Then, go back to Instagram and remove the video that have failed to upload.

Upload the converted video that you have saved on your device.

Instagram video uploading

It’s going to take some time to upload; but you shouldn’t worry because it’ll work almost all of the time.

The video will be able upload because it is now in the right format for Instagram.

Why is my video taking so long to upload to Instagram?

If your video is taking a long time to upload to Instagram, it’s most likely due to your internet speed.

To find out your internet connection speed, you can download an speed testing app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Here is a table comparing various upload speeds and their ratings.

Upload SpeedSpeed Rating
0 to 25 MbpsSlow
25 to 100 MbpsAverage
100 to 200 MbpsFast
200 to 500 MbpsVery Fast
500 to 1000 MbpsFastest

If your upload speed is 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps, you can expect a longer upload time on Instagram.

However, if your upload speed is above 100 Mbps, uploading a video on Instagram is much faster.

Why is Instagram saying my video is too short?

Instagram video length limit

Another error message that you might get when you’re trying to upload a video on Instagram is that it’s too short.

Instagram says that your video is too short because it does not meet their minimum video length requirement of 3 seconds.

Instagram minimum video length: 3 seconds

The minimum video length you can upload on Instagram is 3 seconds long.

If your video is under 3 seconds long, Instagram will prevent it from being uploaded.

In order to increase the length of your video, you can edit it in slow motion.

Are you still not able to upload your video on Instagram?

If you’re still not able to upload your video on Instagram, you need to switch to a better network or use another mobile device.

If you’re still not able to upload your video on Instagram after converting it, here’s what you’ll need to do.

Firstly, test your internet speed. If your upload speed is too low (under 25 Mbps), your video might not be able to be uploaded.

If that’s the case, you should try switching from WiFi to 4G and vice-versa.

The last resort is to try using another device to upload your video.

This is because Instagram might not support an older device due to their constant updates.


If your video is not uploading to Instagram, it can be either due to a poor internet connection or that your video is in the wrong format.

Most of the time, your video might be in the wrong file format (h.264) and you’ll have to convert it to h.265 in order for it to successfully upload to Instagram.

However, if your video is still not uploading, test your internet speed. Your video might not be uploading because your upload speed is too slow.

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