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Lust Academy Walkthrough Guide

Lust Academy draws inspiration from Harry Potter and The Magicians TV series and is a 3D visual novel where players take on the role of an 18-year-old guy who discovers he is a wizard.

It features two game modes: Sandbox, which emphasizes freedom of choice and free roam without mandatory grinding elements, and Visual Novel, which prioritizes comfortable gameplay and story delivery.

The protagonist misses a sports scholarship opportunity due to injury but is offered a chance to attend the Cordale Academy of Magic and Wizardry.

The game features visits to the oldest magic academy in the New World, meeting charming girls, making true friends, facing formidable enemies, exploring a magical world, solving mysteries, and becoming an almighty legendary wizard.

This article features a Lust Academy walkthrough guide for minigames and house points.

Magery Practics

  • Practice spells in Classroom 1 on weekday mornings and days for rewards.
  • Practice increases spell power, higher perfection = higher increase.
  • Spells: Combat bolt (medium zigzag), Episkey (slow clockwise circle), Incendio (medium triangle), Rictusempra (very slow leaf).

Alchemy Practics

Time, task, reward:

  • Time: Morning and day on weekdays; Location: Classroom 2
  • Task: Mix three ingredients to learn a new recipe and get the potion. Alternatively, select a learned recipe and the required ingredients.
  • Reward: +5 Leonheart points and the potion you created.


  • Lesser Heal Potion: Icelandic Cetraria + tears of woodland deer + unicorn hair powder
  • Stoneskin Potion: Manticore lard + dragon scales powder + dry vampire blood
  • Magic Reflection Potion: Dryad leaves + dandelion dust + bouncing berries
  • Inspiration Potion: Butterfly wings + fireblossom leaves + mermaid blood

Fishing for Gordon Chompsky

  • Activity: Fishing.
  • Availability: Weekends.
  • Objective: Collect as many fish as possible within 1 minute.
  • Method: Click on the bobber area repeatedly to catch fish faster.
  • Reward: $1 per fish caught.

Work in Cafe

  • Availability: day or evening
  • Rewards: Leonheart points +3, Money $10 – $35
  • Game: Basic memory game
  • Meal: Drink, main dish, and dessert.

Dueling Club

Type: Battle Game.

Availability: Evening at the academy entrance.

Objective: Defeat the opposing student using spells and potions.

Rewards: Leonheart points and house points.

Spells: Combat Bolt, Incendio, Rictusempra, Episkey Potions: Lesser Heal Potion, Stoneskin Potion, Magic Reflection Potion, Inspiration Potion.

Gameplay: Multiple levels, can “skip to win”, opponent’s stamina increases with each level.

Lost Foliants

Available: Turn in books to the library during the morning and day.

Reward: 1 leonheart point per book returned.

Book locations:

  • Campus living room
  • Academy inner garden
  • Academy right wing
  • Academy left wing
  • Classroom 1
  • Classroom 2
  • Cafe
  • Main hall

House Points

In addition to attending classes, there are other activities you can do for rewards.

The librarian, Miss Amelie, offers points for help, and you can join the dueling club by applying to Mr. Frollo.

However, be cautious as losing results in losing house points.

House points are tallied every Saturday morning, and the house with the most points earns special privileges, such as a trip to the town of Dale, which the academy is named after.


  1. chaoticjailmen on Steam

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